Jodha Akbar 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha says to kahna that you know what i am doing, i cant tell jalal as suja took promise from me, i want to know who is plotting against jalal, in this palace who is against him. she drapes shawl and goes out. she comes to meet suja, she ask suja about wound in his feet, he says i was out to find culprit but some soldiers wanted to make me bandhi so i fought with them, he says lets go inside, they goes, jalal and maham are seeing them hiding, jalal sees jodha going, he leaves. maham says he is not disturbed. in palace, maham says you have seen with your own eyes jodha with some man, jalal says it doesnt prove her wrong, maham says you could have talked her directly there, he says if i did that then she would think that i am doubting her, i was following i dont want her to think

like that, i dont want her to think that i am wrong, maham thinks what magic jodha have done on jalal, maham says i know she is pure and you cant doubt her but you are king, she is your wife and she going her alone in night is not good, its security risk, she call anyone here to meet, jalal says i will ask her on right time, maham says its a critical matter so ask her in good manner. some man came to meet jalal, maham gets the flashback that she hired him and asked him to come and say that you have news. fb ends. man says sujamal ran from agra, i have seen him, jalal says how it can be possible, maham says he ran after so much security, thats why i am taking care of small things, jalal says you are right i should ask jodha about it, maham says talk to her politly so she dont take you wrong.

Scene 2
ruks scolds bandhies that why you brought these fruits i want chicken, i am missing hoshiyar, he comes there and says you were remembering me, she says you are great, hoshiyar says your slap is much great, he informs her that jodha is involved in harem matters from past some days as she is going out in night, ruks ask with jalal? he says no, she says then i dont care, he says jalal daily comes to meet but she was missing last night when jalal came, ruks says thats, good, i only want jalal to be away from her.

Scene 3
jodha is feeding pigeon, she thinks how to tell jalal , he will ask me how do i know and i cant tell him truth niether can i lie. jalal comes there, he says i have never seen you with these birds, jodha says i dont like pigeons in cage, jalal remember her going in hut with suja. she says ruksaar gave them to me so i couldnt say no, jalal says i will remove your problem, he frees birds from cage, he says you are emotional, you seem worried, i am your friend, you can tell anything, tell me, jodha remembers moti saying that jalal will be angry if you tell him that you met suja, she remembers her promise to suja, she says nothing, he says you are definitely hiding something, i will meet you later. he comes outside, he thinks i know you cant hide anything from me and there must be some reason for hiding, but as husband i should know and its related to your security.

Scene 4
jodha in room says to moti that i did a sin, i am feeling bad, i lied to jalal, he was asking me again and again that if i have any problem i can share with him but i couldnt. jalal thinks that you didnt tell me but i will know what is disturbing as i am worried for you. jodha says i dont know why suja took that promise from me, i think i am doing something wrong, moti assures her.

Scene 5
atgah comes to meet jalal, jalal hugs him and says why you here, he says i am alright, i cant sit idle, he ask jalal you seem worried, jalal says meet me in night here, he says okay.
In night, jalal says after much thinking i am telling you this, he says you have to find who is residing in last hut behind mandir, atgah says okay, jalal says i am not doubting you jodha, i am just worried for you. he is going but sees jodha going somewhere in opposite direction from atgah, jalal says where is she going, mandir is on opposite side, he ask dress from soldier. he wears it and follows jodha.
in palace, maham scolds soldiers why you allowed jalal to go out alone, he says jalal ordered us so we couldnt go, maham says you could have informed me.
jodha comes in jungle, she is finding someone, jalal is following, suja comes there, jodha ask why you called me here, he says lets go, jalal follows the, suja says i dont want anybody to see you, he says i know how much difficult it is for you to come and meet me so dont come, jodha says its good you are going, suja says i will not leave agra till i find who wants to kill jalal but we will not meet, i will find him and inform him, he puts hand on her shoulder, jalal sees it, he says i thought jalal is not taking care of you but i was wrong, after seeing you i realized that jalal is a very good husband. jodha leaves. jalal thinks who is this man, why jodha is meeting him like this, i have to find.

PRECAP-ruks says to jodha that harem is not a joke that you take care of it for some day then leave, many begums want you to see working, jodha says i have some personal problems i cant handle it now, jalal is tensed

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Omg guys did u see hw ja scolded if he wnted to kill her…n jo stnding there like totally paralysed n shocked bt ja’s words..seriously i too was scared…

  2. AISHA

    u guys are asking sonshine to update faster…she doesnt even know tht u guys exist…she writes for another website…this website just copies it from there

  3. AISHA

    ya…sumana commented saying tht yesterday’s update was her last [email protected]

  4. Raj

    May be she felt insulted by our comments….so she left….If that’s true.then.I really felt guilty! !!

  5. AISHA

    i noe!!!!
    i kinda hate jalal dude!!!
    he is like this blind man who doesnt know wats right and wrong!!
    and if he believes maham maga and ruks soo much then he should believe jodhaa also to tht extent!!!
    she used to yell at jodhaa for accusing maham maga!!! but he did say a word against maham maga wen she spoke about jodhaa!

  6. Raj

    no….jodha is shocked.jalal is totally [email protected]

    • Raj

      sorry aisha…can’t agree!!!! first.he go there to ensure the safety of jodha…2nd..he trust her 2…he doesn’t even food d though of MA blame!!!!!!!

  7. shraddha

    Episode was good but it made me upset!!!!! Now Jodha should have never given that vachan to Sujamal. That vachan has no meaning. So damn illogical………..Waise bhi his life is in danger and no one trusts him….! What more can the vachan do rather than creating more problems….. I’m so sad for Jalal…..His anger and pain is justified. I just hope they don’t drag this………….Sheer drama ahead.

    • AISHA

      ya…sumana commented on dhwani website that yesterday’s was her last update…
      she was the channel moderator there..

  8. AISHA

    @anusha…wat does ur name mean??? my aunt lives in usa…she is 6 months pregnant….she wants to name her daughter anusha…so i just wanted to noe the meaning….

  9. shraddha

    Someone informed Jalal that Sujamal has escaped. But he hasn’t. I think Mahamanga is behind all this. Its just to create an impression that Jodha is having an affair.
    There was a kind of pain in Jalal’s face when he said that he could not make her trust him as much as he trusts her.

  10. shraddha

    Well guys! I’m of the different opinion over here. Its ok! Everyone thinks in a different way! This is what I think. I think Jalal has shown his trust today….Had it not been so, he would have gone by Mahamanga’s words and questioned her character. But he still stands firm that she has a reason behind her silence and he is very much determined to know that reason. Just compare the Jalal before and this present one. You’ll find huge differences. He trusts her but he is upset that he couldn’t win Jodha’s trust.

  11. Raj

    Yah….I already said…he.go there to ensure her safety!!!!!! others reasons be there…but next to it!!!!!!!!!

  12. shraddha

    Jodha is going to leave harem responsibilty, Jalal feels Jodha doesn’t trust him, Jodha-Sujamal night visits…………..Ufffffffff……..every chance of misunderstanding!!!!! Still I’m up with no major misunderstanding this time. Fingers crossed!

  13. shraddha

    @Raj……….yup…but even if he gets angry, isn’t it justified????? He has been asking Jodha so many times. She is in a dilemma, I agree. But Jalal doesn’t know that. He has to be informed. Imagine a husband watching his wife with someone else at night!!!!! What would be his first reaction????? I want Jalal’s trust to remain intact but it doesn’t seem possible…….Lets see

  14. Raj

    after seeing that jalal’s expression is quite obvious….Infact he already enquiries her..if there was any problem….but she denies!!!!!!!!

  15. Raj

    anyways gd night.aisha.aradhya.sameer.shraddha….
    and finally forgot to ask…kaha hai tumhara bhai!!!!!!!!! 😛 🙂 😉 😛 .
    ……………… nite.

  16. Ya i understand ur view @shradda..jodha is bound to talk abut her prib..but i agree with u abut ja’s serious change in his character…u too ur right @raj

  17. shraddha

    @raj………I was waiting for that question. I’ll tell him how much you missed him today!!!! Ok……..Gud nite

  18. Raj

    haan belkul!!!!!haai mere jaan…bata doon miss kar raha hu tujhe.!!!!!!!!!!! @yadhu. 😉
    nd also ready for tomorrow’s backfire!!!!
    🙁 😛

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