Jodha Akbar 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
hamida is dancing with arham. Salima comes in, Hamida says she asked me, arham says she dances well. salima says how are you now? hamida says i feel good with kids. salima says are you coming to celebrations? hamida says yes. Salima says i wanted to tell you something. she tells her how jodha slapped ruks. Hamida says this is wrong i will talk to jodha.
Jodha walks to celebrations, Laboni follows her. Jodha says in heart why is everyone scared of me? i think laboni did something last night.
Jodha comes to ruk’s room. She says i want to talk about something. Laboni says what you wanna talk to this oaf about? Ruks says i dont wanna talk to you. Laboni comes from behind and says to Jodha that now game is going good, Ruks ask Jodha what did last night wasnt less that you came

here to insult me, in today’s function i will teach you lesson, i will win now, Jodha says i always want your win, Ruks says dont try to show this innocent face, i will not leave you now, Laboni says this Ruks can only shout on poor Jodha, let night come, i will take Jodha’s body and then i will teach you lesson, Jodha says to Ruks that i am sorry for yesterday.
Ruks comes to Hoshiyar and ask did dancers came? Hoshiyar says yes everything is set, Ruks smirks.
Salim comes to Anarkali, she says you? he sys you dont like to spend time with me? she says nothing like that but what if Jalal sees us? Salim says if you are afraid that our relation has no name, no recognition then dont worry, i will announce our relation tonight only and if anyone doesnt us our relation then we will go far from here, i will be with you, just hug me and dont say anything, Anarkali hugs him.

Scene 2
Jodha is sadly sitting in her room, ready to do pooja, Laboni comes and says you will not do this pooja, Jodha says i will do it, Laboni throws aarti plate away, Jodha lits matchstick and does aarti of Kahna with that only, Laboni is frustrated with it, Jodha says bhajan, Laboni gets jittery and shouts to stop this, Jodha smirks, Jodha prays to Kahna to support and help her, Laboni says Kahna’s idol is not here even, Jodha says its trust not idol, this trust makes me believe that good win over bad always and your end will come too, Jalal comes there and sees Jodha’s burnt hand due to matchstick, he gets worried and says i will apply balm on it, he applies it and ask show did it burn? Laboni says to Jodha that tell him and his life will be gone, Jodha says my hand got burned with diya, Jalal says you are careless, Jodha thinks how to tell you that Laboni’s soul is playing games with me, Jalal says i think you need me, i will be with you, Laboni says no, Jodha says i wanna take rest, Jalal says ok i will leave then, he leaves, Laboni says to Jodha that game is going good, Jalal will hate you in days because of your attitude and he will love me at night, Jodha ask why you are doing all this? i never did wrong to you. Laboni says you are special to Jalal and i want Jalal and also you killed me so now i will kill you everyday.
Rahim says to Fazal that Shahabuddin(haidar’s uncle) is instigating Murad against Salim, he wants Salim to get killed, remember Salim was attacked in mewar too, Fazal says we should not tell Jalal now as we dont have proofs against him but we have to keep an eye on him.

Scene 3
Jodha is sitting in dark, she thinks that night has come, now Laboni will come and will force me to do what i never wanted, Laboni comes there and says wow everything is set, i will enjoy night, Jodha says enough, i will not allow you to use my body anymore, Laboni says so you will stop me? she pushes Jodha away, Jodha starts reciting mantras but Laboni says it will not work, she gets in Jodha’s body, Jodha starts shouting that no mnatras will work, she comes out of Jodha’s body and says i will not leave you Jodha, she again possess Jodha’s body and says this night is mine, Salim is coming to Jodha’s room, he comes in his room and finds Jodha’s head down, he ask Maasa are you fine? Jodha says i am fine, why you came here? Salim says i wanna talk something important, she says first bring paan for me, he brings it and ask from when did you start eating paan? Jodha eats paan and says i eat it from childhood, she ask the matter, Salim sys i dont love Mann bai and i dont want to marry her, Jodha says whom you dont love, you should not marry, Salim says i never thought you will agree so soon, you remember that dancer, she is very pure girl, Salim says to Jodha(possessed by Laboni) that i love Anarkali, we want to spend life together, will you talk to Jalal? Jodha glances at him and throws flower on his face, she says if you love Anarkali then i will be with you but remember there are many problems in love, you have to be strong to get your love, Salim says i cant believe you are saying this, Jodha says if i was in your place i would have got my love even after dying, dont worry i will talk to Jalal, Salim says you are very nice, thanks.

PRECAP- Jodha is dancing like dancer in function, all royal family members are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When Shahanshah will know the truth?

  2. Now i guessed why manish story writter twitted ‘she died yet she lived’,abt laboni…monday jalal will scold jodha

  3. This getting interesting thank god they get to know that haider uncle is behind everything hope the find proof soon so that they can expose them
    I am liking laboni part but feeling sorry for jodha when laboni is done with jodha cus in the morning jodha have to face every1 and its a lil awkward for her cuz she don’t know what laboni is doing with her body at night but just hope salima find out the truth asap

  4. again I say that it is good for what laboni is doing to jodha because jodha is tooooooooooooo soft and forgiving how on earth after seeing what laboni did to your husband jalal and threatened to kill aram bano and salima that you could forgive her so quickly and invite her to your wedding aniversay you do not ever trust a traitor or people who has evil in them especially a witch come on jodha you looked for what is happening to you now and you you will learn a lesson from it

  5. jodha I guess you will have to recite your mantras every minute of the night to keep that evil spirit away from your body and jodha why you taking soooooooooo long to bring the khana back she laboni is afraid of lord khana and prayers or even better yet jodha go sleep in the temple she laboni will not come there with her evil anyway writers enough is enough buz buz
    stop the witchcrtaft now and get rid of labonis sirit

  6. get rid of labonis spirit once and for all

  7. labonis role is crap

  8. Laboni, laboni again …,,when this evil smash out completely ….the story becomes nonsense and poor ??

  9. finally ruks ko uske takkar ka koi milaa…yeh now i like laboni part…yuhoooo…jjodha ab sab ki band bajayegi

  10. Oh when.jalal will get to know truth…?

  11. If Jodha will use laboni to get even with Ruks for her wicked deeds then I say, way to go Jodha aka laboni! Ruks deserve more slaps from Jodha!

  12. Love salim and anarkali love story

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