Jodha Akbar 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha says to mali that you were jalal’s relative so I was forgiving you but now you will get punished, she sees nigaar coming there and fighting with hram women, mali puts dust in jodha’s eyes and runs from there, nigaar’s soldiers burns down the whole place, jodha comes infront of nigaar and says till now I was respecting you as you jalal’s sister but today I will raise my sword against you as you are with soldiers who want to assaualt harem women, which kind of women are you, you want your soldiers to assault other women, you deceived all of us, you cant be forgiven, they have a sword fighting, atgah comes there with his force and fights with nigaar’s soldiers, jodha gets happy, nigaar runs from there, atgah ask soldiers to catch her.
mali comes to

jalal in injured state, he says now I will kill you jalal, jalal laughs and says God will save me, mali is about to attack jalal when his sword is thrown by an arrow, mali’s soldiers are being attacvked by arrows. mali sees his soldiers dying by someone hitting arroes to them, mali says who is the one who is attacking from back, if you have guts then come infront, maan sing comes there with his arrow weapon and says attacking from back doesn’t suit rajvanshies, I wonder how you couldn’t see me standing here only, mali ask his soldiers to kill maan, maan’s soldiers come and fight with mali’s soldiers, mali runs from there, jalal ask maan to go behind mali, he shouldn’t run away, maan ask his soldiers to go behind him while he is with jalal, they go behind mali in jungle. maan frees jalal and says you should go back, jalal says why, you think I cant fight now? you know the injured loin is the most dangerous one, jalal beats mali’s soldiers, maan says true you still can fight with many soldiers, maan says I was coming here only when I got the news of war and flashback shows how he met jalal’s soldier on the, he told him that jalal is being captured by mali so he maan came to jalal finding him. maan says I killed ghazi khan in my state, jalal says well done you are my best soldier, now I have to go behind mali.

Scene 2
jalal and maan come in jungle searching for mali. mali on other hand strikes with todar in jungle and beats him, mali is about to kill todar when jalal sees him and shouts abul mali, mali flees from there, jalal says meets todar, todar is emotional to see him and they hug each other, todar says thank lord you are fine, jalal ask who is doing duty at harem, todar says sorry I didn’t want to leave them alone but I had no choice, I had to come to find you, jalal says mali attacked harem, I can forgive nigaar but if something happens to harem women then I will not leave anyone.
jalal, todar and mali are coming back, they see many soldiers died and many common people too, jalal gets involved in rescue work and is tensed at situation, jalal thinks that what mali has done to my nation, he didn’t even leave any women, I wont sit quite.

Scene 3
atgah and bharmal are supervising rescue work, jalal comes there, bharmal says your wounds are severe, I will call doctor, jalal thanks bharmal for coming, atgah says thank God you are fine.
jodha is doing rescue work, when jalal comes to harem, hamida meets him, all wives are happy to see him, jalal looks at jodha, hamida says we lost hope but jodha was not agreeing that you are dead, jalal says how I cant come as I promised to come back, jalal says we all are injured but thank God you all are protected, ruks says we are fine because a rajvanshi was with us, it was jodha only who didn’t let us lose, she gave us corage, she gave brevery, she has heart of loin, because of her I got to know that women can do anything, she made us realize that women can fight with men, if she goes against wrong then she can stop it.ruks says today I want to salute the rajvanshi bravery, she salutes jodha who is surprised that ruks praised her. all salutes jodha, she is happy, maham fumes.

Scene 4
mirza comes to hamida and cries saying that my mother did this with my brother, how can I go to jalal and I cant see in his eyes, hamida says that jalal is your brother, he loves you a lot, go meet him and congratulate him for winning war, jalal himself comes there, mirza cries and says I cant bear the fact that mahaC did this, jalal ask him to not get guilty, its all fine, maham says congrats jalal on winning war.
jodha meets doctor, doctor says thank God your child is fine, I thought that.. jodha says don’t say that, giving child to jalal is my responsibility, jodha says that nothing is more good then informing jalal about my pregnancy, jalal comes there and ask jodha do she want to says something? all goes out of jodha’s room, jalal comes to her and ask her to keep sitting, jalal sits beside her, jodha lies her head on jalal’s chest and cries, jalals says when I was not hear, you were fighting like loin and now crying infront of me, he says I will not leave you now, if death comes infront of me then I will say that my life is of jodha’s, he says sorry for leaving you, it was my responsibility to protect you all but I couldn’t. I am thankful that you were here, you did well, if something had happened to you, jodha says how can something happen to me as you are my husband, jalal says the next king will be proud that you were his mother, jodha says nigaar too came here but I didn’t shed her blood, jalal says its your goodness, jodha says you are injured, jalal says you have also got many wounds, I will apply medicines, jodha says don’t worry about me, I am rajvanshi, I am strong.

PRECAP- jalal says to all ministers that it was jodha because of whom I won the war which I was losing, her bravery did wonders so today I king jalal will bow down to her and will salute her, he bows down and salutes her, all smiles except maham, jodha gets emotional.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awesome epi but jodha didn’t told jalal that she is pregs she should inform jalal about it and nigaar and abul mali are not killed

  2. Thanks

  3. It was so nyc watching women fyting bravely

  4. Superb epsd salute to jodha

  5. Nyc episode but jalal still does not know abt d pregnancy

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh lovh 😀 but jodba tell him about our pregnancy plzlzllzlzlzlzlzlzlzl lol 😛
    But HaPpy for jodHa

  7. Yeah salute to her 😛

  8. gd epi gd precap xcited to see tmrrw epi 🙂

  9. When will Maham Anga be exposed, when will Jodha inform Jalal about pregnancy

  10. Jodha kab akbar ko kahegi ki she is pregnant can’t wait more

  11. Really can’t wait more and Salute jodha really she very brave

  12. Before jodha tells jalal will know that jodha is pregnant and having twins children

  13. I also think so deeksha

  14. Awsum epi……..:)
    Wen will jo tell dat she’s pregs ??
    I thought dat she’ll tell it 2day but she didn’t 🙁
    Cant wait !!

  15. this never happened!why are they selling this as jodha Akbar?i agree that the cast,leads,sets and direction is really good BUT THIS IS NOT FACT!they have to repeatedly say yeh darawahi ithas ka dawa nahi karta etc….why?

  16. A good episode
    अत्यंत नहीं परंतु

  17. There’s gossip that a pregnant jodha will be kidnapped by a warrior named Khaibar zarra

  18. Yes I know about that happy

  19. nice…..brave women

  20. Nyc no doubt but am not happy about the escape of abu mali and nigaar why? if not killed they should be captured and maham shld be exposed before its too late this people can reinforce against jalal

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