Jodha Akbar 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim says to Fazal that announce in people that who ever will give us link to Pratap, will get reward, he ask soldiers to keep any eye on food centers, Pratap’s soldier must be getting food from somewhere, othereside Pratap says to minister that we will Mughal forces soon.
In Meena Bazar, Ruks has put stall of real Resham shalws, Dammo looks at Hoshiyar, he starts speaking ill about ruks, he says this is is copy shawls not real one, Ruks says to buyers that dont believe him, he is mad, Hoshiyar says i am not mad, these are bad shawls, go to Jodha’s stall, you will get good things there, buyers leave from there without buying, Ruks is stunned, Hoshiyar thinks i am gone today, Ruks starts beating Hoshiyar.
Jodha says has puts stall with Aram bano, they are selling

dolls, Hamida comes there, Jodha greets them, Aram shows her doll and says this doll has got married, she is crying without her family, buy it, she is alone, Hamida says i will buy it, Aram says then buy her groom too, how will he stay without her, Hamida says very clever, Aram says when you have to sell then you have to be clever, Hamida says to Jodha Aram has become clever being with you, she buys both and leaves.

Scene 2
Jalal comes in Meena Bazar, all wives pray that Jalal should come to them, Ruks says Jalal will go to Jodha first, Jalal greets everyone. Laboni is selling kheer(sweet dish), Jalal is going to Jodha’s stall but stops seeing Laboni’s stall, he passes Jodha’s stall, Ruks is stunned too, Dammo smirks to Laboni and gives her special kheer for Jalal, Laboni turns to find Jalal coming to her stall, she smiles, he does magic on jalal with her eyes, Jodha is hurt and says dont know why he didnt come here, Laboni says to Jalal how you here? Jalal says what you thought that Sangram will come here first, Laboni says no i thought you will go to your wife first, Jalal says i wanted to come here first, all are liking your stall, i will help you selling, Laboni says it will not suite you, Jalal says all are my own here, i will help you, he goes in her stall, Laboni gives him kheer to eat, Ruks comes to Jalal and says as per ritual you should come to special wives first, Jalal says when i am in mood then i will come, Ruks is embarrassed, Jalal ask Laboni to make him eat with her hands, Laboni says i have made special kheer for you, Jalal is about to eat it but Ruks stops him and says you cant eat as per security rule, first royal cook have to taste food then Jalal can eat, Jodha comes there and says she is my sister so let it be, Ruks says this rule was not changed for you so it should be followed now too, Laboni recalls how Dammo said that Laboni should eat kheer first then give it to Jalal and nobody else should eat as then magic will not work, Laboni says if this is case then i will taste it, she eats kheer, Jalal says i trust you, he is about to eat Kheer but Ruks throws it away by mistake, Jalal says to Ruks how dare you throw kheer, Ruks says it was mistake, Jalal says but how could you, you are not beautiful, i married you because of promise to father, you are insecure of others, i dont like to see your face, Jodha says to Jalal that it was not her fault, how you are talking, Jalal says enough, i have given you excess importance too thats why you are speaking so much, all are stunned seeing Jalal talk in such tone, Jalal ask Ruks to leave and says when i am in mood, i will come, Ruks feels insulted and leaves, Jodha goes behind her, Laboni smirks.

Scene 3
jodha comes to Ruks, Ruks is crying, Jodha ask her to not cry, Jalal didnt mean it, Ruks sys Jalal never talked to me like that, he never insulted me, i felt he was different man today, something has happened to him, as if his mind is in someone else’s hand, it felt Jalal was not talking, Jodha says maybe he was just acting, Ruks says no something is wrong, there was something in his hand as he was stranger to me.
Dammo gives another kheer bowl to Laboni and ask her to taste it then give it to Jalal, Laboni thinks whats this now? she tastes and then offers it to jalal, Jalal looks at her and eats it, Ruks and Jodha notices Jalal.
old lady comes to Jodha, she says i want to talk you, she says to Jodha that Jalal needs your help, i know you dont trust me but my experience is saying something else, sometime we dont see things but they are present, black magic is present in world and can attack anyone, black magic is done on Jalal and i know who can help Jalal, Jodha ask who? she says he is big magician Udaynath, he lives near Mandir, she says if you dont believe then observe Jalal, he must be behaving differently.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that i rule over India, dont try to rule me, Jodha says try and understand, Jalal pushes her away and says be away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Give a tight slap to that cheapster laboni n put cold water on jalals face to wake him up

  2. My sister? ???? Laboni is jodjas sis plzz any1 explain me I din know this

  3. Leela is Jodhas sis n laboni kidnapped leela n went in front of akdha as leela
    So jodha is misunderstanding laboni as her sister leela!

  4. Nice episode,first time ruks did right thing…bt m afraid cz now leela’s bm will work…i think cvs will linger on till nxt week this boni track…

  5. One thing is that now may b ruks observe jalal n hoshiar’s unusual behaviour too,i think ruks will not sit,she will look into this n will help jodha…agr aisa ho toh it will b interesting…vaise now baba n boni will confront n boni ka tamasha will b over…

  6. Ruks ki kya insult hui..,maaja agai..

  7. अरूण

    Shahanshah has become insane due to black magic, now only budhi maa’s advice and yogi can save him.

  8. I don’t like this black magic scene, too weird for me … just stop the black magic episode pls pls pls

  9. diagusting get the witch out of the show with her black magic

  10. Cvs do sme nice akdha scence ,cut ths laboni scence and bring jodha akbar back on pos. 1…

  11. Benazir track was far bettr than ths laboni…bt waitng for the episode when jodha drunk wine.

    1. I am with you ….Benazir episodes much more exciting ^^

  12. writers please stop all this black magic shit it is going on to long like I said before in the history of jodha and Akbar there was never any black magic in history so why now just because you do not have a good storyline to write you writing any shit that comes to your head we want more love scenes with jodha and jalal your know some thing for a king he should be out helping his son salim to fight war instead of being with ugly ass laboni and her black magic shit what kind of a king will send his son out to war and not accompany him and his soldiers another thing jodha and ruks cannot you see how weid jalal is behaving something is definitely wrong with him and what about hoshiya and those weid looking dolls that laboni gave to aram bano so many clues and not one of you picking up on it what about the real leela no one has found her up to now so how long do we have to put up with this black magic nonsense come on writers we are frustrated do some thing better with your scripts

  13. Black magic is boooooring ….

  14. How many more weeks we have to put up with this black magic crap …!!! Enough already

  15. Mughal queens were really intelligent and shrewd women who helped their emperors in ruling the country. …like noorjahan and jahanara. But jodha is depicted in this serial as a moron brains. ..believing every person around her saying bahut neek hai.cummon …she is a middle aged woman with a grown up son.
    kings n queens are supposed to have suspicious natures. But this jodha. .really stupid. She hates ruks coming near their common husband. But allows him to flirt with her unmarried sis.history depicts mariam zamani as an intelligent woman. But the jodha here. ….crap

  16. Black magic to solve black magic..haha luk where the story was gud if ruk ll also join with jodha 4 finding out the truth.

  17. wtf you did laboni, wish you go to the hell faster with your lovely mother!!!

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