Jodha Akbar 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Voice over says that Hamida was successful, Salim agreed to return to Agra, he was going to Agra, his hometown, he took two days to reach there. in palace, Jalal gets the message that Salim has agreed to return, he is returning with Hamida, Jalal says its great news, decorate whole Agra like bride. dasies that we have to work hard now otherwise Ruks wont leave ue.
Ruks says to herself that I don’t know how you stayed away from me SAlim, I was waiting for you too, but now wait is over, he is returning, she eats paan and smirks, she says now I have to see what I made Salim habituated in childhood (addicted to opium), is he still addicted to it or not.
In harem, princess that when Jodha can marry Mughal king Jalal then why cant I marry Salim. all princesses are getting

ready to impress Salim as he is going to be next king, one princess says Salim must very handsome. preparations for his welcome is in full swing. Salima is handling kitchen and ask Dasies to work fast.
Jodha says to Jalal that I am dying to see Salim but.. I am in tension, Jalal says first you were worried that he is not coming back and now when he is coming, you are still worried, Jodha says to Jalal that I am very worried about SAlim. in childhood when Salim got away from me for 5 days, he didn’t talk to me for a month for that and now Salim is returning after 7 years., Jodha says will he talk to me? will he call me mother? will he be angry with me? Jalal says he cant be angry with you, Jodha smiles, Jalal says I die to se your smile, Jodha says I have to go to prepare for Salim’s return, Jalal says now you will love SAlim more than me? Jodha smiles and says I promised you that I will keep your heart safe and the one returning is also part of your heart, Jalal smiles, she leaves.

Scene 2
All family members are waiting on gate to receive Salim, Salim enters the palace, Jodha waits anxiously to see him, all chant for Salim, Ruks smiles seeing him, Salim looks at palace, he recalls how he left this palace 7 years back, he then see Jodha and Jalal then Ruks, he gets down from his horse, Jodha imagines her kid Salim who runs to her and hugs saying I cameback ammijaan, she kisses his cheek, Jodha gets out of her dream and look at young Salim, Hamida ask Salim to meet his mother, Salim looks at Jodha then at Ruks, he approaches them and goes to Jodha, he slightly smiles at her, ruks is confused, Salim touches Jodha’s feet, Jodha gets emotional and does his aarti, Jodha says I cant tell you how much happy I am that you first came to me, Salim says I didn’t came to mother but to Marium Zamani, you have highest position in saltanat so as heir I had to come to you first as formality, he looks at Ruks and says ammijaan, he goes to her, Jodha is hurt, Ruks kisses his forehead and says my child, how are you, I cant tell you how much happy I am to see you back, Salim starts to leaves, Jalal says stop shaikhu baba, Jalal says I want to see what you had learn in all these years, I want to see if all what I have listened about you is true or not, Jalal gives sword to Salim, Jodha says what are you doing, he just returned, Jalal says nobody will come inbetween us today now, not even you, Jalal takes out his sword and ask Salim are you ready, Salim nods

Scene 3
Salim and jalal start the sword fighting, Salim falls on ground by Jalal’s attack but he gets up and fights with Jalal, Jalal is overpowering Salim, Salim angrily looks at Jalal, he dodge his attacks and defend himself, he then overpower jalal and injures his hand, Jalal”s hand bleeds, Salim says I wanted to attack your chest but forgive me, I forgot that you have heart there. Jalal smiles and says very nice, now you talked like a son of king Jalal, today by injuring me you proves that nobody can hit you in war, I am happy to see your new avatar, whatever I listened about you was right, Salim smiles, all chant for Salim, Jalal smiles.
in night, Salim is standing on terrace, other princes come there, he greets Salim, Salim looks at them and says there used to be 4 kids with me, now there is 3, where is fourth one, one prince ask tell me who is not here? Salim says I maybe away from palace but I know everything about here, I have listened that Murad is aggressive person, still he kills innocent pigeons, [prince says I promise I never killed pigeon after you left, Murad ask Daniyal to tell Salim, Daniyal says he is right, Salim says I would accept this only if haidar agree to this too, Murad says Qutub tell Salim that I didn’t kill pigeon, Salim says so Haidar is missing from here, you are Murad, Qutub and Daniyal, they smile, he hugs them.

Scene 4
Salim come in his room, he start getting anxious, he feels dizzy, and throws things here and there, he breaths high, and takes out his does of opium, he intake opium and falls on bed, Salim says everything changed but only this addiction of opium didn’t change.

PRECAP- Haidar return to palace, he has same face like Adham Khan and says that I pray father that I take revenge of your death. Jodha says to shaguni that my son returned, Shaguni says not your son but Mughal king.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. अरूण

    अफीमची सलीम क्या कर पायेगा वह तो नशा में ही डूबा रहेगा ।

  2. Red

    It’s very boring episode ….jodha akbar is very cheap serial it became vvvvvv boring…..only akbar is awesoeme. …nd others r euh. …

    • Aisha

      Thanks red v never knew that v r wasting our time in watching a boring serial but if u don’t like it u don’t need to waste ur time by commenting on boring aka *jodha akbar* TU !!!

  3. I watch this soap but I do not enjoy watching it anymore I am so saddened to see ruks got her evil way with salim and he is addicted to opium what kind of love is that that is a sick kind of love why the evil doers always get their way I hope that jalal and jodah finds out one day that it is ruks who was giving salim the opium and turning him against his parents and deal with her accoringly

    • अरूण

      पर शायद ही वो दिन आएगा जब रुकैया फँसेगी ।

  4. Marwita Fitrie

    Now…….Salim become a drunken….., opium addicted. What next? Being a ribellious child ? How poor Salim ………..

  5. Aisha

    Hi newcomers welcome to JA TU !!! Let it be akira arun is like that only …. He never talks to any1 and is always busy in himself only !!

  6. shreya

    so gud of u ruk now atlst any1 will call u ammijaan……….!!!! N dis old aisha she is really an evil she doesnt noe hw to tlk !!!! So bad she is

  7. Aisha

    Hey who’s this old aisha ??? She’s very irritating !!! Just get lost old aisha why r u making fun of shona ?? Huh mad girl ! Ok bye every1 …. !!!

  8. ###

    Aisha said tht u dont tlk to anyone
    Bt u r a nice guy
    anyways can u say jodha real life me akbar ki wife h ya jst in serial
    i heard abt harka bai…

  9. ###

    Arun meine abhi tumhari tareef ki aur tum gayab ho gaye
    abhi me dusre page par aisha se zagad kar aaya hu
    tab usne bataya ki wo jodha akbar par bhi aati h
    so i came here
    mujhe pata tha ki woh yaha bi aise hi naaatak karti hogi
    ab usse bolne do aisa sunanga……….

    aur tu batao jodha k baare main

  10. Aisha

    R u following me ### ?? I do naatak ? N can u please tell me when i said to “YOU” that i come here ?? I don’t remember anything like that …. And u don’t need to reply to my every comment !!! Ok ?? There r my very very very good friends here like shreya and sanaya so u do not need to worry that i do drama !!!

  11. अरूण

    As per Akbarnama and other account available in history Salim’s mother or akbar wife is called as marhum uz zamani a kachhwaha princess of Amber.

  12. Aisha

    Akira marium u zamani is a title which was given to the ladies who gave birth to the next emperor … So marium uz zamani is a title and not any name …. Akbar ‘s wife and salim’s *jahangir* mother s name was harka bai *or heer kunwar* u can say n she was a princess of amber…

  13. akira

    Hi! Aisha
    sorry for rude behaviour
    bt i dont knw y always i m dragged in btw
    thts y i got hyper n said anything to u
    i didnt mean tht…n nm i dont wnt to tlk abt it… n its on u if want to continue talking wid me

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