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Jodha Akbar 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal says i will stay with you tonight Ruks we will talk and play chess. Ruks says to jodha jalal will spend this night with me. laboni says in heart all his nights are mine. jodha says hoshiyar get the hokkah ready for me, everyone is dazed. She smokes it.

Salim comes close to anarkali. She says what if someone sees? He says you are my wife to be. she says let me go its ruk’s birthday i have to get the dance prepared. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Anarkali says sees someone and says someone is kepin and eye on you. She runs. Daniyal comes in clapping and says wow. this is not right. She is a dancer. Salim says i love her. daniyal says king will kill her if he gets to know. Salim says you wont talk like that about her ever again. I love her.

Ruks gives drink

to jalal. she says i just wanna enjoy your company. she says i wanna ask something. whom you love more? me or jodha? jalal says same question after 25 years? She says thats not the answer, i know you love jodha. i just wanna know, is there any place in your heart for me? if there is, then what is it? Jalal says i have spent my childhood with you. You are my pal, first time, you are the one i trust, the one on whose shoulder can i cry. You don’t have to worry no once will be on your spot. jodha knows what you mean to me. she never wanted to take your place. She hugs him. someone knocks at the door. Its jodha. She comes in and faints. Jalal says what happened to you jodha begum? she says i smoked hikkah i dont feel good. He says why did you? she says it was ruk’s birthday i was happy so i drank it. Ruks says i want to be with you jalal. jalal says i cant leave her alone. jalal says i will come to you when she is fine. Jodha says please dont leave me alone. jodha says stay here.jalal says yes i am here. Ruks leaves in anger.

Ruks comes to salima and tells her everything, salima says there is something wrong. Ruks says this is too much now either she will live here or i. salima says maybe its something else, we have to figure it out. i know jodha very well.
jalal says jodha you wanted to me to spend my night with ruks, what happened to you today? She says forget all that.

jodha comes out, Ruks says i wanna talk to you. Jodha says i will talk to you tomorrow, i wanted to drink go bring me water. Ruks says what? She says i wanna talk to you jodha i wait for this night whole year. jodha says dont speak so much in this old age. you will die, and roam like a ghost. Jodha says i am the real wife and love of jalal. you oldie has to die. Ruks slaps her and says how dare you? Jodha slaps her again, she says how dare you. She slaps her again and says dont dare to do this again. one more thing dont tell anyone about this. or you will tell everyone you got two slaps on your birthday.
She goes in.
ruks goes to salima and tells her everything. she says i will tell jalal. Salima says no you wont tell him. its not jodha. Ruks says its her real face. i wont pardon her this time.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what is really going on with this serial salima and ruks cant you not see that this is not jodha talking and these are not jodhas actions have you ever seen jodha dressed like that or smoke hookah or even drink or said a cruel word to anyone so come on think you must know that this is not jodha at all

  2. jodha tell salima what is happening to you let her call uday to get that spirit out once and for all it is about time someone show laboni the light of day send her ass back to hell before it is tooooooo late

  3. Please also write precap which is shown just after the end of serial ad.

  4. to be honest i am enjoying this how jodha/laboni is treatin ruks she deserve it she do plenty bad things to jodha like tryin to separate salim n jalal from her and so many mores evil things it just perfect hope she learn her lesson after this oh not forgetting jodha new style so cool she look like a fairy ageless beauty
    jodha-don’t tell any1 about this that u get two slap on ur birthday nice one lol

    1. Me too …somehow jodha stand up to ruqaiya is make me happy “even though it’s laboni soul “

  5. That witch is controlling Jodha, she can’t do anything about it. Prayers everyone, so that salima can figure out what’s wrong with Jodha….

  6. I glad laboni dig the two slaps in ruquaiya she gon catch she self now

  7. Great acting jodha (paridhi sharma) you are so beautiful i don’t go for witchcraft at all but i find myself enjoying how jodha is put Ruks in her place although it’s that witch Laboni

  8. it is good to know the good side of jodha and also the evil side somehow her evil side is more s*xy alluring and I think the even jalal loves that side too jodha is a very excellent actress and she should be given an award when that time comes I do love jodha even as a mother to salim she is very good coming to think of it her acting abilities are way beyond excellent hat off to her

  9. They are recycling the Laboni story line – first it was Jalal – now it’s Jodha. I’ve had enough of the witchcraft and black magic CRAP!!!!!!!

    1. Is true next may be Salima or Hamida will infect this bm so the story rounds in a spot …

  10. Cool ,,,even it was laboni inside her ,,I love the way jodha slaps rukaiyah haha two slap .. really enjoy it…i hope jodha will do it again to it again ..i hate ruks

  11. Great…rukaiyah deserve to be slaps because she is also evil.. Very nice episode.. Even i know it was laboni inside jodha.. i really really love to see jodha slaps rukaiya 2 times woooww

  12. The story in a circle …. Can’t wait to see lab’s sprit go out of Jo n star new line not this cheap black magic… How is a strong person like Jodha who always connect to her God can be infected badly … But don’t know what the writer gonna take the audience…. Happy ruk got 2 slaps has to be from hosyar hehehe

  13. Interesting,it was rock solid scene,joboni giving tight slaps on ruks face..just loved it..i think now joboni will spoil relations with all..n now all will sense out smthg wrong with jodha….hope shehenshah gets to knw this now n reaches yogi for help

  14. Wats this ruquaiya telling. .will bring someone very beautiful. Did I hear correctly ? Repetition of old story. ..I hope it won’t be benazirs ghost. this historic serial has now become a ghost serial ?

  15. I don’t like the such episode jodha will be a strong person first jalal was controlled by black magic this time jodha same jodha was found the black magic with jalal first but jalal was very mad person he is a king

  16. Divya ka Deewana

    Keep on like this cvs. Do not concentrate on idiotic salim anarkali. We all are enjoying this track. Only keep parijat on focus.

  17. Jodha is nice carecter

  18. Ramzan mubarak pahchana

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