Jodha Akbar 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal says I am proud of my soldiers that they gave me one more win, I am proud of maan singh that he is most young here but he is the most brave one, for is bravery I am giving him higher rank in my palace, jalal changes maan’s turban and gifts him sword, maan says thanks and I will try to fulfill my duties. jalal says what shocked me the most was my wives, you all are my harem’s shine, I was afraid for you and brought you here but you proved me wrong, you proved that women doesn’t need man to protect themselves, if women want then like mahaC and nigaar they can take my life and if they want then like ruks, jodha and salima they can win war for me, you all are my strength, as ruks told that jodha gave them spirit to fight, she them courage, she changed the dimension of

war and won it for me. jalal says to all ministers that it was jodha because of whom I won the war which I was losing, her bravery did wonders so today I king jalal will bow down to her and will salute her, he bows down and salutes her, all smiles except maham, jodha gets emotional and greets him with folding hands. jalal says you all start preparing to go back to agra as this war is over now, I want to announce that my wives showed their bravery so I will gift them something, I promise my wives that in life I will fulfill their one wish.
soldier informs mahaC that we lost the war, mahaC takes out the sword and says you told me the bad news so bad things will start from you only, you will be killed now, other soldier is about to behead the soldier but mahaC says stop, she says you didn’t lose the war but you only gave me the news, she goes to haider and says what should I do with him, he only told me the news so why I should kill him? tell me, haider says you are right, its not his fault, soldier says you are very soft hearted person thanks, mahaC goes to him and stabs him with dagger, soldier dies, all are stunned, she says that this soldier gave me bad news so he doesn’t have the right to live. mahaC looks at haider and says why are you sweating, if I didn’t kill him I wouldn’t have got peace, she takes haider from there and leaves.

Scene 2
bharmal congratulates maan and jodha on their bravery, jodha says that all credit goes to amer, you all made me soldier, maasa, you and sujamal, you guys made me learn how to be brave and fight, bharmal looks at jodha and ays there is glow on your face today, you are hiding something, it feel like you will get something precious soon, he leaves with maan, jodha thinks that its impossible to hide anything from bapusa.
haider says sorry to mahaC,mahaC says you should be sorry, I had to kill innocent soldier to gulp down my anger which was on you, your force made me lose the war and I didn’t want to show my anger as people will think that I lost the war and I am afraid of jalal, I didn’t get anything neither my son, now you again prepare force, she calls beg, he comes and ask her order, mahaC says that its time to take out our special weapon, mahaC says to haider that ask me who is my new weapon, you are my husband, he ask. mahaC says to haider that I have one person as weapon, he is an animal, he walks on two legs but he is not a human.
mahac’s soldier is seen to be approaching one common man, man is afraid of him.

Scene 3
moti ask jodha to not do any work, you take rest as we have to go back, its a long journey so sleep, jodha says hamida and all are awake so how can I sleep, moti says that now war is over so why are you not telling them, whats the fear? jodha says I don’t have any fear but I am waiting fro the right time, moti says jalal and hamida will be soo happy, you should tell thme, jodha says yes jalal will be so happy, she says you know when ruks was pregnant, jalal told me.. flashback shows that jalal showing jodha throne and says when king sit on this throne, his only wish is to see his heir sitting on this throne, jodha says ruks will fulfill your wish soon, jalal says yes that day is not far and I also want you to give me heir. fb ends, jodha says now that day has come and I want to tell jalal about pregnancy infront of that throne only.

Scene 4
mahac’s soldier approaches the common man and ask for a lot of eggs and goat, man says that will you eat the whole goat? a human cant eat that much, soldier says that go towards cave and put this food there but don’t try to go inside in it, the common man goes towards cave and puts down the bucket of eggs, soon the bucket is gone, man ask where it is lost, someone throws empty bucket out of cave, man is stunned that he ate all eggs, man finds his goat but its gone too as it is also eaten by the person inside cave.the common man screams that he not a human, he is wild animal, he is a devil, he ate my goat. the soldier of mahaC says yes he is an animal, he informs the person in cave that its mahaC’s order that you be ready, its time to show you to the world. poly of mahaC, the new villain’s silhouette is shown(probably khaibar zarra),

PRECAP- jalal shouts on jodha that how could hide such a big thing from me, how you did that mistake, why you hided my happiness from me, why you took away hope from me, why you didn’t tell me that I am going to be father, jodha says in high tone that we are women who in war put tilak of our blood on your husband’s head, we don’t shed tears to make our husband weak, it was my responsibility to make you win the war so I hided the news.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. No JALAL! Why are you going to yell at her! She was jus trying to keep you focused on the war. I hope he forgives her afterwards though and hey get all romantic!

  2. Ray

    Im a little cofused how can jo be pregnant …when did jal al and jo consumate was there an epi i missed!

  3. I just wish that this would be jodhas thought cause she told that she will tell him on the throne and wish she would tell her before kidnapp

  4. Will jodha have twins
    In history
    Find she had one son
    Jhangir ?????
    Do any one know plz tell me

  5. :-×
    What the I don’t get any thing I read yet that Akbar will love a girl known as anarkali but that girl loved jhangir
    What what what
    Jodha akbr ka to ban gaya halwa
    Which love story of JA if halal will gonna die on anarkali???¿
    And I also read that this story was made
    A travel list who gave this story a
    Realistinc turn so all of the nation will think that the love story of jhangir and anarkali
    And Akbar is real while it
    A rum our
    So guyes what do u think???
    :-× 😛

  6. Anarkali bcuz at her last moment she had a chance n she can say a lie that she didnt luv jhangir but see did nt said that so true lover anarkali

  7. Deeksha

    Hi cutie jodha had 4 children first twins then jahagir then a girl . And jalal know that jodha is pregnant before kidnapping because jodha had woren a mughal dress in the promo means after the celebration jodha will be kidnnaped . And will be fine dont worry jalal will save her.

  8. Hahah wow what an episode thanks deeksha for giving me the information
    AND ARADHYA I wasn’t online when u asked sorry
    Hahahah 😀

  9. waooooow gona be exited i am curiously waiting for todays episode hope akbar will not confess jodhas thought ohhhh poor jodha 😀 AND:P FOR


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