Jodha Akbar 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 20th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha come back in palace, maham ask you are coming or leaving at this time, jodha says i went to mandir, maham says you are wife of king and can go anywhere but there is danger outside and you went without any soldier, there are many enemies out there, jodha asys you are right, maham says tell me if you have to go out, jodha nods.
jodha comes inside, she says to moti that i am feeling bad, i am doing all this for jalal’s safety but this is not correct i ant tell jalal. maham also saw me today, i lied to her too. maham says to resham that i know johda went to meet which God, resham says she was lying to you who knows everything, maham says she is doing mistakes and it will put her in danger, jalal goes from there, maham says this means jalal is doubting jodha.

says to jodha that its good you decided to not meet suja now, jodha says i have to find who is enemy of jalal in this palace, how can i tell half info to jalal, moti says suja will tell you if he find any info and also maham have seen you and she can make fuss out of it. outside maham says now i will make this matter so big, jalal will investigate it, i will not tell him anything but see drama.

Scene 2
jalal remembers jodha meeting that man, he says wh he can be, atgah comes there and says i found about that hut, some beggar comes there in night but he didnt last night, jalal says because he was meeting jodha, atgah ask is there anything, you can share with me, jalal says human have to face somethings alone, atgah leaves. jalal takes out his sword.

Scene 3
jodha and moti comes to tulsi plant and does puja, jodha see jalal practicing sword fighting vigorously, she is stunned to see such anger, she says to moti that i will parsad to him, she goes to him and he suddenly put sword on her neck, he sees her and puts sword down, he splashes water on face and takes parsad, jalal ask who seem stressed, you didnt take rest last night too, she says i was thinking about you, she says your life is in danger, jalal says yes suja attacked me, she says no someone from this palace, jalal says benazir died, mali is out of agra then who, are you trying to say that someone my own wants to hurt me, jodha says you are not taking it rightly, jalal says its normal for me that whom i think i am close to attack me, well thanks for telling, he leaves, jodha is stunned.

Scene 4
soldiers are discussing about jalal that he is doing good for people, he will not be changed, other says that he is being attacked and someone close to him can be jealous. suja listens to this and thiks i have to find who is he.
In harem, jodha ask manger that whether all my orders are fulfilled, she says yes, manager gives her details of jewelry, jodha says i will not take it, i am leaving harem position, give this to new holder of harem, she leaves, moti ask why are you doing this, jodha says i am stressed these days and is not giving time to harem, also what i wanted to change is changed and i have some other things to work on so i left it. jodha says call hamida and all in hall, also call jalal there, she says okay.

Scene 5
jalal comes to hamida, she smiles and says happy to see you, she say i was making sweater but i couldnt, jalal says then leave it, she says your grandmaa used to do it so i am taking it forward, she ask why are you stresses, he says why women are so complicated, if you believe on someone then doesnt it is his responsibility to to keep that believe intact? she says yes its his his duty. jalal says if he doesnt that then? she says belief is very delicate thing, sometime you are bound to not tell things but you have to believe that if that man respects you then he will tell you, you have to give something to take something back, you have to believe to get it in return, she ask about whom you are talking, he says someone who i thought to be very close, i have no option then to wait, moti comes there and tells them that jodha had called you on hall, hamida thinks who it can be, jalal is close to ruks, salima and jodha.

Scene 6
all begums come in hall, they thinks why she caaled us all here, ruksaar ask jodha why you seem worried today, jodha says i am going to announce something today, jalal comes there, jodha thanks him for coming, he says what else you want to change in harem, she says i changed what i thought was wrong but i still think that ruks deserve this harem so i am leaving my position, ruks says to maham that i said she will not be able to manage it many days. all begums ask jodha why are you doing this? jodha says she is best for harem so i am quitting, ruks says stop, i tookn your name in voting, many lives are involved with harem, if i had to take duty then why did i took your name, there are many begums here who want to see you working so you do it, jodha says i have some personal problems, jalal says all have problems but that mean you can sabotage your position, you cant waste time of all, anyways if you have decided then i am accepting your resignation. i told you ruks was best for heram.

PRECAP Jalal is on terrace and is drunk, jodha comes there and says i want to talk, he says i was starting to drown in music and you came, he ask what you want to talk, jodha sits, he says i didnt tell you to sit.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Namrata

    I really don’t get it…. why does maham always plot something or the other against Jodha???

  2. AISHA

    isnt tht kinda [email protected]

  3. AISHA

    i swear she should hv been in CID CRIME [email protected]

  4. Namrata

    @Aisha….. it may be obvious… but I did like ur opinion… she must’ve been in CID CRIME PATROL…. Detective Maham Homes…

    • AISHA

      dude i think this is the first time u’re visiting this forum!! the earlier persn who used to update was worse!!

  5. AISHA

    gosh tht would be an insult to [email protected]

  6. I think that when jodha will be rescued by suja and ja..she may goin to she will be quite disappointed by ja…n anyways the priducers will do some silly promos to extend the show in some way…

    • Arun

      producer,director all are doing good job. I am so edicted to the show that does not want to end this in few days.

  7. AISHA

    dude the show will end only when jalal and jodha will get a child!! so ya till then the will extend the show

  8. Namrata

    But I think Maham’s acting skills are extremly gd… the way everyone insults her…. tht is awfully good…. hehehehe!!!!

  9. sameer

    xtreme slowww update…. tanthya no use if writing this update in absolute correct english when u cant provide the update in time!!!!

  10. Jalal angrily lifts his sword, his eyes glowering in rage 

    Nearby Jodha’s Hojra .. Jodha has come to worship Tulsi ..Jalal is practicing his sword fight ..immersed in his moves..Jodha notices Jalal practicing, she takes the Pooja plate from Moti, heads to wards Jalal with an intention of giving him Prasad..

    Jalal who is practicing in deep absorption , turns and his sword comes right up to Jodha’s neck..for a long moment there is a angry eyelock from Jalal’s side..Jodha extends the plate .. Jalal quietly hands over the sword to his minion .. washes his face.. prays and accepts the prasad..Jodha tries to alert jalal about the enemy within.. Hurt Jalal retorts that Benton is dead, Sujamal nd Abul Mali are on the run.. who else are there to kill him.. he reminds her that a Kings life is always in danger..Jodha points out that Abul Mali is not captured yet and that enemies can be closer home too..Jalal sarcastically thanks her for reminding him about the enemies that surround him in the form of relatives.. He tells her that a king is always on the alert about the attack ..

    Jalal walks away leaving Jodha completely puzzled ..

    Jodha comes into her room, the Harem attendant comes in Jodha settles the days duties and tells Moti to summon all ladies of the Harem to the big room and also to send a invite to Jalal..

    Later in the day..jalal is seen entering Hameda’s hojra..he sits by her .. placing his head on her lap.. they talk in a roundabout way about the matter of trust between ppl.. Hameeda explains that sometimes circumstances or fear may lead a person to hide the truth .. we just have to be patient until the person musters the courage to reveal the fact and if the relationship is true andpure then the truth will be just have to have patience.. Jalal is not fully soothed..mutters that he will wait for the trust factor to happen..and walks away..Hameeda wonders as to who is causing the distress..

    All gather in the Gulab gang DEK ..Jodha announces her resignation from the designation of CEO .. Ruqaiyya as usual loses no opportunity to needle Jodha and point out her own superiority..Jalal sarcastically remarks that this is not a childs play where Jodha gets to play around as she wants and that he had said that Ruqaiyya was infinitely suited to running of the harem..He accepts Jodha’s resignation and dismisses the council..

    Jalal is listening to music in Agoori bagh..Jodha comes there saying that she wishes to speak to him.. Jalal after a laconic comment dismisses the musicins..Jodha walks towards the other chair and sits down preparatory to chat..Jalal coldly remarks that he has not told her to sit !!

    Copied From Other Site

  11. Raj

    finally great one from jalal…
    and who is xxx..dude can u know another word except correct…..

  12. Namrata

    Or else someone should shoot her down unintentionally… like while trying to kill Jalal…. 😉

  13. lahari

    So what about [email protected]

  14. I’m feeling like slapping jodha hard:|
    Why she is not telling truth to jalal?????
    Nd ya i hate her uselesssss vachan nd all……
    Poor jalal….
    @pk the best
    Keep it up…

  15. Namrata

    Aha… so u are from mauritius… always wanted to visit that place… I’m from Kerala, India…

  16. shraddha

    Jalal is drunk in the precap………….Uffffffffff danger ahead!!!! I think Jalal has shown enough of trust now………Jodha is in a dilemma, I agree, but she is unknowingly playing with Jalal’s emotions and trust. She is not doing it intentionally but still……………………..Her motive is right but Sujamal’s vachan has ruined it all. And I don’t think it was right on her part to leave harem duties at this moment. Harem and its politics is not for Jodha, I agree. I anyhow wanted her to leave harem responsibilities. But her timing is wrong and reason as well. Personal reasons and duties should not come in each other’s way. I’m upset…..Future doesn’t seem that good. But still I’ll be positive. Hoping for the best.
    And yup….I’m kind of convinced that soon we’ll get to see Maham’s downfall. I’ve historical reasons for that………But lets wait!

  17. Oh..hw do u find [email protected]??

  18. shraddha

    Jalal getting drunk has always been a problem in the serial………..I don’t want the same to happen this time. How I wish we get an Akdha confrontation soon! I have realised that Jalal is growing suspicious…….all credits to Maham and Sujamal’s vachan! Somewhere Jodha has realised that Jalal trusts her but what is more important to see that till what time is this going to continue………..I want cv’s to wrap up this track as soon as possible.

  19. Ya i agree with u shradda..the serial is top in india… they cnnot run it fr only 6mnths..n wats the guarentee tht rajat n paridhi will get wrk after this show…in fact they need to get a certain amount of income…coz acting is unpredictable..i mean the shows like qubool hai or pavitra rishta should hv been replaced due to their deja vu…

  20. shraddha

    Jalal is patient till now. He’s just trying to supress his anger. His anger, pain, frustation was clearly indicated during his sword practice sessions. Probably Jodha will be hurt when Jalal will confront her. But I think its much needed now. Venting is essential for passion to come up.

  21. shraddha

    @ anaelle creatives of the show need to show some creativity now! Whats the use if they go the same way as it happened in the film? Though I still feel that Jodha should not and will not be sent to Amer. Can’t wait for this track to unfold. I just wish they don’t go back to the square one. I can’t bear public insults of Jodha as it hapenned in Benazir track……….That was ridiculous!

  22. Namrata

    @Anael… that’s a bit too tricky anael… i really cant opt out the best from india and uae… uae is a place more secure, jolly , lively etc…. india is a bit different thats it…

  23. Namrata

    all my cousins reside in india which makes it somewhat special and good while on visits…. but i dont think residing there for a long period of time is a good idea….

  24. Uae stnds fr wat?? Actually am thinkin abut studyin in bangalore..if u hv been there hw did u find [email protected].ya creativity usually lacks in the zee tv’s serial..

  25. shraddha

    @anaelle……….bangalore is nice! I’ve been there 2-3 times….But for a short period of time.

  26. Just wnted to tell tht i really appreciate all of u a foreigner n still u peop r so nice n tlk to me friendly..anywys thx to all of u..

  27. Namrata

    uae stands for united arab emirates… anael altough i’ve not been to Bangalore, i ‘ve some cousins studing there… it depends upon the course u choose.. but i think bangalore is a good choice and as i told before, the course or subject u choose…

  28. Hey thx shradda..really hope i get gud results to get admitted in one of bangalore’s university…seems like it is quite tuff??very challnging??

  29. Namrata

    @anael….it does not matter if ur a foreigner or not… it depends on how u treat us and ur behaviour… give respect take respect… more over.. u are a human being!!!

  30. Namrata

    @anael… u’re welcome… GOD!!! always everyone tell me u r different, u think different and stuffs… someone praised me for the first time…

  31. shraddha

    @ anaelle who says foreigners are not welocmed???? They are………………….and if its someone like you, then why not?

  32. ok namrata..thts gud..iss pyaar ko kya naam…i lov tht 2..beinteha..n thx u shrada n namrata..ur both awsome..makin me more wishin to come n stay in india..

  33. Namrata

    Anael… if u r there, will u tell me the time in mauritius??? i luv to chechk the time differences between countries…

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