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Scene 1
Jalal and Jodha comes in godown, they are shocked to see everything drenched in water, Jodha says all our work is destroyed, Jalal says i dont understand how this happened, Todar i closed windows, Jalal says then how it get opened? Jodha says its not his fault, it was strong storm, windows would have got opened, i trust Todar, Salima says what will we do now? if order doesnt reach to countries till tomorrow then it will our insult, Ruks says what can happen now? she ask Jalal to inform countries that they cant send order, Jalal agrees, jodha says no you will not do anything like that, i will find some way, i will not let Mughal saltanat insulted, trust me, jalal says i have given you responsibility of trade so i leave decision of all this to you too, i have complete faith in you, Ruks is

jodha comes to farmers and sellers, she says that i want you people to you give your extra spices to us, we have always been with you and now we want you help, mughal saltanat need you, we want your assistance.
English men gets know about spices getting wet, they say that Indians are fool, its time for celebration, one man says we have to look for bigger picture, we have to divide and rule, we have to handle Murad, we have to make Murad king then we can do whatever we want.
People start bringing extra spices, and order is getting fulfilled, Jodha comes and says to Todar that this is miracle, Todar says yes things are coming, i just hope our order gets completed, one farmer says to jodha that you always do things for us then its our time, we are going to Agra and collecting order, Jalal comes and says to Jodha that you have done great work, Jodha says its because my nation is with me.
todar is checking order, he says we are getting things from different cities, hope order will be completed till tomorrow, Jodha sees Salima working and ask her to go and take rest then she will go and take rest, Salima agrees.
English men calls Murad and offers him wine, they say its great wine but Murad doesnt take it, they say that they want Murad to become next king, Murad is stunned, translator says that they have great ideas and can help you, Murad says but they are businessmen, translator says that they want ports and ships of india and they will help you to become king, they will take Jalal away from Agra for some and you will be in Agra then you can become king and they will support you, Murad says if thats the case then i will give them great offers in business.
jodha comes to godown and ask Jodha to take rest, Jodha says no this is my work and i am needed to be with my people, Jalal says then i am king and i should be here too, jodha ask him to not be stubborn, Jalal says i am our husband so i should be with you in every walk, he helps in work. Todar tells Jodha that order is ready to send to port, Jalal smiles proudly at Jodha.
In harem, all are chanting for Jodha, Jalal ask Jodha to sit at throne of Harem, Jodha says this Ruks’s seat, Ruks says no today you deserve to sit here, Jodha sit on throne. Ruks says how dare she sit on my throne, i will snatch everything from her, Jalal says to jodha that your work is commendable, Hamida praises her too, jodha says it happened as you all were with me, Salima says Jala didnt sleep for two nights, you both should take rest, Jalal ask Jodha to come and take rest, Ruks is angry, she deliberately throws tea cups on throne and says this throne is destroyed, nobody can sit on it now, Jalal says i will make another one, he leave, Ruks says i can never sit on throne on which Jodha sat, new one has to be made.
Jalal brings Jodha in room, he makes her lie down on bed, Jodha says who sleep at day time? Jalal says you worked whole night so you have to sleep, he ask Moti to keep check on her that she doesnt get up, Moti nods and leaves, jalal is standing beside Jodha and ask jodha to sleep, Jodha says i am not getting sleep, she ask him to sit beside her, Jalal says i will lie beside you, Jodha says no need for that, wanna talk to you, Jalal says you wanna talk about time when you took my bullets out from gun? when we went to hunt, Jodha says i wil never allow you to kill innocent animals, Jalal says then we should go for boat ride, we will flow with water, there will cold breeze and i will praise your beauty, jodha sleeps, Jalal smiles and caresses her face.

PRECAP- Translator says to Jalal that english men wants to open armour shop in India, they want Jalal to come there and check place so that it si approved for shop, Jalal thinks. translator comes to Murad and says if Jalal doesnt go to Thatta(city) then you wont be able to become king.

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  1. waiting for salim anarkali post marrriage scenes…

  2. WHos son is murad ? Jalal nd salima ??

  3. Nd whoz daughter is aaram banu ?? Plz clarify

    1. Aram Banu, murad, daniyal are Marium uz zamni’s children. please do read

      After reading the blog nobody will talk nonsense about jodha and jalal. The blog is so informative and authentic.

      1. well, daniyal and salim were jodha’s children, but not murad. murad is salima sultan’s son. salima also had a daughter, Princess Khannum. khannum is the eldest daughter of akbar, and the 1st child of akbar. murad was born 9 months after salim’s birth. you will get all the detils over here. also refer to this for better knowledge about murad. and aram banu begum(also called ladli begum) was born to akbar’s another wife bibi daulat shad. akbar had more daughters, but from other wives.

  4. Am not hearing anything abt anar n salim…what’s happening…

    1. exactly. she was supposed to be buried alive by akbar before salim’s marriage. but nothing such happened. salim is yet to marry jagat gossain. how can the show end like this? and then maan bai will give birth to her son Prince Khusrau, and jagat will give birth to shah jahan, and then maan bai will commit suicide due to some tensions. i don’t understand how are they going to show all this in few days.

  5. what is wrong with these English people they come into a persons country and causing a lot of mischief jalal and jodha are so kind to them and this is what they are doing in return back stabbing jalal anyway this was not part of the history of Akbar murad will never be a good king he is definitely not kings material and all that hate and animosity toward salim is only jealously I jalal is king and by now he should have interrogated the man who murad hired to kill salim and find out the truth but instead the same man has killed a guard and gotten away and murad found the perfect opportunity to kill him so now jalal will never no until an attempt on salims life or his is made again

  6. I don’t think jalal will go….yesterday was last of the shoot…Show is going to end on 11august :,(:,(

  7. Ruks want a tight kick in she a** she think jodha is some dirty person or a thing that whenever jodha do or use she don’t want to touch it she a act like some clean freak but she is wrong she can never come to jodha so idk what wrong with her

  8. murad is salimas son I think she was pregnant when her husband died and so jalal married her and kept her in the palace to look after them you notice the difference between her and ruks salima loves jodha but ruks as one of the wives is always jealous of jodha because she is insecure but not salima she know what jalal stands for and he did her a big favour by marrying her and so she is always grateful

  9. Oh shit wt hapnd again y u r nt playing jodha akbar in between 10 am to 2pm pls pls pls pls pls pls pls telecast

  10. Thnx keen observer.. do you know about aaram banu ?

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