Jodha Akbar 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 19th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal says i cant forgive a betrayer who tried to defame my wife, all looks at him. he ask phuphi that you are writing biography of my father, should i forgive a culprit, but punishment should be according to the crime, he ask ruks, she says yes she did crime but she was not willing to do it, he ask salima, she says think about she being pregnant and she needs her family, jalal says i will not change my decision, maham says sorry to say but she is pregnant and she can take wrong step which will be harmful for her, jalal says i am thinking as king whether a brother feels hurt, ruks says seems you have decided so we should leave, all leave except jodha who is standing there tensed, she leaves. Outside ruks says to women that jalal have decided and he doesnt change his decisions,

salima says but a brother inside him is tensed, maham says but he doesnt have heart, so he will not change it, jodha says i want to try once more, maham says when he rejected request of hamida then how he will accept your plea, ruks says you think he will listen to you after not listening to us, jodha says no but till now we were talking to king, but i want to talk to brother, she is family member and i cant see her like this, hamida says if you want to try then i will not stop you, jodha leaves, ruks says nothing will happen, she will comeback after getting nothing, i have fear that jalal might punish her for taking side of a culprit.

Scene 2
Jalal is in thoughts and remember jodha telling that bakshi is pregnant, he comes to weight balance, jodha comes there and says you come here when you are tensed for something, bakshi is your sister. Jalal says but justice doesnt see any relation. Jodha says you have justice to all whether it was sharif adham mali or bakshi but what about that unborn child? he is not at fault, when he will get up he will be separated from his parents then he will question your rules and will hate mughal rules, think about that innocent, jodha says when shivani ran away you didnt punish me because you knew that i was not wrong. jodha says that the rule is that if the person with whom hte wrong happened, if he forgives the culprit then his punishment becomes over. When ruks forgave adham he was freed, same happnend when mirza asked to forgive bharmal then when i am saying that i am forgiving bakshi then why you are not forgiving, she says i cant see bakshi in pain, she is your sister, i plead you to forgive her, think about her child once please, she leaves. Jalal is thoughtful and puts his ring in weight balalnce

Scene 3
in room, bakshi is about to fall but jalal holds her in time, he ask are you alright, jalal scolds the servants that she is pregnant and you are not taking her care. Jalal says to bakshi that you always do mistake but now you are pregnant and i am becoming uncle so you should take care of your health, bakshi is overwhelmed and hugs jalal, she says why you didnt come before, i used to curse myself for what i did, jalal says i had to come, when jodha forgave you then why should i be angry with you, he says lets go back home, he takes her to palace, jodha comes there, jalal looks at her and leaves, bakshi says thanks to jodha, jalal blessed her, talked with her only because of her, jodha says sister dont say thanks, bakshi hugs her and says you are great bhabhi.

Scene 4
Adham says to his men that jalal has put responsibility of catching thieves and maing peace on me so ask all to not loot anymore if he will get to know about it i will be in troublw, his man says what about the smuggling of people who are in jails, adham says continue that business, javeda comes there and says you are doing very good work, if i were you i would have beaten the bad people. adham fumes and shows her knife but she says why are you showing me this you should show it to bad people, adham ask her to go and make something for him, she leaves.
Maham and ruks are playing chess, maham says you are not seeing what jodha is doing, ruks says i have made space between them, maham says but he did what jodha said in case of bakshi, ruks says he did what was right, ruks says there is only one queen in chess and in jalal’s life its me, maham says your king is being surrounded by my pawns, you lost. Ruks says how this can happen, maham says your queen was over confident about her position and left king behind which was surrounded pawns . ruks says i am going to sleep, she leaves. Maham thinks why i get the feeling that jalal is going to be snatched from ruks.

Precap: jodha is sitting near bath tub, moti is giving steam to her hairs, jalal comes from behind and takes it from her, she leaves, jalal sits behind jodha, jodha blabbers how someone can be so stubborn, he held my hand in dream and when i opened my eyes he was holding my hand, she turns to see moti and is surprised to see jalal there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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