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Jodha Akbar 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha says to Jalal that all are happy with this marriage, i hope Salim will be happy too, Jalal says Mann is nice girl, she will teach love to Salim, like you made me learn love, Jodha says we should do something to give them good start to life, they should spend more time with each other but not here, if they keep in palace then Salim will be heir only and Mann will be daughter in law, they will not get time to understand each other, they should go far and alone so that they can spend time with each other, Jalal says its good idea, i will think where to send them.
In court, Jalal ask to starts proceedings, Birbal tells him that Kashmir’s princess is marrying, they have sent invitation, we have good relations with them so we should send someone there, Jodha says sorry to interrupt,

she says i think we should send Salim and Mann to kashmir, they will spend time with each other, Jalal says good idea, he ask Salim, Salim says i like to be in palace only, mann is new here so she should get used to here, Jodha says she will have time to adjust here, you should spend time with her and also we have good relations with Kashmir so you should go, Jalal says Jodha is right, you should go, Salim says your order will be followed, Jalal ask him to pack bags, Salim leaves, Bhagwan says we should leave too, Jalal says when we come to Amer you serve us alot so let use serve you too, Bhagwan says this is daughter’s house, it wont be good if we stay here, Jalal agrees. English ambassador comes there reads message of queen, it reads that England want to develop business relationship with Mughal empire, they want to send things in India and they need Land and market for it, also they want you people to export spices and we need your port to do shipments, and they are ready to pay tax for it, Jalal says we will think about it then will answer, ambassador says we hope this is new era of Mughals and England, ambassador leave, Jalal thinks.

Scene 2
Jalal and Jodha are having food, Jodha says its good food, Jalal says you make good food, Jodha says its about good spice and their taste, she says these english people will buy our spices in low prices and then sell it in higher price in foreign countries, why you are allowing them to use our ports? Jalal says we develop more spices than our use so its better to export them, Jodha says why not Mughal government take over this matter, this way even farmers will get good price for theeir things, Jalal ask who will handle this duty? Jodha says me, i will do this work, i know about spices alot, Jalal says you proved again that you deserve to be queen of India, dont export so much spice that my food gets less spice too, Jodha laughs.
In court, all are waiting for Jalal, Hamida ask Ruks why did Jalal call us here? Ruks says dont know, Salima says i think jodha must know why jalal called us here? Jodha says dont tease me, Salima says it must be matter related to jodha, Ruks says Jalal doesnt see anyone other than Jodha, he forgets sometime that he has other wives too, Jalal comes there, he says i have something important to discuss, he ask Todar that if we agree to do spice business with English men then how much profit we will get? Todar calculates and says 1lac coins, Jalal says if we take over this business and send spices in our ships, we will buy from farmers then sell it english men, then how much profit? Todar says 3.5 lacs coins, Jalal smiles and says then why should we incure loss? so i order to take exports in our hands and will handle it, he ask to send message to farmers, Fazal says who will handle this export area? Jalal says jodha will handle it, its her idea, she want to give profit to farmers, he ask Todar to help her in this work, Jodha smiles, jalal looks at her and smiles, Ruks fumes in anger.

Scene 3
birbal comes to meet english men, he says that Jalal has agreed to do business with you people, but you cannot export spice directly, the kingdom will see over this matter, he leaves, english men are angry.
Jalal says to farmers that Queen has called you, the queen who has worked alot to serve you, she want to talk to you, she want to give happiness to you people, he ask Jodha to come forward, Jodha says to farmers that we have extended our business with England, they buy spice from you and sell it for more price, they take credit for you work, to give you credit, we have decided to buy spice from you people and then we will sell it to english men with mughal name, you will get double profit and also will be credited, i want your assistance in it, farmers says you are working for us, we are with you, Jodha says to women that i need harem women to help me out too, she says we have to see quality of spice and for this work i have only one name in my mind and that is Salima, Ruks is shocked and angry, jodha looks at Ruks and says if Ruks was with us then it would be good but she already have harem work so i dont want to burden her, Ruks thinks that jodha cant do thsi export business, jalal will understand it with time.
Jodha is ordering dasies about spice business, jalal comes there with flowers, Jodha ask what are you hiding? Jalal says nothing, he says you have guess whats in my hands, if you guess it right then it will be yours else i have other wives, she says what it can be? anklet, necklace or what? Jalal says you have only one chance, if you dont guess it then i will give it to someone else, Jodha goes near dressing table, she removes her dupatta and says Jalal that will you apply flowers in my hairs? Jalal ask how you know? Jodha says with its fragrance, jalal says i like this about, he puts pink flower in her hairs, Jodha says what i like you always remember it.
In morning, Jalal comes to Fazal, Fazal says Mirza has sent message, Mir has attacked them, he want help, Jalal says send Daniyal with force, Rahim you also go with him.
Jodha is checking spice boxes, Salima is there too, Todar says once these spice reach there then we will get alot of profit, Jodha says i just want my farmers to get what they deserve, Ruks thinks that i have to do something to fail Jodha.

PRECAP- Ruks open windows of godown where spices were stored, its raining outside. Salima tells Jalal and Jodha that spices destroyed because of rain, we cant export them now,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gosh why ruks so dam evil

  2. Ye log rukaiya begum sultan ko badnaam karna kab chodenge

  3. jodha bai ship capture and business spice trade point 2

    jodha bai

    madho singh

    selim maan bai marriage

  4. Mariam was a good businesswoman. She handled 2 responsibility well as marium zumani and also as business woman. Rest everything is fake about her.

  5. Once for all jalal must punish ruquaiyya and throw her out. All the evil characters , one by one had an end in JA. But ruks seems to have no end in this serial. Jalal must unmask ruks in front of everyone.

  6. I think if real rukaiya sultan would have heard DAT how much dis serial has defamed her. Then she would raise from dead and would haunt d makers till eternity. They should have respected d pious soul of dead

    1. Etaferah kassa

      All about ruqiya was true. Real ruqiya was also negitiev so don’t deisheart

  7. I hope salima and jodha realize what ruks did and that opening the window for the rain to wet he spices was intentionally done by ruks so jalala please deal with ruks that jealous opium and hookah addict and deal with her severely for what she did

  8. Pls don’t use harsh language against rukaiya sultan though the serial has made her character fictional but she was a reputed lady who is dead. And important in building the moghul era

  9. They should declare ja as pure fiction with no relation to any reality. Except the names that are taken.

  10. dannybell sorry to burst your bubble but the storyline is all made up this is not depicting the true history of jodha Akbar so do not get hyper about harsh language it is fictional really

  11. Ya its true I think the writer should have given this thought that they are gonna insult memory of dead person. They can’t deteriorate a dead person’s image who was nothing like dat

  12. Harem was a pretty strict place. And it didn’t gave her time as she was responsible for royal dinner lunch and breakfast also d education of princes and princesses and also the daily duty for dasi. Also she had to financially stabilize the harem in the amount given to her. Also the jurisdiction in harem was her. So how could she get time for such plotting. Every celebration arrangement was also done under her guidance

  13. Dirty game plan by Rukaiya…

  14. Is it true that Jodha Akbar will go off-air soon..? 🙁

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