Jodha Akbar 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
shehnaz is laughing, jalal looks at her and is angry, shehhnaz says to Rahim to see his doll is with her, jalal looks angrily and goes from there.
ruks, jodha, salima and jalal are in room, ruks says she pushed Rahim, who is she, from where did she came, salima says don’t be tensed, she is shehnaz, she is kid mentally, she didn’t have wrong intension, hamida comes there. she meets Rahim, salima says Rahim is fine, he is very strong, Rahim says shehnaz was snatching my doll and I fell, jalal gets angry and says to jodha that when you know that she is mad then why did you allow her to play with Rahim, ruks says thank god Rahim is fine, don’t know what that mad girl could have done, jodha says she is not mad, Rahim is important to me and what happened wasn’t good but we cant blame

shehnaz for it, she is like child and child do these things. jodha says to jalal that I know her heart is innocent, jalal shouts enough, you met one mad girl in Mathura, did sweet talks with you and you became soft for her and brought her here and today when this big incident happened even then you are favoring her, I saw Rahim falling from height and that girl was laughing, only mad can do that.. salima says nothing bad happened so its all good, ruks says if jalal wouldn’t have reached there then anything could have happened, jodha says shehnaz didn’t do it purposely, jalal says so Rahim is telling lie that she tried to snatch doll from him and he fell, she is mad girl and she have to go to Mathura for her treatment, ruks says she can do anything so she have to go from here.

Scene 2
shehnaz is crying and says to jodha that I didn’t do it purposely, I was just taking doll from him as I liked it, jodha says but one should not snatch things from others like this, shehnaz says sorry because of jalal shouted on you, jodha says don’t worry his anger will cool down, shehnaz says I will say sorry to jalal.
salima says to jalal to that nothing happened so why you are making issue, jalal says so should I wait for something to happen, I don’t know why jodha brought that mad girl girl, ruks support him saying that when jodha knew that she is mad then why she brought her here, salima says try to understand shehnaz is not mad but child, try to understand jodha’s point of view, she Is attached to shehnaz emotionally, when she left from agra, she was heartbroken and she shared her sorrows with shehnaz so how could she had left shehnaz there, we couldn’t even think of pain jodha went through.
shehnaz is crying and jodha says don’t cry your tears make me worry, shehnaz says only you understand me, you are very nice, don’t go away from me, jodha sasy I will never, moti takes shehnaz away.
salima says to jalal that sehehnaz is like Rahim, if Rahim was there so you could have forgiven him because he is child, I am telling you same shehnaz is child, you got angry on jodha when her wounds started to heal, I worry if she gets in pain again. ruks says you are right but how jodha supported shehnaz after incident was not right, salima says jodha also love Rahim a lot, fight is not good, I think you should go and talk to her, tomorrow is your marriage anniversary and its not to fight now, there should be celebration not fight, jalal says you are right salima, I will talk with jodha today itself.

Scene 3
moti says to shehnaz that doll is cute but why did you snatch it from Rahim, shehnaz says because I like it, like jalal and jodha, moti leaves.
jodha is thinking that why this always happens, when things start to settle down, jalal always start fight, he doesn’t see anyone infront of his anger, she says jalal should understand that shehnaz is like Rahim but he doesn’t see anything or listen in anger. jalal comes there and is awkward, jalal says jodha I came to talk about what happened, jodha says what to talk about, you thought that I am wrong and you just shouted on me that’s it, jalal ask to look at him, he sits and says I know I was angry on you but I want to tell you that Rahim is son of my guardian and now I am his guardian and I saw him falling and that sehenaz was laughing, clapping so I couldn’t bear it and I got angry, jodha says I ma saying that only that I love Rahim too but shehnaz and Rahim are like same.
shehnaz is playing with doll and prince and say that one is king jalal and other is jodha queen, they married and love each other, she suddenly takes prince in her hand and takes off his head, she thinks that you are right moti I am not mad, I came here, I came jalal to get what is mine, throne.
jalal says to jodha that enough I am tired of these fights, I will not fight, will not taunt, its enough, we have anniversary tomorrow, I did mistake by getting angry, you don’t do mistake by not talking to me, lets forget it, I am sorry. jodha says enough don’t say sorry, it doesn’t look fine that husband say sorry to wife again and again, jalal says I sorry this much? jodha says ask yourself, jalal says so I think that you are still angry and not moving on, jodha says so I don’t have right to be angry on you, jalal sasy you have but it hurts me when you are angry, I am again saying sorry, I don’t like you like this so sput your anger and move on, he leaves. jodha smiles
shehnaz looks at doll and says jodha you are that support from which I will get what I want, what should I call you preety jodha or fool jodha, she throws doll, you will make my wish come true and I will make your wish come true to stay always with jalal, nobody will separate you both after your death.

Scene 4
ruks is fuming in her room and says that in this palace all support jodha, I was happy that on Rahim’s matter jalal will fight with jodha but salima in end made jalal’s love active, till when salima will keep trying to make them come close, jodha have to go away from jalal, jalal is only mine and I hate you jodha. hoshiyar comes there and tells her about celebration in palace, ruks fumes more, hoshiyar says I will bring flowers as I know you like them, ruks gets flashback in which jalal says to ruks that you know all my favorites, you know that I like roses that’s why put here. fb ends. ruks says go and bring big beautiful rose, I will gift it to jalal, I hate jodha but not jalal, I will gift him.

Scene 5
jodha comes out of her room after taking bath, jalal sees her standing there and goes to her. jodha is happy, jalal and jodha prays to new morning, jodha says 1 year passed away and hatred changed into love in this year, I have seen a lot in this year, there was many ups and down in this year but in end everything is fine, I have only one wish that everything should be good in coming year of jalal’s life, she turns and sees jalal. she says you here, he says I can also say that, jodha says I came to pray on new morning of new year, happy 1 year anniversary, jalal sasy whole world will be congratulating us but I want to congratulate my wife, he hugs jodha and wishes her anniversary, jodha hugs him back happily, jalal says my life partner, my most special wife I wish god give you all happiness, jodha rest her head on his chest, jalal carsses her hairs, jodha feels peace.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that maham tried to separate us but she had done a lot for you so you can meet her, jalal says you are saying that when she tried to harm your image and tried to break our relation, you really have a big heart, jodha says I know she stooped low but you can make your heart big,

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. KK


  2. aivar

    hey everyone… there is a spoiler going around that jalal will realize he was really harsh on jodha on the anniversiary… so he will go and talk to her…. they will have some lovey dovey moments… then at some time news will come that ruks is pregnat… I am not sure if it is a fake pregnancy or she will miscarry… what do you all think???

  3. karan

    why do i have feeling that this KK dude ….is sameer!!! anywys whoever you r get a life and go to some other website!!!

    • KK

      first of all i dont know who the hell is this sameer… secondly u r not my boss not this site’s owner so keep ur shit mouth shut and dont tell me what to do… u better get off this site

      • ray

        more like u should and we didnt say any bad word to u so please when u say something on here dont use bad words there could be 12 year olds for all we know reading this so please dont use bad words and why dont u go to another website if u think this website sucks.

      • karan

        dude…im not the one who is complaining about this site!!! u r!!!
        and sameer is a dude who talks like u!!! and also is f**ked in the head…so ya…admin had told him to get off his site bcuz he was talking just the way u’re talking right now!!! soo ya….get off this site if u have problems with it!

  4. ray

    hi @aivar i just got done taking an exam and OMG it was hard but i studied so i knew everything hopefully i did good on the exam….anyway how r u and i hope ruks is fake pregancy and then when the truth comes out she would be thrown out of agra 😉

  5. aivar

    hi ray… ya praying you do well on your exam… i am on my study break… i am good how about you??? I know that she will not have a baby…. because in history it is said that ruks never had any children… and the writers cant change that… i am just wondering if it is fake or she is going to miscarry

  6. ray

    @aivar im much better after being sick:) and thank u so much and i hope that the pregancy is fake so she lowers her status in front of jalal and im waiting for jo to take MA position in court!!!!!

  7. aivar

    ya ray… I hope it is fake so jalal can see the kind of person she is… i am getting annoyed that the sweet moments between jodha and jalal keep getting disrupted… cant people have some privacy???

  8. ray

    geez people (atiba)she is working on it i admit she is a little slow but she is trying her best!!!!

  9. aivar

    i dont know ray… actually i feel like there are a lot of people missing these days… what do u think???

  10. aivar

    i hate shehnaz now… what the hell does she need the throne for… who the hell is she anyway…. i wonder how they will expose her…

  11. Ravan

    The serial should be titled TALES OF GREAT SPOILERS OF JODHA.. Ekta should be congratulated for succeeding in her attempts to take the Patience Levels of the Viewers of the Serial to New Heights.

  12. vikram

    Directer can make any twist in serial but jodha akbar serial is real one don’t make the story as joke in real story
    ruks will not have children but jodha has son and daughter after jodha marriage with in 13 months madam has to die but where

  13. bleh

    yo boys and gals…uncles and aunties…gradpas nd grandmummys……when are u all planning to give up watching serials…. do something more useful re…..Narendra modi didn’t get successfull by watching yo weirdo serials!! if u agree with me….spread the word………DO SOMETHING FOR THE SOCIETY INSTEAD OF WATCHING SERIALS AT HOME!!!!!!!

  14. bleh

    relaxation???? U can relax even by going out for a walk… or helping the needy….
    Go out and visit an orphanage…trust me u will get the bliss of your life.. 🙂
    Anyways..everyone has a point of view…My work is to spread awareness through various forums and social media….Kudos to anyone who understands this..
    thank you.bye!

  15. I m 101% sure that the kk is none somebody else sameer itself because nobody can comment in that way n especially sameer always burst on atiba n tanthya only . So the kk= sameer.

  16. Raj

    from d first day we all had a strange felling that shahnaz is going to be the next villain…now that happens!!!!!!!

  17. sameer

    Hey who d hell u r @bleh dont u have any work? We know wat 2 do and u r not our mentor. So just stop dis d way if u dont like dis show skap urself and better u go 4 a walk or help needy

  18. Sugyami

    things setle 4 a short time in dis show.but y ?jo an jalal dont kno abt shehnaz but we kno from now. Dey wil b living hapily but we wil b suffering.dats gr8

  19. sameer


  20. Raj

    hey!!!@ sameer.kk…
    don’t know what u guys want…but I’s better u 2 stay here!!!!!!!! u guys made d comment section pretty funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ray

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wjat is this disscussion on how mad we r or jodha akbar im soo confused hahahahaha but @sameer i do have to say u made this really funny lol

  22. sameer

    oh thanks everyone…feeling elated..haha!!
    @Sugyami…but u still are a stalker!!(dun mind :P)
    @aradhya…u don’t have to feel sorry!!
    @tellyupdates… u sleep!!
    Actually its more fun to have mad people around!!!! 😛

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