Jodha Akbar 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaguni attacks Jalal and beheads him with sword, Salima shouts Abbu jaan, Jalal is not shown.
Jodha possessed by Laboni says to Anarkali that its good my would be daughter in law doing my make up, dont worry Salim told me everything, i said yes, i will do your and Salim’s marriage, Anar thinks i know its not Jodha but someone else speaking, Anar says to Jodha that i think you should take bath, i have brought special fragrance, if you take bath alongwith it then Jalal will not be able to go away from you, we dancers use this, Jodah says dont call yourself dancer as you would be salim’s wife now and i know you are good in all this, lets go and have bath, Moti comes there with dress, Jodha doesnt like it and says you are mad, i will not wear it, i will choose myself, Anar

ask jodha shall we leave, Jodha ask Moti to clean room, they leave.
In mandir, Jalal’s body is covered with white sheet which is blood stained, Shaguni sys to Salim that we had no other way to save Jodha, trust me everything will be fine now.
Jodha comes in bath area, Anar puts fragrance in bath tub, Ruks and Salima sees them there, Salima says Anar have done work, now we have to do our work, they leave, Jodha sit in tub, Anar says with this fragrance, Jalal will be mesmerized with your beauty, Jodha says like Salim is mesmerized with you? dont be shy, she laughs.

Scene 2
Salima, Moti and Ruks spread ash around Jodha’s room. Anar is making Jodha ready, she thinks i hope Ruks and Salima have done their work, she does Jodha’s hairdo and is wasting time, Jodha says now lets do remaining make up in my room, she leaves from bath room, Anar goes behind her. Ruks is spreading ash, Moti is covering it with flower petals. Jodha is going with Anar to room, Jodha says you have done very nice make up, you deserve a reward, Jodha comes to her and is shocked to find Ruks and Salima there, she ask what you both are doing here? Ruks says we were making Rangoli, you forgot that you always make rangoli when Jalal returns from war, we thought that we will make it this time and also when Jalal return, he will come to you first, Jodha says its nice, you both can go now, she goes in her room, Anar, Salima and Ruks leaves from there.
Hamida thanks Anar, she holds her, anar says dont do it, i am just dancer, my hands her not clean, Hamida says the hands which raises to help others cant be dirty, what you have done for Jodha, i can never forget it, anar says it was my duty, Salima sys if you were not with us then we wont be able to trap that spirit, Ruks thinks they have made dancer, a angel, these stupid emotions, Hamida says we have trapped Laboni but what if she doubt us, Ruks says i have asked Moti to be with jodha so that she doesnt come near ash.
Salim and Rahim comes in palace with Jalal’s deadbody on his shoulders, Shaguni ask Salim to go and tell your family members but listening this Laboni can harm you, be away from her, she ask Hamida to burn chita, Rahim says Chita? Shaguni sys do it, they leave.

Scene 3
Salim comes to Ruks, Salima and Hamida, he is devastated, Hamida ask where is Jalal? Salim says Abbu jaan.. he is dead, all are stunned, Hamida sit and cries, Salim says he did it for his wife, for his love, we wont let his sacrifice be wasted, Shaguni is with us, we have to compose ourselves, we have to tell this to Jodha, Hamida says who will tell Jodha? dont know what will she do, ruks says i will tell this to Jodha, she cries and says i will tell her that our husband died, Salim says i will come with you.
Jodha is dancing in her room, she is waiting for Jalal, Ruks comes there and cries, she says Jalal is no more, enemy attacked him on neck in war and he died, Jodha grabs her by her hairs and says you always want Jalal to be away from me, this is your game, listen, Jalal is only mine, you are acting Ruks, Ruks says i am telling truth, how can lie about his death, if you believe me then see Jalal’s deadbody in garden, she shows her Jalal’s body in garden, she says i am telling truth, Jalal is no more, Jodha gets angry seeing it and says this cant happen, Jalal cant leave me, she shouts and throws away things, Ruks, Salim and moti move away.

PRECAP- Shaguni says to Jodha that you have to wake up, you have given that soul permission to in your body.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Will Laboni leave Jodha as she will go for jouhar.

  2. As per latest spoiler,shaguni n jalal will get rid off evil spirit,cz she has to leave jodha’s body..lets see how it happens…

  3. I cannot wait to see what happens to laboni I hope jalal is safe

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  5. I do not think he really died

  6. Yo dude,laboni wil leave jodha,s body and shaguni wil catch it in a bottle.anyways luv u akdha.

  7. getting interesting i dont think jalal is dead maybe it a trick for laboni to leave jodha body and once she leave jodha body shaguni maybe will destory her spirit and maybe then jalal will come back alive after that just saying

  8. i relly dont care about laboni…but i am really worried for jalal.i want him to come back alive….

  9. Nice episode ,I am eagerly awaiting today episode

  10. jodha is such an excellent actress to be able to play both parts good and evil she deserves an award and she is sooooooooooo beautiful I hope that the writers do not take her out of the serial actually it is the best ztv serial and I also love the love song when jalal is around it is the best for this show writers hats off to you all you deserve it

  11. when credit is due well it is due

  12. Just can’t wait to c next episode where laboni comes to the end… Nice update n good precap… & jodha learns her lesson, she has to wake up n strong fight with laboni take back the permission that she gave on first spot …. Crash out that idiot sprit send strait to the hell hehehe

  13. I heard the serial is ending by this month…and some new serial; ek tha raja ek thi Rani…is taking its place coz of its low ratings!!!??

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