Jodha Akbar 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal is going from court, he sees hamida staring him, he stops, hamida says i want to talk to you, jalal sends soldiers from there, hamida says that till date you bow down your eyes infront of me to respect me but today you are shameful, what are you doing jalal, you have forgotten everything, you have forgot that you are going to be father and you forgot you children’s mother too, you wanna marry a married women, jalal says you are taking tension unnecessarily, kings do marriages like this, i wanna see what priests can do against me, nobody can go against me, i am not servant of anyone, i can do what i want, hamida says i cant believe you are saying this, jalal says whatever but i have taken decision and i will do that only.
priests meet and have discussion, they say that

we have to bring jalal on right path, if jalal marry atifa on eid then on coming Friday, we will snatch kingship from him.
jalal says to ruks and salima that i don’t understand why you all are worried, kings do marriages, maybe i will lose my throne but you don’t have to worry, you have to be with me in every walk, ruks says husband also have responsibility to respect his wives and your this step will take our positions, you cant do that, jalal says nobody can stop me, salima says but you are doing worng, we may not go against you but people will not accept that their king married a already married women, the nation which take you as generous king will not be able to see you as king, jalal says i know what i am going to do, i have to see what you both do to make this nikaah memorable for me, salima and ruks are leaving, they see jodha coming and leaves from there, jalal angrily looks at jodha, jodha wipes her tears and says to jalal that i wont remind you of our love, i wont remind you the promise which you gave to me, when you married me, you used to hate me but even then you married me because you wanted peace in nation and you did all that for your people but if you this then people will become violent, riots will start your enemies are waiting to attack and they will get the chance, jalal says what a speech, i would have listened to these talks if i had listened these talks from a person who fulfilled her duties, i would have accepted her talks who wouldn’t have gone against his wife, i would have listened to the talks of lady who wouldn’t disrespected me infront of all, you have lost the right to give suggestion to me, i will do what i want, he leaves from there, jodha is hurt.

Scene 2
all rajvanshi kings are discussing that if jalal loses his kingship then riots will start and all rajvanshi will not accept new Mughal king, only jalal had power to bring all under one government, they say to maan that you can represent our religion, you can take the throne, maan says you all right but i am jalal’s loyal servant and i wont go against him, they say that you don’t have to go against jalal but don’t take jalal’s side in this matter, we will go against him, maan thinks.
adham says to maham that jalal did very wrong, we have this chance and can kill jalal as his image his tarnished, maham says stop it adham, if jalal know that you are against him then he will kill you, stay silent for sometime, let me see from where the wind is blowing then we will take our step, adham says sorry but i cant wait now.
jodha is sitting infront of kahna, she remembers how jalal confesses that whenever i will remembered in history then your name will also come, she then recalls how jalala said that he loves atifa, how he said that she didn’t deserve his love, jodha says i was married to Mughal against my will, my father took this step so peace prevails in india but what is happening now, all country is burning in fire, tell me what mistake did i do? i didn’t do any mistake, she cries, moti ask her to calm down.

Scene 3
jalal is with atifa, he ask are you happy now? atifa says i am lucky that i got what i wished for but is it true that you wont be king after marriage, jalal nods and says this marriage decision wasn’t easy and tis outcome too but you don’t worry, i will take care of everything, jalal smilingly looks at her.

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Scenesharifa comes to bakshi and says you used to point on my character and now look at your brother, what he is doing, people are spitting on our family, bakshi says i don’t know what happened to him, sahrif says he is blinded by lust, adham comes to meet sharif.
adham says we both will not good chance than this, what you think sharif, sharif thinks maham is involving herself in this matter but i should be away from this matter, let adahm do what he wants, adham asks what are you thinking, sharif says people follow their king, they make rule what their king do, from now on anyone will go to anyone’s house and will snatch his wife, you can use this point against jalal, adham smirks.
some state kings meet and says that we wont let priests rule this country, they cant take the throne, only we should get the throne.
adham meets people in market and probe them against jalal and says to stop jalal, you all have to follow me, all agrees to adham.
maan says to jalal that people are outside and they are protesting against this marriage, jalal says to announce outside that if people don’t become silent then we will take action against them, i understood atgah that government isn’t done by making people happy but it is done by developing fear in people for government, they should know how much powerful their government is, he shouts why the marriage preparations hasn’t started, he goes from there.
atifa stops jalal, jalal says to her that if people hate me then let it be, for me only your happiness matters, atifa smiles.
Voice-over says that there was no joy in palace because of this marriage, in harem wives are worried for their future, jodha thinks what happened to jalal that he forgot his nation too.

one lady comes in harem with perfumes, all wives goes to buy it, ruks comes there and ask what is happening here, lady says i have brought many perfumes here, atifa comes there, ruks ask lady to give expensive scent to her, lady goes to atifa and says you are going to be new wife of jalal? atifa nods, lady gives her expensive scent but atifa says give me just rose scent, ruks comes and grabs her by her hands, she says how dare you say no to my choice, atifa says i am sorry, i didn’t know it, ruks says you are speaking infront of me, jalal sees all this and shouts on ruks, he comes and says how dare you ruks to behave with her like this, ruks says what happened to you jalal, cant you see this girl is here to destroy you, jalal says you cant stop me from marrying anyone, jodha comes and says you can disrespect your wife like this, jalal says you always like to go against me infront of all, jodha says yes i will always go against things which are wrong, i listened that you ordered to kill people who are protesting against you. jodha says i will go then showing my back to you, jalal says after eid i will myself free you from this relation, jalal angrily leaves from there.

PRECAP- ruks says to jodha that do something, maybe jalal has some love remaining for you, how will i live with the fact that jalal divorced you when you took my side infront of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. raisa

    Oh jalal’s act is going suppperb….oawww….guys did u all see the new primo..i mean in fb ive seen its pics & writtin update…promo was realy very interesting

  2. Payal

    Guys don’t worry this marriage will not happen even new promo is out which show us tht atifa is here with some plan

  3. raisa

    Yes payel u r right..but how can i wait till 21 august…i know promo was interesting..anyway i dont think that aatifa is MA’s pawan

  4. raisa

    Devika dont worry everything will be fine didnt u see the new promo? 2 august aatifas truth will bevreleaved

    • devika

      u know what raisa
      some people write there cv its a nigar plan
      some people write she is benazir sister she take a revenge to jal
      but truch only knows god(director)

  5. raisa

    Devika dont worry everything will be fine didnt u see the new promo? 2 august aatifas truth will be releaved

  6. devika

    Today I am not discuss with any new promos and today episode
    I need some piece only
    I don’t tolerate ja behavior to Jo and each and every persons

  7. missM

    hopefully everything will be fine soon. But i hate jalal’s attitude 2wrds jodha 2day.let’s wait and watch.

  8. Victoria

    Where is dis story going for Godsake cause its getting ridiculous day by day. Pls we’ve had enough of dis nonsense, just cut the crap and let d story continue the normal way it was before dis bullshit.

  9. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)Hello devika,di,payal and raisa whatsup……and what is mr Telly updates saying about birbal and khaiber Blah blah blah blah…….am confused πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  10. raisa

    Oh guys bye…i have to study tommrow is my exam..good night with sweeeetest dreams of JODHA AKBER….see u all tomorrow

  11. Where is the storyline leading to…’s like the train not in it’s track but on the platform πŸ˜‰ and it’s going on our nerves!!!!!!! Am I right or am I rightΒΏΒΏΒΏ!ΒΏ???!? And what this birbal part is it now gonna be a new train ((( story line )))

  12. I am telling u 100 times that atifa is here for some thing
    And am sure that jalal isn’t a acting
    Don’t think different hopes
    Because πŸ™
    When they will broke a lot of pain will occur
    In heart which u will not bear

  13. By the way
    Where are u guyed
    Cutie sanaya deeksha aradhai aradhay Aryan
    Huh. And etc
    Forgive me if I forgot some ones name

  14. JK

    I realize that the point of making these dramas is to garner interest and bringing in story lines like this get people talking… However, very shameful to take a person’s name and drag it through the mud (even if the outcome is to be positive in the end). Ekta Kapoor should have used fictitious characters instead of taking the easiest route (use a historical figure that has a good reputation and use this to draw an audience). Very cheap of Ekta Kapoor. This shows a lack of respect and no integrity in her work.

  15. Me

    Atifa is a home breaking b*t*h. I hate her. N jalal needs to catch a wake up call. Once he comes around. Jodha shouldn’t forgive him so easily

  16. lo

    Whatever happened jo should divorce jalal. Then only he will realised his mistake.he shouldnt get the custedy of his children. Jo walkout immediatly

    • ft

      Jalal is acting, and the thruth will come out soon, so no, Jodha shouldn’t divorce Jalal, he did that to protect her and the babies, that all.. I agree he’s overreacting..

  17. Ya i also know that atifa is sent by maham anga and also in the new promo her truth is revealed ! So no worry and now i m happy :-))

  18. Oh sorry i didn’t came here to comment because there was a lot of homework yesterday . I was doing my hw so didn’t got time to comment . But where are cutie , crystal , keerti , deeksha , aradhya and everyone ? Yaar getting bored anyone there !

  19. Hi sanaya sorry I was not available
    In will be available after 4 clock ( Indian time)
    As 4 in India means 2 :30 in oman
    As I will be busy these days as I have a lot of hw and a lot of study

    BY THE WAY R U FREEEEEEE N OWWWWWWWWW?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?????????



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