Jodha Akbar 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal comes out of room ans shouts on soldier that this is my palace and nobody can hide here, find qasim and Zeenat.
ruks says to jodha that its all your fault, you couldn’t protect hussain, jodha says he was my child, I shouldn’t have gone leaving him, ruks says this cant happen, my world is destroyed, I wont leave anyone, Rahim comes there and shows poisonous finger to Salima, he says I found it in garden, he goes from there, all are seeing it, Zakira says this is not simple thing, this is one wasy to give poison so that person who gives poison remains safe, I know this as Benazir used this trick, Salima says now I know that its all done by Zeenat, as I saw zeenat in garden area finding something, doctor says I doubt zeenat from before, actually she listened about

syrup which was given to ruks, I think she gave syrup to make her a away from hussain, she checks finger and says this is poisonous, hamida says Oh God.
jalal says I wont leave them, Qasim and zeenat are hiding, he ask zeenat to control her child, he should not make noise, he ask zeenat to hide in harem, he will hide somewhere else, zeenat goes and hide behind pillar in harem.

Scene 2
Qasim hiding, he says there is no way out, Maan ask soldiers to qasim at any cost, Qasim gets tensed.
Ruks comes in harem, she shouts on dasies that I want zeenat, hamida ask Salima to handle Ruks while she will see jodha, she goes from there to jodha, ruks says I want Zeenat at any cost, don’t know where characterless women is hiding.
Qasim is hiding, bharmal is also searching him, Qasim finding not any way comes out in open with his sword and starts killing soldiers, Bharmal comes there, Qasim says let me go else I will kill you, bharmal says you have no way to go.
ruks says I wont leave this women today, I will take her life, she listens child’s crying voice from behind wall, she stops listening it. ruks starts moving toward wall, she sends soldiers in, they catches Zeenat and takes her to ruks, ruks says I trusted you, I gave you my child to feed him and you took his life, zeenat says I am sorry, forgive me, ruks says you will get punishment you will see your child dying, she snatches zeenat’s child from her, Ruks is holding zeenat’s child and says killing in return of killing, you killed my child, now you will see your child dying infront of you, zeenat says no don’t do it with my child, don’t take his life, ruks says why, now when its about your child so you are screaming, you didn’t see innocence of my child killing him, salima comes there and takes child from ruks, she says to ruks that you cant do it, you cant become like her, you are Mughal queen, ruks says no I am lost mother whose child was killed by this women, I wont leave her, she has to die tasting that poison only, ruks brings that finger and makes Zeenat taste it, zeenat dies there only, ruks smiles as she feels peace seeing her die, Salima in shock sees all this.

Scene 3
Bharmal have sword fighting with Qasim, Qasim is attacking him, bharmal beats him and puts sword in his belly and says this is for killing those innocent children, Qasim dies there, jalal comes there and with anger looks at Qasim, he takes dagger and keep putting it qasim’s deadbody ruthlessly, hamida comes there and stops jalal.
its last ceremony Hussain, jodha says when my child was dying, I was enjoying romance, she recalls her time spent with jalal that night, she thinks how can I be so careless, priest says there will be last prayer for child, call jalal, jalal comes there all broken, he sees his child draped in white cloth, Hamida says to Jalal that its time to pray for your second child Hussain as his death ceremony is done and he will be buried, jalal looks at hamida and says what prayer, from whom I should ask, from god? I have no faith in god now, hamida says this is sin, don’t say it, jalal says I wont believe in god, where was he when those devils were killing my children, he doesn’t have power to save innocents, we all prayed for safety of our children but they are gone, if there is God then he has to ask forgiveness from me for taking my children, there is no god, Jalal looks at sky and instead of praying, he gets angry on God and says from now on, I will not trust that God who took life of my innocent twins, I will become the same old jalaluddin who was ruthless and cruel, I will have no love and goodness in my heart from now on, jodha is shocked.

PRECAP- Hamida says jalal has gone to wrong path, he didn’t get justice so he has gone to give justice himself.
jalal puts sword on one man’s neck, man ask to forgive him but jalal angrily looks man, jodha is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Di

    Oh well, life happens. But I’m pretty sure Jodha will get pregnant after their night of passion & romance!!

  2. Di

    Still, I can’t understand what Zeenat & Qasim’s motive were for killing the twins?? What did Jalal or Jodha do to warrant such treatment from them??

  3. Arun

    The relation of jodha n ak is reached on same place from where it started.One side shansha is frustrated and another side jodha is blaiming herself for intimate relatiom of that night which cause death of Hussain.

  4. ash

    Even though the new promo of jalal becoming cruel was sad…he was looking sooo handsome on the angry man look ,guyzzz what say??

  5. Sree

    Why entertainment has become emotional drama yaa…… I don’t think anything like this happened in history….. Dear story writer….. Add masala to story and make audience enjoy instead of making them cry….and feel bad.

  6. Here’s something else i don’t understand…. the poison killed the twins over a few hours but the poison killed zeenat instantly…… mind boogles over this.

  7. Crystal

    I feel dat ruks is d master planner behind
    dis becoz wen she killed zeenat she knew
    where d poison was n killed her using dat

  8. shreya

    ruk is not like that ok crystal n on the base of what u said this…….jo kya kam hai kaisi maa dono bacha mar gaya par usko bhanak bhi nahi para ishq lara rahin thi maharani ji aur bharna kisko para ruk ko n ja u b the old 1 n luv only ruk n let jo b down bcoz she deserves that…….

  9. shreya

    i n my mom is seeing this serial but now she has left seeing only i see it now bcoz now this serial has bcome frustating n i see it still bcoz my sub is his n will b soooo…,.!!!!!!

  10. shreya

    i m bck n i wnt to say that jo didnt had any reaction on seeing her chld dead but ruk though she is not real mother she took that revenge that one shud do n if jo wud hv been here then she must hv said “koi baat nahi ham iss tarah se nahi kar sakte mera bacha mar gaya to mar jane do kya jata hai agar ham aesa karenge to humme aur ussme fark kya reh jaega…..”!!!!!!!

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