Jodha Akbar 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim says to Qutub that Jalal has ordered me to work under Murad, i didnt like it, is he not confident about my skills in war? Qutub says if has doen this then there must be reason behind it, they come in market, Salim finds Anarkali buying things in market, he smiles seeing her, he grabs her from behind and hides her, she is stunned to see him and smiles a little, they share eyelock, she says you shouldnt have come here, i need to go, he grabs her and says i didnt come to meet you but fate wants us to meet, i didnt see your face so fate made me meet you, why did you write to forget you, i cant froget you, the day i forget you, i will die, she stops him and says dont create problems for me, Salim says my problem is that i love you and i cant do anything, she says i liked it that you went

to meet Jodha, he ask how do you know? Anar says i know everything about you as i care care for you, he says i liked it that you keep eye on me, you care for me, she smiles shyly and is about to leave but he pushes her closer and says let me see you before going please, she turns and looks at him, he smiles.
Jalal says to Jodah that i will soon leave and then i will not spend time with you, Jodha says you will soon return after winning, Jalal holds he hand and says i have done wars which i knew i was right, Jodha says dont worry,m God is with them who are on right path, i am sure that you will win this war, Jalal says this war is your test too, she ask how? Jalal says when i go to war, i want you to take charge of here, you have to take decisions like me, you have to do justice, Jodha says i will be responsible, Jalal says if a problem comes where you cant take decision then you have to be strong and take tough decision, when i am in war, i want you to take care of my nation, i am on right path, problems will come but i will overcome them and win.

Scene 2
Murad is discussing how they will go in war, Murad says we should go in boats, Salim says we should by walk, Murad says then our soldiers will get tired, we should go on camels, Murad says i am responsible to think about all this, Salim ask how many wars did you do? i know more than you, Murad says but i have faith on my soldiers, Salim says i have grown up with those soldiers, ask them if i am write or wrong, Murad says i will make my own force, who will fight according to me, Salim says you dont know anything about war, dont know how Jalal made you captain, Murad says enough, you have to work under me and have to follow my orders, Murad grabs him by shoulder and says i know to make you follow my orders, Salim angrily looks at him and pushes him away, Murad attacks him, they hlds each others collars, Daniyal ask them to stop it, Salim says you crossed the limits, Jalal comes there and pushes them away, he ask what you guys were doing, he gives sword to them and says kill each other, he says i am stunned that you both are my sons, if you fight with each other then who will fight with enemies, my enemies will win without doing anything, how can you forget that they have cast evil eye on our family and we have to answer them, Murad says i am sorry Salim, he ask them to leave, both leaves, Hamida comes there and is tensed, Jalal is worried.
Hamida is sadly sitting in her room, phuphi comes to her and ask what are you doing here, see weather, it seems storm is going to come, Hamida says i want to stop this storm, she tell Phuphi something to stop war (muted). vouce over says Hamida was tryng to stop war and her try will bring another storm.
Jodha is praying to Kahna, Hamida comes and saves Diya, Jodha greets her and says you are an example, for you praying to God and Kahna is same, Hamida says you are right, i want to ask something, Jodha ask what? Hamida says you said that praying to God and Kahna is same? you agree to it? Jodha says yes, Hamida says maybe i am asking you alot but its important, i want you to change your religion, accept Islam, Jodha is stunned, she says Ammijan you are saying this? you stopped me from doing this, Hamida says your Ammijan stopped you but today Marium Makani is asking you to change it, i have responsibility to bind my family and today my family is breaking, brothers are fighting, father and son are fighting, our relation with Iran is also changing, many would die in this war, with this one decision of yours, everything will be fine, please accept Islam, Jodha says but what Jalal will say? Hamida says he will get miffed with you and me but think that by changing your religion, everything will be fine, Salim will get throne, Khanum relation will be made again, we will have good relations with Iran, people will not die, you mother is asking for something for first time in life, she ask jodha to save her family, i am folding my hands infront of you, Jodha says your hands are to give blessing only, not to beg, she kisses her hands and cries, she looks at Kahna and says dont worry Ammijan, i will accept Islam, Hamida hugs her, Hamida says i knew it you will not disappoint me, she says i will prepare for this ceremony, dont tell this to anyone, she leaves, Jodha is in tears.

Scene 3
Daniyal comes to Salim and says i wanna talk to you, Salim says you came to taunt me too? Daniyal says i just wanna say that Murad is not wrong, he never wanted to become next king but you insulted him, you have started all this, Salim says what you both did? did you forget that i am your elder brother, i can show my anger to you people but one crown made him so much arrogant that he forgot i am his brother, he says i am not hurt that he is next king, i am hurt that you both forgot our relation, Daniyal says you have forgotten relations, you forgot that you are going to marry Mann bai and you are meeting that dancer, i saw you in market too. Salim says it was coincidence that she was in market and i came there and i couldnt stop myself but to meet her, Daniyal says what about Mann? Salim says i wanna tell you that i like Anarkali only, i know you are mann’s friend so worried, but i am in love with anar and i cant stop myself but to meet her, you can complain to jalal, he leaves.
Jalal comes to Jodha and says i came to listen Bhajan in your melodious voice, will you do Bhajan? Jodha thinks that i will sing Bhajan for last time, Jodha sings bhajan in tears, she cries, Jalal hugs her and ask what happened? Jodha says when i sing this bhajan, i get emotional.
In night, Jodha is sadly sitting in her room, Moti comes there with dress for her, she ask Jodha why are you doing this, Jodha says if by changing my religion, i can save people then let me change it, i gave birth to Salim, his right should not be snatched, i have to see that, as mother and as Queen of India i am taking this step, she cries, goes to Kahna and says its same if singing Bhajan or listening to Azan, we pray to God from heart, there is no difference between QUran and geeta, feeling is same, she ask Kahan to give her strength to follow her decision, you have said that to do good and not think about reward, if you think i am not doing good then forgive me please but for my son and for my people, i will take this step.

PRECAP- Jodha wears dress like Muslims, Hamida ask shall we go, she nods.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lovely Sanar scene:)

    1. Me too,!

  2. Trouble for jodha has begun,y hamidaa baano is forcing her emotionally…the fight scene btwn murad n salim was funny..both were looking mowglis…

  3. Precap mei jodha was looking different n pretty in mughal i guess both will b caught by jalal…

  4. Surely Shahanshah will reach in time and stop the convertion.

  5. Why should Hamida force Jodha to change her religion something she doesn’t believe in. i know she meant well but it’s just not right to force anyone to convert to another religion knowing whole heartedly their hearts and mind isn’t in it, religious wars have been going on for ages why can’t ppl accept and respect each choices…everyone think they are right so that’s where the problem comes in

  6. This is emotional blackmail what wrong with hamida how can she ask jodha to change ur religion when she herself stop her from doing so in the first place just wish jalal get to know about it and reach in time to stop jodha

  7. this mariam makani has gone mad or what?? shes emotionally blackmailing her?? just for the sake of relations and khannum’s marriage she has become so selfish. shes not understanding that jalal will win this war as always. she has gone crazy, really crazy.

  8. what I cannot understand is that hamida was against jodha changing religion and now all of a sudden after speaking with the iran king she changes her mind what does the iran king have hanging over her head please jalal come quick and stop this conversion jodha should not be forced to do anything against her will

  9. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Rajas…u stay in r building…but u dont smile or look at us…v r ur fans…n get to c u on tv only finally…

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