Jodha Akbar 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha becomes conscious and is waiting for Jalal in room, Laboni comes there and says to Jodha that walk slowly else you will fall, i am here to wait for my husband, Jodha says your husband? Laboni says dont you remember i took pheras with Jalal and he filled my forehead with sindoor too, i am Jalal’s wife now.
outside room, Doctor informs Jalal that Jodha was fasting whole day for pheras so she fainted because of that, she is fine now, she is sleeping. Laboni says to Jodha that you killed my body but my soul is still here, now it all depends on me how and when i come here or not, i possessed you body that day, i will not go anywhere now, i do justice, as we both are Jalal’s wife so in daytime he will be yours and in night, he will be mine, his body will be mine and you

will just serve him whole day, there is one problem, i dont have body so your body will be yours in daytime and at night, i will take your body, this partition will be don from tonight only, Jodha is stunned, she pushes Jodha on bed, Jodha lies on bed, Laboni’s soul enters her body, Jalal comes in room, Jodha possessed by Laboni’s soul looks at him, he ask are you fine? i listened you were talking to someone, Jodha says i was talking to myself, she touches Jalal’s face and says i was thinking how to woo you, why did you come so late, Jalal says you need rest so sleep, Jodha says tonight is our marriage night, i need you not sleep, no one sleep on this night, Jalal smiles and hugs her, he says i have brought gift for you but i wanna know what you gift me, Jalal ask dasi to bring gift from his room, he ask Jodha where is my gift? Jodha says first you show your gift, dasi brings gift, its beautiful dupatta, Jalal makes her wear it, she says its very nice, Jalal says there is something special in it, he shows Jodha her reflection in water and ask did you remember anything? Jodha gets confused but then say i remember everything, do you? Jalal says i cant forget that day when i saw your reflection in water in ghunghour in amer, you were wearing same dupatta that day, you were shining like moon that night, Jodha says you say good poetic lines, Jalal says its because of you, you make me poet too, he ask for gift, she says i will gift you such a thing that you will never forget, she takes off her dupatta, she takes off his jewelry, Jalal says i have never seen this side of yours, Jodha says its start only, she pushes Jalal on bed.

Scene 2
Anarkali says to Salim that Jodha was looking very beautiful as bride, Salim has his head lying in her lap, he looks at her and says i am imagining when you will dress as my bride you will look so amazing, that day will be best day of my life, Anar says i am thinking about Mann, she will get pain listening all this, Salim says it will be better than hurting every day, .as she doesnt deserve to be with someone who doesnt love her, he ask what are you dreams as girl? anar says all my dreams died when i became dancer, i have no dreams now and i have no right to see dreams, Salim says i assure you that you will see dreams and i will fulfill it, future queen, she hugs him, he makes her wear dupatta and says you have right to see dreams and it will be fulfilled as its promise of you future king.
In morning, Jodha wakes up, she says why everything is messed up in room and why i have headache, Laboni comes there and laughs, Laboni says to Jodha that it was amazing last night with Jalal, there is something special in spending night with Jalal, Jodha looks on shocked, Laboni says i wanted Jalal always but now he is mine, Jodha says i will arrest you, Laboni gets angry and approaches Jodha, she shouts on Jodha that have you gone mad? she laughs, she says did you forget that i am not human but soul, you cant arrest me, nor you can kill me, you cant burn me nor you can throw me in water, nobody can see me then how will you fight with me? and who else will fight with me? he will lose his life, Jalal comes there, Laboni goes near him , Jalal is not able to see her, he says to Jodah that you gave special gift to me last night, you won this time too, Jodha says to Jalal that i wanna talk to you, she clutches Jodha’s face in her fist, jalal cant see it, Jodha is silent and says no i dont wanna say anything, Jalal leaves, Laboni laughs and says you cant say anything to your husband, Laboni says to Jodha that if anyone gets to know all this then i will kill your husband and you know i can do it, should i show you demo? Jodha says no dont hurt jalal, Laboni says i should thank you that you killed me, what i couldnt do in my life, i am doing it easily after death, Jodha is tensed.

PRECAP- Ruks says to Jodha that give neclace to me, Jodha says i think this necklace will look nice in my feet than on your neck, Ruks looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I do not figure out what director is trying to show now. It has been quite sickening to watch kala jadu and thought it is finally over. I think it is time to create a story to expose Rukaia Begum and her action in the past with Salim.This will add some spice in the story and would bring Salim and his parents together and will show more love between Jodha and Jalal. This Laboni track must end.

  2. Shahanshah should notice changed Jodha and show the power of love by reveaing the truth. Interesting precap.

  3. Dude i love ths serial,i realy enjoyd todays episode-bhoot aa gaya.i realy want to laugh hard on cvs,seriously how could they even thnk of bhoot.

  4. So knw its the test of our akdha,s luv.

  5. There are so many factors that these writers could write on than wasting time on this stupid Laboni ghost story.Why are they inflaming all these serials with this nonsensical lines about ghost and all these things.Who wants to see this .This story was such a good epic but has lost its flavor due to this witchcraft.I will continue to write and continue to believe that these writers have some interest in witch craft promotion.There is nothing to learn from this except one is interested in this type of science. Just not tasty to the human minds.It is spoiling the series.

  6. saraswati devi

    So finally in the end laboni made love to Jalal …lol # hahaha #
    This story is so messed up and the writer just can’t drop the “witch/ghost ” story line

  7. to tell the truth this witchcraft nonsense is getting way tooooooooooooo monotonous now we can certainly do without it toooooo many witchcraft in all these serials writers why promote this nonsensical shit when there are good messages you could teach like for instance doing good and helping the poor kindness and love for each other all these are good messages instead of all this hate and witchcraft an killing we can do without that please writers

  8. now writers what I want to see is how you getting that evil spirit out of jodhas body when laboni will be aware of what is going on with jodha all the time this storyline is not good at all writers you sent the witchdoctor to help jodha and then you go back on the good you did so jodha freed her husband of laboni now who is going to free jodha of laboni writers you did not think before you wrote this storyline you jackass stop the shit now

  9. to tell the truth it is not only the story messed up but also the writers are way more messed up they are all evil that is why they are promoting evil

  10. Jodha Akbar is a Historical story..It must be shown the actual true story of mughal emperor not this stupid show of black magic…Such a Stupid writer & A stupid directer who forget the actual story of jodha akbar. Full Mad

  11. these directors i dont know what they r upto these

    1. I no right

  12. The writer is success to make us are getting emotional …but I think all you are right the story is loosing quality coz the black magic … Unreal …. I do love Jodha Akbar in previous epic they’re good but now this laboni … Made me sick n not looking foward to c the vidio so sad…. Pls writer end this evil laboni …. Make the story line back on nice track

  13. how can. they know that in the past there is character like laboni and it is given as soul can anyone see the soul did jodhas soul came and told the director that labini did in such a way then how can they create trash like this

  14. Would have been better of they had re telecasted the initial episodes. They were superb.Mayb I’ll quit watching this show. Might come bk wen Salim anarkali affair comes out open

  15. Please to the scriptwriter back JA to the normal track that we loved…ghost n black magic make the fans more angry with this storyline…

  16. Aakhir me jalal ne laboni ko chod hi dia….laboni ki pyas abh bujhi nh h….ab roz raat ko s*x kregi jalal k sath…

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