Jodha Akbar 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
in amer, shaguni bai comes to meena, she says you must be worried as your daughter is lost, meena says yes my world is dark without her, she says jodha had fight with jalal and she didnt come here because i ask her not to, shaguni says she is your daughter how you can close door on her, meena says tell something about her, shaguni says jodha and her husband are going through rough phase of life, its their exam and when this exam is over their relationship will be mpre strong, she is safe, meena ask what should i do, she says nothing, its fate, they are walking on separate path but they will come back on one path, where ever she is, krishna is with her. dont worry.

Scene 2
jalal comes to some place, all village people sit around him, he ask about jodha, they says how

we can know about any stranger, jalal says she is very beautiful. one man says they had seen one girl in common clothes and she had krishna idol in her hand, jalal ask where did she go? they say dont know, jalal says atleast i got hope, i will find jodha.
in agra, hamida goes out, maham comes in her ad is finding something, she gets one box but it has lock on it, maham searches for its key, she finds it and opens box, it has jewels, maham says i have to find that document dont know where she had hidden it, resham says she is coming back, mmaham says she always keep resting in her room, resham says fast, maham think where it should be.
jalal ask some other people about jodha, they say no we havnt seen her, they says we are going to mathura for krishna prayers, jalal says if know jodha then she must around her kahna in mathura, soldier says abul mali is also there, its not safe, jalal says jodha is most important for me.

Scene 3
ruks is scolding hoshiyar that she is not doing her work, hoshiyar ask why your mood is off, ruks says jalal is running behind jodha and dont even remember me, i dont know whats in jodha, hoshiyar praises ruks and says dont know whats jodha have. rahim comes there and sits in ruks lap, she ask what happened, rahim says i am not in mood to do work since jodha went away, she use to sing for me, use to tell story, please tell me a story, ruks says i will try, tell me what you want to listen, he says like jodha, ruks says i am not jodha. rahim says jodha use to tell me about shehenshah, ruks says i will tell you story about big harem and its owner. she tells him her story.
other side jodha remembers rahim and is sad, shehenaz says whom do you miss most? jodha says all but i miss rahim alot, i use to tell him stories, she ask who is rahim? arent you rajvanshi? jodha says no i am rajvanshi, he used to live in neighbour, she ask what type if stories you tell him? jodha says i use to tell him about great emperor, she ask how do you know about him much? jodha says no it was just stories created by me. jodha says you are clever who call you insane, shehnaz says you are so nice and hugs jodha.

Scene 4
rahim doesnt like story and says its queen is not nice, she keep fighting with all, choti ammi use to tell good story, he goes, ruks gets angry that all care about jodha, nobody cares about me.
soldier ask jalal to have some rest, jalal says no its okay and dont worry about my saftey this place is of my jodhaโ€™s kahna so i am safe here. jalal in common clothes is finding jodha in market and thinks that i hope i will find you near your kahna, jodha is standing on stall, jalal passes by that stall without seeing jodha, jodha turns and start walking behind jalal but both couldnt see each other.
its evening, jalal is still finding jodha, he comes to river jamuna and recalls jodha saying she
wishes to go in this river, she use to go in jamuna with her friends, she says if two poeple go in toghter then they have safe life and if somebody alone goes in and prays with pure heart then its all wishes get fulfilled, jalal smiles, jodha ask reason, jalal says sometime i dont understand your talks, jodha says okay keep smiling i will not tell anything, jalal says why you always fight, jodha says why you always laugh on me, i have faith on these things, i have trust on these rivers but you will not understand, jalal says i was just joking. Fb ends. jalal says to soldier that i will go in river. he is going in river, he goes inside water, jodha is in river too very little far from jalal, she is also coming in and out of water, jalal prays that Allah please fulfill my wish of making jodha meet me.

PRECAP- maham is standing on door of her secret hut, she says till i achieve my goals, i will not let you die. i can go to any extend to achieve my plans.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Atisha

    jeez update is very very slow with thanaya other than dat at dis time we wud ve been reading the full update

    A weary Jalal is travelling along the
    road , He comes across a small
    dwelling ..Jalal alights down his
    horse.. A head man approaches
    them with offering of fruit.. The
    soldiers stop him from approaching
    Jalal ..but Jalal stops the soldiers ,
    allows the villagers to come
    forward..Jalal sits on the cot.. In a
    tired , dispirited voice ..Jalal
    describes Jodha , mentions that she
    carried an idol of Krishna and
    enquires whether they saw her.. The
    villagers reply in affirmative .. Jalal
    is elated and feels hopeful for the
    first time.. Jalal wants to know the
    direction taken by Jodh but the
    villagers are ignorant of Jodha’s
    destination and say so..pushing Jlal
    once again into the pits of despair..
    Jalal climbs on his horse and begin
    his onward journey..
    He finds some pilgimage ppl going
    towards Mathura to pray ..Jalal
    realizes that Jodha would have
    headed to Mathura to be with her
    Kanha , he resolves to proceed to
    Mathura But he is warned by his
    entourage that Abul Mali is holed up
    in Mathura * hain, if they know he is
    in Mathura, why haven’t they
    captured him?*..Jalal will not be
    deterred ..He is determined to go to
    Hameeda Begum is seen going out of
    Her Hojra , with a long face resting
    on her lengthy frame.. As soon as
    she leaves Maham sneaks into
    Hameeda’s Hojra, ransacks it to find
    an elusive Farman.. Thankfully
    Jalal’s kistmat is strong..Maham is
    unable to find that farman
    Ruqaiyya is smoking her hukkah,
    feeling quite low and taking it on her
    faithful servant Hoshiyar… Hoshiyar
    as usual proves to be a loyal servant
    and a understanding one.. He
    realizes that something else is
    eating Ruqaiyya.. He prods Ruqaiyya
    to draw out her sadness.. Ruqaiyya
    bursts out saying that she is feeling
    all alone , Jalal who has gone in
    search of Jodha has not even
    bothered to think about her nor come
    back to her.. Ruqaiyya is puzzled at
    Jalals single minded focus and
    wonders what was there in JOdha
    that elicited such reaction from Jalal
    and why he was going in search of
    Jodha personally instead of sending
    couple of battalions to find her..
    Just then Salim is seen running
    inside.. Ruqaiyya quickly orders
    Hosiyar to remove the
    hukkah..Rahim perches himself on
    Ruqaiyya’s lap..Ruqaiyyaa’s
    immediate concern is for her pure
    silk dress.. but when Rahim brings
    up Jodha card..Ruqaiyya’s need to
    show herself as one up asserts..
    Rahim tells Ruqaiyya that Jodha
    used to tell him stories of Kings
    during night time, it was interesting
    and absorbing to hear Yada yada..
    Ruqaiyya promises Rahim that she
    will tell him a story that will be the
    best of all and will be very
    interesting..and she begins to tell a
    stroy based on herself.. Predictably
    Rahim does not like it..he declaims
    the story as a rubbish one and that
    he did not like the girl ..which
    angers Ruqaiyya n hurts her ego..
    as a final and ultimate insult..Rahim
    declares that Jodha is the best story
    teller and runs off while Ruqaiyya
    covers her ears in exasperation and
    not wanting any more Jodha
    groupies doing Jodha chants..
    Jodha is wiping her eyes .. Shenaz
    wants to know the reason for the
    wetness in her eyes .. Jodha replies
    that she remembers Rahim, and that
    she used to tell him stories at this
    hour..Shenaz wants to know what
    sort of stories she used to tell the
    neighborhood boy * Jodha fibs that
    Rahim is a neighborhood boy *
    Jodha says that she used to narrate
    the stories of Mughal Sultanant ,
    their kings etc etc,, Shenaz is
    curious n asks how does Jodha
    know about Mughals and their
    lives..Jodha stalls n diverts the

  3. aliya


  4. @sharon..ya i too agree with u..tht precap is eerie..who she doesnt wnt to die..maybe related to shenaz…nw tht show is goin to extend fr a lifetime am tellin u…maham track..shenaz track..akdhas track..ufff

  5. Haha..ya tht scene of rahim n ruq..ill watch it as soon as possible..but ruq must hv been really annoyed…toD was vry borin..n the promo was in last scene so nw wait till tommrw to no wat happens..>_<

  6. U no guys i tried driftin myself frm this show..but no way.
    Akdha is so cute whether thy fightin
    N the teasin scenes always seem to hv a lot of romance..jalal is alwys direct but jodha vry strict..thts y thy r like tht nw…watevr may happen nw..ill stick to the show..i lov this show evn the borin scenes…

  7. Ek hassena thi is vry differnt frm all serials ive encountered…new concept..not saas bahu 1 thnk god…well hope the best fr this show…

  8. aivar

    I found it a little boring… it needed some excitement… I think the best part was when rahim put ruks in her place by saying jodha is better…

  9. aivar

    I like twilight too… anaelle 24 I agree she probably will… what do u guys think of Shehnaz… she is weriod… do u guys think she is negative or positive character…

  10. @aivar shenaz is a huge character with countless thoughts abut her in JA….as fr nw shes +ve but later may create turmoil in akdhas life i.e -ve..

  11. sonu

    Heyy guys….u ol slipin?anyways I just wanted to say tt I luv this show…I read ur ppls comments everyday….anaelle shrada sharon n ol…id lyk to join u ppl

  12. Hey!!!! Guys hiiii,
    Beintehaa is a good serial coz they don’t stick at one topic for monthes,, they just finish with a track in 1 or 2 days,,
    Further ipkknd and now ek haseena thi are also better.
    I also like mohabbatein.
    Anyone watch this serial!!!!
    Jodha akbar is getting tooooooo boring but don’t know why i am still addicted 2 this serial >_=<


  14. Tht prob has been solved arohi
    Anywayd just saw new promo
    Brief review of wat i undrstood:
    NXT SOMEONE IS ON GROUND N ALL VILLAGERS R AROUND TO NO WHO IT MAY BE..WELL JODHA SEES THT ITS JALAL N IS SHOCKED AS I THINK JALAL IS DEAD OR UNCONSCIOUS..but of course lead roles cnnt maybe jodha will take her role of physician once again…n she will surely accept her jalal again n go back to palace…

  15. Written Update….new promo

    The entire aashram inmates and aam jantaa have gathered around a person who is lying on the ground on a white sheet and is covered with another one …

    Jodha looks at it scared .. Worried .. The wind blows to reveal the face of the person and it is none other than her shehenshah …Jodha is horrified .. eyes brimming with tears ….
    Jodha recalls how Jalal had pleaded for forgiveness and begged her that he would not live with out her forgiveness …. And how she had refused to forgive him …

    Jodha regrets her actions and prays to Kanha that may her husband be alive and out of danger

  16. My mom used to watch n she nos hindi..n with time i too strted watchin n learnin hindi…am nt at hindi speakin but cn undrstnd mostly…n mauritius has multiple nt hindu..

  17. Kt

    Just 4 time pass. I went 2 many other like ek mutthi asman qoobul hai
    sapne suhane ladakpan
    den jodha akbar

  18. This show is nt borin yar its thy way the tracks r dne tht dnt suit this show…in the promo ja met perhaps thyll meet toD or tommrw..

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