Jodha Akbar 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal comes to jodha, they have a talk, he holds her hand, Jodha says now everything will be fine, Jalal says everything is fine, i dont understand what you say and why you say, you women cannot be understand, Jodha says we are like this, Jalal says i dont like these tears in your eyes, soldier calls jalal in court, Jodha makes him wear turban, he leaves.
Salima is checking spice storage, she tells it to Jodha, Todar comes, Jodha ask how these things will be exported? Todar says from storage area, they will be sent to ships then it will be transported, Jodha says be careful, there should be no moisture in cartons else all spices will be destroyed, Ruks listens this and smirks, Salima says to Jodha that work is going great, Jodha says it will be great when farmers will get credit,

Ruks says the thing to take in your hands Jodha, it has to succeed, she thinks i will destroy your plan.
Murad is drinking wine, English ambassadors come there and present him gifts, the translator says to Murad that these men wants to trade with India, Murad says so what? Translator says that if you were heir then things would be great as you have great thinking and is warrior, you have spark, its sad that you dont have any position, he leaves with English men, Murad fumes in anger.
Aram comes to Jodha with comb, Jodha says your hairs are set, you dont need combing, Aram says i want to comb your hairs, when i will get married, i will have to make braids of my hairs like Mann bai so i want to practice it now, i will not get time atfer marriage and who will make braids of my kids? these dasies are useless, Jodha says dont worry i will go with you to make hairs of your kids, she laughs.

Scene 2
All are in court, Jalal says Todar will tell finance of this year to court, Todar tell him profit of season and says it has increased because of Jodha working hard, our finance will increase and also farmers will be credited too, Jalal says this means we are profited alongwith farmers and also our foreign relations has gone to next level, jodha has done great work, i cant name her anything as her position is very big, i just want to heartily thank her for her work, she has proved that once women take responsibility, she surely fulfills it, i want to Jodha to come forward, Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal says i want to give Jodha a special stamp today, from today all trades will be under her supervision, she will use this stamp to allow trades, all chant for Jodha, Jodha takes stamp from Jalal, Ruks is fuming in anger.
Salima congratulate Jodha, Jodha says it happened with your help only, Hamida says but you worked hard for it, Todar calls Jodha, she leaves.
Jodha comes to Todar, Todar tells her that our export is ready, Jodha says its already late, you transport it soon as weather is also not good, Todar says i will start transport from tomorrow only, ruks spies on her and thinks that it will not transport ever.
Ruks comes to dasi and tells her something muted, she says to Dasi that do my work tonight only and you will get your reward if you do my work nicely, she leaves.

Scene 3
Its raining at night, Jodha comes on terrace and gets drenched in rain, Moti ask her to come else she will fall ill, Jodha says i like rains, Jalal comes and is stunned to see her, he says she is right, see your age, come inside, Jodha says you are old not me, Jalal says not like that, i dont like rains, Jodha says it means you accepted that you are old, Jalal says i am not old, Jodha says then come in rain and show it to me, Jalal says you are challenging me? Jodha can anyone challenge old man? Jalal ask Moti to bring dry dress for Jodha, she leaves, Jalal comes in rain and hugs Jodha from back, he says see i came to you, she smiles shyly, he says we should go inside now, Jodha stops him and says why? are you afraid of getting drenched with me in rain? Jalal smiles and enjoys rain with her.
Todar checks storage of spice and closes windows so cartons doesnt get wet, he leaves, Ruks dasi comes there and open windows of godown where spices were stored, its raining outside, all cartons get wet.
Jalal and Jodha are enjoying rain, they have slow dance, meri dhadkan dhadkan tumho…Tumho zindagani plays, Jodha smiles and hugs Jalal, they are getting wet together and enjoying rain.
Ruks dasies are leaving godown, Moti comes there and ask what are you doing here? she says Todar asked me check godown,Moti says ok leave, she leaves.
Its morning, Jodha is sleeping in bed, Jalal is smiling at her, sitting beside her, she wakes up and coughs, she looks at Jalal, he ask her to sleep,Jodha says why didnt you wake me up? Jalal says you look very pretty when asleep, Jodha coughs, Jalal says i told you to not get drenched but you didnt listen to me, Moti comes there with Kadha, Jalal takes it, she leaves, Jalal ask Jodha to drink kadha and dont make faces, Jodha takes it and doesnt want to drink it, Jalal coughs too, Jodha says you have cold too, now you have to share Kadha with me too, Jalal drinks it half and ask Jodha to drink it now, Salima comes there, Salima tells Jodha that i had to disturb you at this time as there is some problem, Jodha ask what happened? Salima tells Jalal and Jodha that spices destroyed because of rain, cartons got wet, we cant export them now, Jalal and Jodha are stunned.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that i have given responsibility of trade to you so i want you to take decision regarding it, Ruks is stunned that Jalal is still taking her side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So,today,s episode was i am gonna miss the shw.

  2. Reading only the written updates… Nce episode full of love , affection and respect … Nd sad too for its going off air soon

  3. gud episode but writer its high tme now ruks get caught she is doing plenty wrong things it getting annoying to know she is doing so much evils and she not getting exposed so do something about her now we want to see she get caught for her evil doing

  4. What!!!???….. show is going off air????

  5. Yeah diya.. next month will be its last episode ๐Ÿ™

  6. why is it going off air?!!!!!

  7. เค…เคฐเฅ‚เคฃ

    Jodha may find out that Rukaiya is behind this because Moti had seen the two ladies but she may forgive her and will use the spices in different way…

  8. please writers ruks has been doing a lot of wrong and getting away with it she even committed murder too and jalal did not punish her so please before the show go off air let ruks be expose for all the hatred and jealously she has towards jodha and for all the wrong things she did including opening the windows for the spice to get wet

  9. I don’t think its rukaiya this time. It might d Portugal’s as they weren’t given spice contract. So must have bribed d ladies

  10. jodah bai business

    jodha bai did trading with middle east countries..

  11. danny bell I think you missed part of tonights episode because when jodha and todar mal ok everything for the spices to be shipped the next day ruks was behind the pole listening and she said it will never leave and she called two of the dasies and she told them to open the windows and they showed you when the two dasies opened the storeroom and then the window and as they were leaving moti saw them and ask them what they were doing there and she replied that todar sent her to make sure water did not get in as an excuse because she knew she had already opened the window

  12. by ruks orders and ruks told them to make sure and not do anything wrong to get caught and they will be greatly rewarded

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