Jodha Akbar 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha (possessed bu Laboni) sees burnt mark on her hand, she says this body is important to get Jalal, she applies balm on her hand and says time has come, lets enjoy the night, she calls Moti and orders her to take off her jewelry, Moti ask what has happened to you? all are worried about your behavior, Jodha says shut up you are dasi so be in limits, its time for celebration so get me ready, Moti is confused, she makes Jodha get ready.
Jalal says to Fazal that we will attack Pratap will force this time, he says i will go to spend time with my wives he leaves, Fazal says to minister that we have to find proofs against Shahab, minister says we have one plan.
Ruks comes to Jodha and says you destroyed my night so now i will destroy every night of yours, Jodha says i know what

you are upto and i will answer you back.
Jodha comes in function, all royal ladies are present there, she greets everyone, Hamida says she greeted me from far only? Jalal comes in, he says Ruks wanted to show me something today, he ask Ruks what it is? Jalal says you always gift us so now i have tried to make you happy, she calls dancer, dancer starts khathak dance, Ruks thinks that soon jalal will forget Jodha because of this dancer, Jodha thinks i am not Jodha to bear everything, Jalal praises Ruks to bring that dancer, Jodha gets angry, she slaps that dancer, all are stunned, she says is this called dance? i will show you what dance is, she wears ghungroos and starts dancing infront of all, all are embarrassed, Jalal curtly looks at her, Hamida thinks that there is something wrong with Jodha.

Scene 2
Jodha comes in her and laughs that i made Ruks silent, Jalal comes there, she ask did you like my dance? now you agree that dancer is nothing infront of me, Jalal says i didnt like it that you were comparing yourself with dancer, Jodah says you were praising her, Jalal says you know whats your place in my heart, i have no problem with your dance but the way you danced infront of everyone and also compared yourself with dancer was not right, Jodha says leave it, important is that i won and i want gift now, she hugs Jalal, he smiles.
Hamida says to Ruks and Salima that i dont know why Jodha is doing all this, Ruks says we have to talk to Jalal else he will think that we are making plans against Jodha. Hamida says ok i will talk to Jalal tomorrow. all royal ladies come to Jalal, Ruks says to Jalal that Jodha insulted my late father and also slapped me, if you dont believe me then ask Salima, Salima says yes, she is right, Hamida says only Jodha can answer why she is doing all this, Jodha comes there, Laboni is behind her, Jodha greets Jalal, Jalal says Ruks has alleged that yo insulted her and Salima and also slapped Ruks, is it true? Jodha is shocked, she looks at Laboni who smirks, Jodha says actually.. Laboni shows her knife and points to Hamida, Jodha gets tensed and says i didnt do anything, Ruks says she is lying, Jalal says enough, why did you allege Jodha? Jodha can never lie, Ruks says but.. Jalal says she spent sometime with me so you alleged her like this? enough, he says some guest is coming from Multan i have arranged a function, i want all of you to be present there, he leaves, Jodha leaves too, Salima says why Jodha is lying? Hamida says soon truth will come out.
Salim comes to anarkali, she hugs him, Salim says i have talked to Jodha and she is ready for our marriage, soon you will forget your bitter past and you will be my life partner and also queen of india, he makes her wear his turban and says you look good as queen, she hugs him and cries, he says i want your trust not tears, Anar says i cant believe how Jodha agreed so soon, Salim says she loves Jalal alot so she understands our love, i want to spend life with you, Anar says i want to live this moment in which you are with me, which has so much happiness.
Laboni laughs on Jodha and says he is my husband too so we can share him, Jodha says do whatt you want to me but why you are destroying my image, i have served alot to make place in hearts of everyone, spare me, Laboni says you should have all this before but i will not leave you now, Jalal sees Jodha talking to nobody, Jodha ask Laboni to go away, Jalal comes to Jodha, Laboni leaves, Jalal says i know you worried, Ruks did wrong, i request you not get hurt, we all know Ruks can do all this to buy my attention, she is like this only, i will handle everything, tonight my guest is coming so i want you to make good food for him, Jodha says i will do, he leaves, Laboni comes to Jodha and says royal function? it will be fun.

PRECAP- Jodha is beating a dasi and says i am not Jodha but Laboni, Jalal listens this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now,jalal will get to knw the truth…hope tomorrow they will show joboni eating non veg in front of all…i seriously want boni joboni track to end this’s been more than a month…

  2. Joboni’s end should b bombastic…hope cvs shd show very explosive climax of bm boni…

  3. this laboni script is going on way toooooooooooooo long we would like it to end right now because it just is not making any sense defaming jodha like that jodha went through so much to save jalal from laboni and her mother with the help of uday now why bring back laboni in jodhas body and jodha knows how to get her out if she just keeps on praying she will get out so jodha start saying your mantras and get rid of laboni once and for all

  4. you know what everyone is seeing the weird behavior of jodha and you want to tell me that they cannot see that something is off with jodhas behaviour and try to do something about it this script is sooooooooooooooooo boring now it is time to move on writers bring in a script about ruks now exposing her before jalal for all the wrong she has done to salim and jodha that will be a good script

  5. Dude,i dn,t what the cvs wish to seriously i love the way ruquiya is treated by laboni.

  6. ,कल सच्च सामने आ जाऐगा…

  7. Wohaaaa jordar episode.
    chakravartin ashok plzzzz

  8. There are two things that have been dragging far too long in JA. This laboni episode drags like that of benazir. Atleast benazir did not talk as badly as laboni. I think atifa episode was relatively shorter. Hope the writers don’t unearth her now after ending laboni track. Or this new dancer ruquiya took pain to bring. How she underestimates Jalal. What tops of course is ruquaiya’s cunningness. No matter how nice is jodha, ruquaiya would not change. Ruquaiya has been getting away without being caught for these many episodes. How can Jalal be such a soft target for all the women! Is he that gullible! Poor jodha.

    Personnally I would not mind the serial with just jalal, jodha and salim. Others are irritants.

  9. This b*t*h she needs to go she destroying jodha family and happiness

  10. OK i getting sick of laboni now i only wanted her to treat ruks bad for all the bad she was doings but she is doing the opposite by treating the good ppls bad any way hope something’s good happen tomorrow and let all ruks evil things be expose to it high time now she get put down

  11. I don’t trust d cvs. They won’t end dis laboni track so soon. They r gonna drag it.

    1. that is true

  12. Looking forward to see what happen seems percap shows a little hope that boring laboni will solve by jalal. Couldn’t understand how’s jodha a strong woman can be drove badly by labs spirit …in the past she knows how to put lab off … then y now she couldn’t ?????

  13. Please play jodha akbar one more time in between 1pm to 4pm please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  14. This jodha Akbar episode was disappointing but precepts seems interesting?

  15. This jodha Akbar episode was disappointing but precap seems interesting?

  16. Laboni should just dieeeeeeeeee……….
    I hateeeeeeeeee…………….her

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