Jodha Akbar 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Jodha hiding the letter(from the toy) when she sees Salima.
Scene 1

Salima says : “thank you for taking care of rahim.. I hope that he havn’t troubled you.”
Jodha : “no , it is fine.. infact, rahim agreed to share his toys with me.”
Salima : “hmm.. it’s good.. now you take rest.. i might be tired.”
jodha smiles and go away from there..

Moti informs Jodha about Khaibar
Moti : “Jodha . again khaibar’s cries are coming.. may be he is again getting tortured!”
Jodha was going towards jail..
Moti stops her..
Jodha says : “I have to go to see him. Even after Shehenshah’s orders he is being tortured. this is not acceptable. ”
She leaves.


was taking round of mahal with atgah and was discussing about marriage.
he hears voice of singing songs by atifa..
He stops atgah and says : “wait here . i will just come.”
Jalal enters the place where Atifa and Tansen were Practising song..
jalal gets mesmerized by Atifa, and her singing.
He says : “shubhanallah! i didn’t know even practicing for song is also so melodious.”
Tansen says : “Thanks.!”
jalal says to tansen : “you be ready .. very soon there will be a show for music in the palace.”
tansen says : “sure! shehenshah”
Jalal to Atifa : “I hope you are feeling safe here..!”
Atifa : “Yes . thanks to you.”
Jalal says : “i was just passing from here and heard your voice.. you really sing very well.. OK you carry on.. i have to go..”

Outside of that room where atgah was waiting.
Husband of atifa comes and shows some documents to atgah. and sees that jalal is talking with atifa..
atgah says : “OK, go and show these to todarmal.”
He leaves .. jalal leaves the room.
jalal asks atgah about atifa’s husband.
atgah says : “yeah he is good in his work.. but we have heard that he is very rude. he often beats his wife..”
jalal gets angree and says : “it is not fair.. nobody should treat any woman like this..”
atgah says : “but we can’t do anything in this matter . as it is their personal matter . . and we cannot interfere untill the woman herselves raise the casel.”
jalal says : “i don;t know anything.. put an eye on him. . and report me immediately if he beats his wife again.”
atgah says : “OK shehenshah”
Scene 2

The master of Khaibar(nissar) beats him in jail.
Jodha comes there and shouts : “STOP!”
she looks at Khaibar and scolded the soldier(actually khaibar’s master nissar).
She says : “how dare you beat him. It is the order of shehenshah and you are doing this. if you did it again i will get you punished by shehshah.”
she looks at khaibar again.
She turns to leave and shocked to find Jalal standing there and angrily looking at her.
She says : “shehenshah . .. . .. . ”
Jalal stops her and says everyone to leave.
Jalal scolds Jodha for meeting Khaibar again.
Jalal says to Jodha : “why don’t you understand.. I love you a lot, but you are always ignoring my orders.. you are taking wrong advantage of my love.. . you should know how a wife should live..”
Jodha tries to make him understand , but he leaves angrily.

Jodha came back to her room
she remembered that letter.. She opens and read it..
in the letter it was written that..
(( I am the daughter of king… jalal has fixed my marriage with atgah khan’s son.. i am a hindu and i don’t want this marriage.. i would like to die but i will not get married by a mughal.. I know you are living by adjusting very hard.. You are also a hindu princess I am sure that you will help me.. tommorow that toyseller will come again . to take your answer. ))
Jodha gets shocked to read a letter and thinks about Jalal’s words.

jalal angrily enters rukayya’s room.
rukayya asks him : “what happened?”
he tells : “jodha. . she always disobeys my orders. .she is not understanding that she has the responsibility of 2 more lives now..”
Rukiya asks him to calm down.
She gives some drink to jalal and says : “you drink this.. it will relax and refresh you.”
Jalal asks : “what is it??”
rukayya says : “don’t worry .. nothing addictive. it will just refresh you.”
jalal drinks.

Scene 3

Atifa’s husband scolds Atifa
Husband : “what is going in between you and shehshah??”
atifa : “nothing..”
husband : “don’t lie.. i can see he looks at you differently.”
atifa : “it is just he respects me..”
husband : “pack your luggage we will leave this place now.
atifa : ” we will not go.”
husband (angrily) : “why? what are you getting here?”
atifa : ” freedom.. from your tortures.”
husband slaps her.. and leaves..

Dasi comes to rukkaya’s room and says : ” adab shehenshah”
rukkaya : “jalal is taking rest.”
dasi : “somebody has come to inform you something.”
jalal rises from bed and go outside.. then in atifa’s room.
he sees atifa is lying on the floor bleeding.
he holds her and makes her sit.
he says : “show me your hand.. ”
atifa shows.. jalal holds her hand..
atgah comes outside and sees jalal and atifa..
He thinks : ” jalal is doing a great sin.. he may have to lose his crown .. it is a major sin.. he is touching a married woman like this..”
atgah interfere them and says. . “shehensah, we will take care of it.. you please leave.”
jalal says.. : ” but he beated her so badly.. he will .. . ”
atgah : ” ok we will take care.. you go from here..”
jalal leaves.

Jalal was sharping his sword..
atgah comes.
atgah : “what are you planning shehenshah?”
jalal : “i want to go for a hunt.. it’s been a long time now.”

rukayya gets the news that jalal is going without jodha..
she thought : “this is the right chance to tell jodha..”
She goes to jodha’s room and says :”is everything fine between you and jalal”
jodha asks : “yes.. but why are you asking.?”
she says : ” i have heard jalal is going for hunting without you..”
jodha says : “yes . it is fine.. there is no dispute between us.”
rukayya says : “take care of your health.”
she leaves

Scene 4

Jodha thinks it is not fair.. we are going to be parents now.. we should not fight on small matters like this now..
Jalal was getting ready for hunting..
Jodha comes from behind and wear cloak to jalal
jalal says : “oh you are here.i havn’t noticed”
jodha says(innocently) : “i have not said sorry so you will do like this??”
jalal : “what?”
jodha : “you are going for hunting without me.. you are still angry with me.?”
jalal says : “it is nothing like can’t go like this. you have to take care of your health.”
jodha says : “it is not the matter of hunting.. it is the matter of “being with” .
jalal looks her angrily(that she is again disobeiyng me and arguing to go for hunting.)

The soldier(nissar) talks to Khaibar : “Don’t shout khaiber.. i know you like jodha.. and only I can help you get her.”
he says. : “take this map. this is jodha’s room.”
he gives him a pointed weapon. and says : this is your weapon. “go and get her.”
Khaibar smiles..

Precap: Jodha is sleeping, khaibar comes in her room. he roams in her room and sees her with love.

Update Credit to: JA Blog


  1. sugyami

    yeah keerti agree wit u. it will teach jalal a lesson and he will care abt jodha and forget atifa

  2. Raisa

    Huhhh what the heck Jalal…he says that he loves jodha but always thinking about aatifa….I won’t see this serial until aatifas track won’t finish….

  3. keerthi

    in every site every one scolding u jalal 4 betryling many comenting dat u always run behind LUST,some says ur hypnotised by atifa but god(show makers)knows what is correct.i can’t see such a STUUUUUPID coments on hero become villon.plz stop atifa’s track as early as possible PLEASE…………

  4. keerthi

    when jodha will come 2 know about jalal’s thougts on that time show will became intersting

  5. missM

    OMG i now really began 2 hate jalal. Jo is pregnent but he is lust 4 atifa eventough she is married. Jalal what a stupid u r. Jo is more beautiful than tat atifa but wat hapnd to jalal. Come on writers pls end the track soon i want 2 see akdha romance. Khaiber is more btr than jalal.

  6. Gates

    What the hell!!!
    Really Jalal can’t love any 1 from his heart…
    He has lust 4 everyone…
    Now jo is pregnant , so he wana some one new to enjoy with him…
    I hate u jalal…
    U only use to girl 4 s*x, u such a f**ker…

  7. devika

    In monday episode halal went to holyday with atifa and hand off to rukku I want to see rukku expressions

  8. pathma

    all the men are same…………including Jalal…………a man with power………anything will do………

  9. devika

    today episode is so sad how can he behave like animal in front of jo
    even animal(khaider) behave like a good man in front of jo

  10. keerthi

    if rajat read any one of d comment,he will defnetly get heart attack and defenetly refuse 2 act in track like dis

  11. keerthi

    i will agree with one dat LOVE IS BLIND,dat’s y jodha can’t see d jalal’s lust on unt(atifa)while ruks CAN

  12. Hahahahahahahah u right keerthi he will get heart attack
    U know I depressed now because of halal
    No track can further depress me
    And jalal
    U made us a fan if this show
    And now gonna make hater
    Plzzzzz finish the track
    And if jalal went to the jungle with atifa
    I am gonna hit him with my cHappppal

  13. U know when I first knew of this show
    It was before benazir track ######$
    When I saw fist time rajat I loved him
    I wanted to met let him
    Also now
    But before the drama aad in Geo kahani
    Me and my friend made laughter of him
    We used to say he is a sweeper his hair is
    Like on donkey
    But time by time I began his fan
    BiG bIg fan(related to serial now)
    But I don’t knew he will make love a laughter
    Cause in this serial love is known as the evelest thing while the were suppost to show
    Many hurduls coming
    But but there love dint smashed in this serial
    Every woman came a new story started
    Any new girl came wanted to get it
    Leaving every one who loved him
    SuCcccccck over
    I hate atifa part
    Dint mind so much benazir track as this
    Cause yet she is shown pregnant
    She is expecting
    And he jalal is in the bundles of another women
    Even he has confessed love to jodha
    StraaaaAnge love story

  14. You guys know what should happen….? Jodha must first make khaiber a complete human being then take him out of his full behavior ( dress up etc….) And then ask him for help so he understands that Jo belongs to loveable lust( Akbar) and then make jalal jealous and the flipping writer must make the AUNT a villain lyk charu is in SSLPK so I guess it’ll be a better track !!!!!!! But it’s historical and this is not real real real jodha Akbar. They are adding stupid things here. And then we all know jalals heart is by jodha else it wouldn’t be JODHA AKBAR but it’ll have been AATIFA AKBAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lauren

    I think Jalal and Atifa will go there Adhga will try to make Jalal understand that Atifa is married and he shouldn’t be close to her. But Jalal won’t understand. There Khaiber will take Jodha. When Jalal will get to know that Khaiber likes Jodha he might shout at her. After all this when Jodha will get to know that Jalal likes Atifa she might leave Agra and go Amer. Then Jalal might understand the true meaning of LOVE.

  16. sree

    funny turns… meaningless story…this is the true Akbar-The great who had 500 wives, probably countless concubines…
    This serial must be yet, audience friendly
    However, all actors are performing well..
    Rajat is amazing actor. He acts very well as villian/romantic hero. Way to go Rajat..

    • devika

      all are knows he has a so many wives the main problem in this issue is the tittle of serial is jodhaakbar how can show the directer do this unless track
      in serial so many mystery are their chand begum and shariff etc
      not necessary to show atifa track so much
      and yesterday episode jalal behavior so rood on jo
      and he has no shame felling to think a married women atifa even her wife is pregnant
      so same time khider or sharrif love or feeling for jo how can he tolarate them
      and he is king he do what he want na
      its very bad thats way all r hate jalal

  17. Crystal

    Hi evry1
    rajat is a vry gud actor bt d only thing
    i dont lyk is d character of akbar potrayed
    here he is akbar d great not a flirty king
    i noe dat dis serial doesn’t go exactly
    d way how it was in history ……..
    At least dey can potray akbar in a gud way n
    not not get so flirty with ladies !! N i totally
    agree with all of u who hve commented here

  18. shreya

    jodha should be punished, being a khas begum, then pregnant she is going to meet that demon, she is breaking every rule of this sultanat. This is agra not amer that whatever she feel like she will do, she has no right to talk to a king and marium makkani like that, and up of that if jalal does not to take any begum then why she is arguing, ruk should go with jala

  19. Crystal

    D new promo is bullshit how can ja raise
    his sword against jo jst 4 putting medicine
    on kaibers wounds scrcly i thought dat dis is a luv story
    (guys pls dont think dat i hate dis serial
    bt dis new track has pissed me off)
    n shreya i dont think jo shld b punished
    becoz she is doing out of humanity since
    kaiber had saved her life n jo is returning
    d favour back bt sadly kaiber has started
    2 lyk her

  20. Any problem shreya
    I am noticing that u do not like jodha
    So why r u here and commenting this
    Whole serial is about lovely jodha
    So u r in hate red
    She is doing good.she is blind in love of jalal
    Son she don’t know about atifa
    As compared
    To ruks
    Stop going against of jodha
    ?????? Lame
    And guyes
    U know for few days we were scolding akbr
    But we shouldn’t
    Cause its not his fault writer has written
    But because its a drama & he is doing allalame things so I think so 60 % he should be blamed
    And I don’t get 1 ting he used to say
    Jodha began aap me mujhe dil dya hai is pe qabu rakhna mushkil
    Yaaaar jodha has given the heart than why is he giving the hearth to any other women
    Lame couldn’t understand
    Write ur comments about it am I right

  21. But guyed I am hoping that this hurdul may keep jodha and akbr more closed to each other of khaiber and atifa track ????????
    What do u think

  22. Yeah if khaiber would take jodha away 😀 jalal
    Will not go to shikar with atifa
    I hope this will happen
    Than I will be happpppy

  23. Crystal

    Hi sania Ja is d hero n he is d best bt d new promo he
    is acctually raising d sword against jo how
    can he do dis 2 her jst becoz she is helping
    kaiber N i dont want kaiber 2 take jo away
    frm ja

  24. U can see crysral
    Jalal is converted toward atifa
    For the lesson khaiber should take jodha away so jalal would know the importance of our
    That’s the reason I want jodha being taken by khaiber
    And it would be happen u know
    Jodha will be taken away from khaiberr
    And jalal will rescue her between wen jalal
    Will be busy to find her khaiber will take care of her but I heared that Agra would be attack
    Where as khaiber will protect jodha and akbr will be shocked by saving jodha he will die
    By mahachuchak foj
    Oh sad khaibet

  25. dio

    what the heck is wrong with the writers ?the same story is going on and on. A girl cms ja 4gts jo and the girl is the vlln jo wll save ja

  26. huh

    Yeah u right do
    They should reveal the real face of
    And they should find Shehnaz Ammi jaaaan
    And they r taking leap saying no story left ediot
    Girls are coming lame

  27. Hi guys ! Soo sad that i missed 5 days epis of this show ! But no worry according to the given updates i think there is a big rift between jodha and jalal . N guys just chill don’t blame anyone neither jodha nor jalal because every person have a different point of view and thinking some people are thinking that jodha is wrong because she goes to meet khaibar in the prision and also she is pregnent and some people are thinking that jalal is wrong because he has started liking atifa a minister ‘s wife so the problem is here if atifa should have told jalal that she is married there would be no problem n akbar should have also understood the situation n he would not attract towards atifa n also he would have went to jodha and also jodha would have not went to khaibar . Oops ! I went too long ! Sorry!:-P

  28. huh

    Yhanx sani
    That’s ur kindness
    And love OK tell me when school r gonna
    And guyed u know
    Sania is a very kind tolerate girl
    Forgiving and friendly
    U know when
    We started to see the serial
    We used to say her jodha
    She is so kindhearted.
    And also beautiful

  29. huh

    What are u saying
    Good Ines always have some bad ones cause they.r jeloused
    I know did u remember
    Once u had pain In hed
    Zoya told u to bring shawarma
    And u did but she scolded u because it was spicie and after wards she apologized .
    And u said no problem it happens
    And many more .u never got angry
    So thaths why I like u .Ru nature is so sweet

  30. huh

    Olzzzzzz stop it it is official page
    Why are u telling it to every one
    They may be thinking
    I am show offing

  31. I think so
    Little bit
    But I yet like him
    And I am sure .after some time u will me sorried for him
    Me too I also said him bad

  32. Hi crystal dont u think cheapuddin is better than jalal. Atleast he only luv jo n jalal just like a see-saw kabhi idhar toh kabhi udhar

  33. He guys did u see the new
    Promo if not read this – jalal shouts on jodha why she came to meet khaiber again jodha says he is also human he also gets hurt jalal says why do u care for him do you have any relation with him jodha says yes jalal pulls sword on jodha and shouts jodha begum

  34. Deeksha

    Hi every1 thing that atifa and her husband are acting like that . I think want jalal come closer to atifa and put name that jalal was misbehaving with her that atifa . And wants jalal to dethrown from that agra and i think that behind this mahachuchak is there


    Comment Rules: Respect others’ views and please discuss the show or topic only. Keep it a healthy discussion place. especially u sania, huh and cutie.please dont turn this page into chat rooms

  36. Any i der by the
    I like yesterday epi but Feeling Bad for jodha but jalal is right She should Not go and meet
    Khaiber i think jalal is right


  38. Wow awesome lines! By the way had u watched the new promo in which the scene was shown in which khaibar went to jodhas room and was smiling and jodha says to jalal that khaibar didn’ t harm me but akbar scolds her and said that he has not alotted permissiom to enter his harem so how did khaiber went to her room and said khaibar death is my final decision and jodha said i will not let this happen . And this epi will shown on upcoming tuesday .

  39. Crystal

    Dawat-e–Eid.. Jodha Akbar…written
    Jodha sitting in front of mirror
    smiling & says tomorrow is Eid
    day..then Jalal coming wishing Jodha
    chad-raat mubarak..Jodha says why
    too hurry where is moon..she going
    to window side & searching
    moon..then Jalal put his hands on
    Jodha’s arms..Jodha and Jalal
    looking at each other at mirror..then
    says the moon is here in front of my
    eyes (Jodha)…then Jodha says why
    u love me a lot..I am afraid if i lose
    you..Jalal stop & tell that we love
    each other so much..see Allah gives
    us the symbol of our love in your
    belly our child..I wish next year we
    will enjoy togather our Eid..then they
    hug each other tightly…..
    — with Manju Narender, Ji

  40. Crystal

    good and confirmed news for JA
    atifa is just a weapon of
    mahachuchak and after knowing
    this jalal will realize that his heart is
    only for his jodha! but this time,
    jodha will not forgive him easily!!

  41. Crystal

    Guys if u didn’t c d dawat e eid especially d akdha part pls watch it it is not 2 long n it is d starting scene

  42. Crystal

    “Among life’s precious jewels,
    Genuine and rare,
    The one
    that we call friendship,
    worth beyond compare!”

  43. missM

    I just now watched daawat e eid akdha scenes were soooooo cute i miss such cute scenes now. They both were looking cute 2gethr. I want 2 see their romance writers plz kill dis bledy atifa track. Happy friendship day 2 all akdha fans

  44. Hi crystal ! Thanks a lot dear i m just very much relieved after knowing the information and i had watched daawat e eid coz i watch qubool hai n also i had watched jj scene it was rocking as always. Ok guys gotta go coz i have an exam tommorow . Once again HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all dearies and dears . Bye !

  45. Ranjani

    Is really correct that atifa is machuchak’s lady? Bcoz even her husband is very angry all d time and she cravng fr a shoulder to cry on seems apt

  46. There gonna Be a Big Fight between jodha and Akbar After the Fight jalal will realise that His Heart is only and only fpr jodha and Not for any body else it will Be to late

  47. Guys where can I see the khaki er once promo
    And that mirrors once I having seen it plzzz tell me any web site.and how
    Do u know it

  48. Deeksha

    Hi any 1 friend do you know that that which was told on fb that jodha was sleeping and that khebar came that is false . Dont know properly but it was said that the promo is not true so wait for tueday

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