Jodha Akbar 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal comes to jodha, he says to jodha that I don’t sleep in night because of Salima, I care for him too but you are Marium Zamani so you know king and Prince gets attacked usually and I wont let anything happen to Salim, Jodha says but the culprits are still at Large, jalal says I promise I watch them soon.
the same thug comes to Rashid and zil bahar’s house, he is injured, they know him, Rashid ask how you got injured? they take him inside, Rashid ask how happened? Yaqub (thug) says that I was attacked by thieves, Rashid ask Zil to bring doctor, Yaqub says no I am fine, its a small injury, I will leave soon, Zil says no you can till you want here, Rashid does dressing of his wounds.
Hamida says to Jalal that now we will not let Salim in danger, bring hm back,

Ruks says no, this will mean that king got afraid of thugs and changed his decision, Hamida says to Jalal that its not about heir Salim but we cant put child’s life in danger like that., Hamida ask Jodha to speak, Salim is her child, Jodha says I am afraid for Salim but I trust Jalal’s thinking and his bravery so whatever decision he takes, I will accept that., Jalal smiles looking at Jodha, Jalal says to hamida that our Salim is brave, nobody can do anything, I trust God, I pray that SAlim will comes all fine and about thug, he will be caught soon.
Todar with soldiers come in market, Todar says that find that thug, he is injured so must be aroubd, search houses, we have to catch him at any cost, they start searching in houses.
Rashid says to Yaqub that he is leaving for palace, Anarkali comes and tells Rashid that Mughal solders are finding someone, Rashid says must be some thug, Yaqub is my friend so take care of him, I am going ou, he leaves, Yaqub is in tension and looks at Mughal soldiers from window of house, he thinks that don’t know I am safe here or not, soldiers come to Rashid’s house and ask to open the door, Anarkali opens the door, soldiers ask who is Yaqub? didn’t see him before, Anarkali says he is friend of my father, soldier ask how he got wounds? Anarkali says he was looted by thieves, soldier ask where is his things? they search around in house and finds a letter from Yaqub in which it is said to kill Salim, they say this is culprit catch him, they arrest Yaqub.
Jalal says when roya family is not safe then how can common people be so I will make security more tight, Soldier comes there and says we have caught one culprit who attacked Salim, Jalal and all are shocked, Jalal ask to bring him in court, Rashid finds Yaqub chained and taken by soldiers to Jalal, he ask one soldier about Yaqub, soldier says he is betrayer, he tried to kill Salim so he is taken to Jalal;s court, Rashid is shocked and recalls how Yaqub and his wife came to visit agra and stayed with Rashid, how they spent time then.

Scene 2
Yaqub is brought to Jalal, Jalal ask who is involved with you? Yaqub this planning was done by king of Parog and I was helped by house which is infront of Palace, Todar same house in which Rashid stays, Ruks says if Rashid gave shelter to this betrayer then Rashid is betrayer too, all agree with her, all ministers says that yes Rashi is betrayer too as he helped this man. Jalal ask to bring Rashid in court.
Rashid comes back home and says to Zil bahar that Yaqub is a betrayer and he came here to kill SAlim and we were fooled by him, that’s why Yaqub asked me to make him meet Salim, flashback shows Yaqub and Rashild meeting Salim when he is doing work in market, Yaqub says that we might not get another chance to see Salim, flashback ends, Rashid says I will to to Jalal, todar comes to Rashid’s house and arrests Todar.

Scene 3
Rashid is brought in court, Rashid says I gave shelter to Yaqub as I didn’t know that he came here to kill Salim, we were fooled by him, Todar sys Rashid used to work in Praog’s palace too, Rashid says its true that I used to work there but I have nothing to do with Salim’s attack, please forgive me, Zil bahar says we never did anything, we love Salim like own child, Jodha says she is right, because of them Salim was saved by them earlier, Ruks says that loyalty can change and maybe they did that to win trust of Jalal. one minister says that he helped betrayer so he is involved in crime, Rashid says yes, I indirectly helped him to kill Salim, punish me, jalal says my decision is…

PRECAP- Jalal says to Ruks in court that when you went first to SAlim, I ignored it but you did that again, he says to todar that till SAlim is not in palace, ruks cant go out of palace and if she do so then all solders will be punished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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