Jodha Akbar 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jalal gets a message that Sultan Mirza wants to make relationship stronger with Mughals by having one of his daughters marry Murad. Jalal agrees with Mirza’s thinking.

Ammi jaan is having pain in her feet. She tells Ruq and Salima that it’s because of her age. She will have to pass remaining few days with that pain only. Jodha comes in and says she has to see marriages of her great grand children. Ammi jaan laughs and says all will say she betrayed her death then. Jodha says she brought medicine for it and she will better. She says she will apply it. Ammi jaan says why not servant? Jodha says she will feel proud doing something for her Ammi jaan. Ruq makes faces. Jalal comes in to take their opinion about Murad’s marriage. All ladies agree. Jodha tells Salima to ask Murad’s

opinion as well. She goes to Murad. Murad hides his pistol. Salima says Jalal has decided to imprison him. He gets scared and asks what did he do. She says she’s taking about marriage. He’s relieved and says whatever elders decide as they know more. She says she expected this only and leaves. Murad says soon his dream is going to be fulfilled of becoming Shahensah.

Jodha is taking out jewelries for her new daughter in law. Jalal comes and says Murad hasn’t even said yes and she already started choosing jewelries. She says why not, another daughter in law is coming. Jalal says she must have started thinking names of Murad’s children as well. Jodha says he always makes fun of her. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Jalal follows her and stops. She pushes his hand. Jalal says her habit of pushing him won’t go. She says his habit of making fun of her is not going away either. And changes that are coming in him are signs of elderness. He signs at her head and says white hair..she’s getting such signs as well. She asks where is it. He goes close and hugs her saying he was just joking..he just wanted to come close to her. She smiles.

Jodha is distributing jewelries in all begums for their work in new business. She asks Ruq to take one too. She says no thanks..she has got many and jewelries like that she gives to Hoshiyar for making Hookah. Jodha says she agrees but Jalal have her asking her to give to everyone. She can at least take thinking its for Murad’s marriage. Ruq smiles. Jodha leaves.

Aarambano comes to Jodha asking for her gift. Jodha says she forgot. Then seeing Aarambano’s sad face she gives it to her. Aarambano says she knew, she was just acting otherwise Jodha would really forget. She then says it would be better had she forgotten. Jodha asks why? She says then she would have gotten 2 gifts. Jodha laughs and asks her to send others in as well else they will ask for 2 gifts.

English men come to meet Jalal with proposal of opening weapons factory there and they will get very benefitted from there by having advanced weapons. For this, they want him to go to a city and check samples. Jalal says he will give it a thought.

Later, Murad meets English men. He’s told till Jalal doesn’t get ready to go to that city, he won’t be able to become king. Murad says he will see what he can do, but asks them not to hurt him. he’s assured by them that they will just imprison Jalal for few days so he can become king and help Englishmen.

Jodha feels something suspicious and talks to Jalal. But at the same time, Ruq encourages Jalal to go as it’ll be beneficial for them. Jalal says they both are right, but he agrees with Ruq more as he doesn’t see anything wrong happening in this.

Jodha tells same to Maan Singh and Todamal and give them Jalal’s responsibility.

Englishmen are waiting for Jalal. Birbal tells them if Jalal finds their offer beneficial, then he will surely accept their invitation. Maan Singh and Todamal come there. Birbal tells them about their arrangements in front of Englishmem.

Jodha tells Jalal to be back soon and take Khanekhana along. Jalal tells her she’s worrying for no reason. His soldiers will be with him and Englishmen won’t be able to do anything. Jalal meets Englishmen. Begums come there. Jalal takes blessings from Ammi jaan and gets ready to leave. English man and Murad look at each other. Ruq hopes this deal is successful so she can take responsibility of it and that way her status will be more than Jodha’s.

Precap. Jalal is informed that samples are not ready so Englishmen want him to stay there for few days. Jalal gets suspicious and asks why they asked him to come if samples were not ready?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Jalal has now sensed out something fishy going btwn Englishmen n some mughal

  2. 7 August is the last date for the show. Everything has an end, it assumed that the show will end with the tragic demise of shahanshah but now it has happy ending of the pair with a settled life and leaving option for part 2 of JA.

  3. Seems Jodha will reach in time to save Shahanshah.

  4. I feel so sad that Jodha Akbar is coming to an end. There are other serials like Kumkum bhaya, jamai raja, hello prathiba on zee tv which are dragging without any reason and too boring. Compared to them JA is not that bad. JA is interesting and moreover it is a historical serial. How can this serial end with some 570 episodes. It is for JA i started to watch TV. Once it ends i will not watch zee tv. I fee very sad. Everyday i was looking forward to watcging JA and i would finish all my work by 8pm. This is the only serial where the all the actors excelled in their acting. I will miss the pair Rajat and Paridhi. It will be very difficult to reunite or see again Rajat and Paridhi as leads in some other serial. These two gave life to JA by their magical performance. It is they who made the serial so successful. Whether they share any friendship off screen, their on screen chemistry is unparalleled. Producers and directors must really make a note of it. My best wishes to Rajat, Paridhi and the entire JA team.

    1. U r absolutely correct

  5. i literally started crying when i came to know that the show is gonna come to an end..this is one of the best serials i have evere seen..u are right mk…i finish all my work by 8pm to watch this…i just wanna kill these people who made ek tha raja ek thi rani…the trailer looks like piece of shit compared to akdha

  6. So sad that JA is ending. Jalal and Jodha are so good together! I loved this show until the Laboni story line. That’s what killed the show! Totally! I don’t know what the writers were thinking! The witch craft doesn’t cut it at all! It’s so boring and annoying! They dragged that story line on for much too long. Same problem with Qubool Hai – the witch craft killed that show also and it’s still dragging on!

    In JA, I was also disappointed that Salim didn’t marry Anarkali. I hope that Ruks is exposed for all her wrong doing before the show ends..

  7. come on writers you know jodha always senses things except for runks she had to put in her two cents for jalal to go get himself in trouble now send the troops with jodha at the helm to save jalal we want to see some good sword fighting with jodha let her be the one to save her husbands life cannot wait to see a good sword fight from jodha and as for murad let him be exposed for being so stupid you are not even jalal biological son but you insist on being king no matter if jalal gets killed in the process what sought person are you murad this the person that brought you up and loved you from small and give you everything and this is the gratitude you give in return nay you are way out of line you deserve to punished severely do not matter how much salima beg for you you are totally disgusting you failed in your attempt to kill salim and now you listening to those dotish English people and following the wrong path well take what you get when jalal finds out he should throw your tail in the dungeon to teach you a good lesson and as for ruks her doom is near at hand too LOL I hope this serial ends happy for jodha and akbar

  8. mind you jodha Akbar is my favourite serial I never knew about it until one Saturday with the re runs my daughter introduced me to it and from then I never missed a serial she would miss but not me and their love song that is the best after kuch kuch hotai hai

  9. Please please please don’t end this serial. 1st of all many things are yet to be shown. Birth of maan bai’s son, anarkali’s death, salim’s marriage to jagat gossain, birth of shah jahan, maan bai committing suicide, many more are yet to be shown. 2ndly we love this show. Instead of ending the show why don’t you working on the trp. This is a historical show so you should end this in a proper way. Please don’t end this.

  10. it is really depressing to hear about the sad destiny of the show… moreover many incidents are yet to be unveiled like ruq’s conspirancies, Anar’s death penalty for loving Salim, Noor jahan’s marriage with Salim (Jahangir)…how can all these be shown in such a short time??

    Do not want to depart from Rajat & Paridhi so early… awesome television couple ever seen by me…

  11. Please continue Jodha akbar there is so much you could bring to this show unlike the others that have been dragging for however long

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