Jodha Akbar 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jala is cleaning his head. Jodha passes by him but he couldn’t see her neither could jodha.
Later at night maham is going in the dark. She says Javeda has seen me once going in this direction I hope no one else sees me. She goes in with flame in her hand. She opens a room and asks the guard did he eat something ? He says no. Maham says you have to eat not because of yourself but for accomplishment of my task. I won’t even let you die will I don’t get what I want.I can do anything to reach my destination. I have to get that ‘farmaan’ in any way. I have no other way. She asks the guard to keep an eye.

Scene 2
Jalal asks different people if they have seen a stranger lady in vicinity. No one knows and he is so disappointed. He says she always took care of

me and I hurt her. I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven but please come back jodhaa.
He goes to the market and looks everywhere. He can’t find a clue. He asks some people from temple if they have seen a lady with a krishna sculpture in her hand. They say no and they leave. The man says its time to go temple, different people come there at this point of time. You should look for her there. jalal thanks him.

Scene 3
Jalal’s mom is missing Jodha and she recalls when jodha promised her that she will always live up to her expectations. she says where have you gone jodha I called you my daughter. i know jalal hurt you but why you didn’t think about your mom. A servant comes in and says alka has come and wants to meet you. He comes in. She asks why you came ? He says I had to come. There is some problem in wealth. Some of the gifts and other wealth are not there. I see no calculations. She says Jala has given you all the authority you can investigate. You can seek help from amanga. Is there any problem with that ? He says yeah we know who is behind this. She asks who? He says adham khan. She says you have all the authority point out the culprit. Jalal will respect all your decision, he trusts you with all his heart. Do whatever is appropriate.

Scene 4
Jalal comes near the asylum and asks some other people. Jodha is decorating the temple. He asks a man if he has seen a lady. He says there are many such people here. Jalal tells her that she was holding a sculpture. He says yeah a lady came here. Come in, let me take you to her. He says which room is hers ? he points at a room. Jalal goes towards it and sees a lady , he says jodha, she turns but she isn’t jodha. She asks who are you ? He says I am looking for someone. Where did you get this sculpture. She says its mine but if were looking for him he is with you all the time. Jalal comes out and the manager asks was she the one ? Jalal says no I couldn’t find her. Jodha comes in the asylum but Jalal’s face is on the other side. Jodha comes to the room and asks Shahnaz why is she so scared ? She says a man came here to take our God. Its pooja tjis evening should we go ? Jodha says yes we will go.
The workers says don’t be disappointed we will find her. He says we should go in different directions now. The workers are worried for his security he says do’t worry I will be fine alone.

Scene 5
Adham khan comes to alka and asks why have you called me here ? He says you have caused trouble to us in the calculations of the wealth. Adham says talk to me with decorum, I am not under you.Alka says I am behaving with decorum otherwise I could have sent soldiers. Adham says this is the mistake of the man who takes care of the wealth. Alka says the miscalculations are caused because of you. Adhma says do you know you are talking to the son of minister. Alka says I am the worker of king. You have to answer me. Adhma says I will talk to shahenshah my self. Maham comes there and asks what has happened ? Alka says you should tecah him some respect I wanted to talk to him but he didn’t listen. Maham says can’t we talk about this in private ? Alka says he should cooperate in the investigation. Maham asks whats the problem ? Alak says a lot of the wealth is missing from the areas under adham khan. Adhma says he is accusing me again. Maham asks him to calm down. She says I apologize on his behalf. I will asks him cooperate. He says better do. Otherwise he will have to answer Shahenshah. Adhma takes put a knife maham tries to stop him and her hand gets cut. Adhma says look what you did, its bleeding. She says its better than seeing you bleeding. Adham says what does he think of himself. Maham says he is the special man on king. Don’t you this ? Why you do this, you can’t hurt him. Jalal won’t leave you. You promised that you will keep calm. I have no one in this world but you. This can harm you life. He says okay mom and asks her to sit. He looks for the doctor.

Scene 6
Men announce that a lady is criminal. SHe is a widow and she fell for another man. She has broken the rituals. She should have helped the society and she forget that she is a widow. Today we will demolish her. People support him and says yeah he is right. We have to kill her for what she has done. Jodhna comes there and sees them binding the lday. She wonders whats going on. Shahnaz comes there and says what has she done ? You all are the criminals you should be burnt alive. The man says we will see her later first we should deal with the one supporting her. They start hitting her with stone. Jodha jumps in to save them. Jalal comes there too and covers them all. He says have you gone mad ? Does someone hit women like this ? Jodha realizes that its shahensha’s voice.

Precap- Jodha sees jalal from behind a tree. Shahnaz asks where is she looking at ? Lets go to the asylum. She says I will be there. Shahnaz leaves. Jodha sees jalal tripping over because of pain. SHe goes running to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. aivar

    hey have you all seen the promo for jodha akbar… it shows that jalal says sorry to jodha… then in another seen he is on the ground with a white blanket over him with jodha stund and crying… do u guys think jalal is going to die?

  2. [email protected]

  3. aivar

    your right @ rihana… but why do u think that jalal was on the ground under a white blanket… do u think it is jodha’s dream or something

  4. Shehnaz ask jodha to come but she says i will come latr jalal is in very bad condition he is going to fall jodha run towards him

  5. Jalal cnt die guys..u wnt the show to end so easily!!!??
    Some massala r awaitin fr us..
    Shenaz tracks nt over
    Jodha cnt be widow
    Theres some trick in tht new promo
    Perhaps hes just unconcsious
    Or ull see these miracles tht happen only in indian serials u no…well wait n watch nw..

  6. I like todays precap seems intresting but don’t no with whom maham anga was talking egerly waiting for tomorow’s epi and mahaepisode 🙂

  7. Ya it was gud..i think adham n adga will soon die..dnt u think so..coz it was same thing in the film but as always theyll drag things…

  8. Wat farman ur talkin sharon…ya am not sure thy’ll see each other..but tht wuld be great…tht blood frm jalal fallin on jodhas forehead…omg i felt excited abut it…thy r indeed best couple!!!

  9. Hw cn it be related to benaxir thn…tht witch is up with her mean plans again!!! Well adham soon goin to nt much time fr her too

  10. shraddha

    I’m going to make a wild guess.
    Mahamanga is searching for some farman! May be its related to Delhi’s takht i.e. related to Adham whom she has promised Delhi’s takht. But I think before she does anything like that or becomes successful, Adham is going to be thrown off from the heights of Agra fort for murdering Atgah( Poor guy, I like Atgah Khan a lot as a character and for being loyal to Jalal. For the first time in the history of the serial, he has raised his voice to such an extent. I absolutely loved it when he said he is Jalal’s ataliq)
    May be this is the reason Jalal may banish Mahamanga( banished to Delhi as per history) But then I think its a little late to show this. This should have happened a little earlier. Anyways leave it.

    As far Maham is concerned, I think she has kept in captivity a “look alike of someone”. Well I won’t say much about this. Its better to wait because it sounds damn silly.

    I hope Jalal and Jodha come back soon because a lot of events have to follow their return. They are dragging this but I hope they don’t do it now.

    Good night guys!

  11. Oh no sharon dnt tell this…n as frm new promo when thy meet thy r nt injured..ya u may be true…or jo will help him but he ‘ ll be uncncsious n blablabla…

  12. Finally, they meet in a village where Jodha is hiding from Jalal. He gets to know that Jodha is in the same village but she will never come out and see him. So, King Akbar decides to do this drama. He lies like a dead man so that villagers are in a shock and so is Jodha. She comes out of her shell and is shocked to see Akbar’s fake dead body.
    But, even after this drama, Jodha will not forgive Akbar and she will return to her father’s palace leaving Akbar in distress.
    So, now the mystery is solved.

  13. @mona
    Omg dn how do u manage specially in summers i have heared that during summers climate is toooo hot there,,,,
    Don’t know y there was power cut today otherwise light comes 24hrs
    On 19th april i.e. Saturday
    I mean i am supporting R.C.B.

  14. Rihanna

    Cool episode………………………. but y am I seeing two Rihannas? I know there’s me but then there’s Rihana. Who is this one? Anyways hope Jalal finds Jodha fast.

  15. Pranati

    Where r u [email protected] and @arohi.

  16. Hi guys…@sharon finally!!!
    Truth came out
    But tht jodha has a serious prob
    She will make us wait a lifetime now
    @shradda hw r u dear?? Wat lookalike ur sayin??

  17. Hey guyz new dangerous track is ahead which mahamaanga was ploting…she will create big problms between dem…aftr dey get back 2gethr

  18. @yadhu..ya sure dear
    Hahaha…this question of whos a boy /girl here is a great prob!!!!
    Anyways am gud sharon..huh r her secret visits related to her new plan fr akdha??

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