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Jodha Akbar 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Haidar’s uncle instigate Murad against Salim that all have sidelined you, you have to do something. Hamida, Salima comes to Jodha, Aram says i will gift Jodha, she gifts Jodha sword on Salima’s behald, Salima says i prays that you remain happy always, Hamida gifts dress to Jodha, Hamida ask Ruks will you not congratulate Jodha? Ruks congratulate her and says who can gift Jodha, she is special wife of Jalal, how can anyone gift her? Jodha says she is right, you all are with me thats enough, Ruks says but have to follow rules, she gifts Jodha, Salima says to Jodha that your mehndi color is very dark in your hands just like your love, Hamida sys Jodha is my daughter, i will attend marriage from Jodha’s side, i will do her kanyadan too, Jodha gets emotional and hugs her, Salima

says then i will come from Jodha’s side too, Ruks sys wil Jalal go alone then? i will come from Jalal’s sie then, alla smile.
Salima makes Jalal wear turban (sehra), Salim says you are looking nice, Jalal says you will wear it soon too, i and Jodha have decided to do your marrriage with Mann soon, let Bhagwan das come here, Salim thinks i cant marry Mann but how to tell Jalal, Jalal says you know when i got married to Jodha, i used to hate her then she loved me and changed my hatred into love, if your mother had not come in my life then you would have not been here, love is very importantant in life, i had heart before too but she made it beat, she gave life to heart, Salim says so love is everything? Jalal says yes, love is everything, it makes you live life nicely, it gives you reason to live, Salim thinks that means i have to tell about my love to everyone soo.

Scene 2
Jodha is getting ready as bride, Salima says you are looking very nice, Aram puts black spot on her ear and says evil cast will not fall on you now, Aram ask when will i become bride? Salima says where is your groom? Aram says dont know, she ask Jodha to tell my groom to not white horse, i like brown horse, Jodha and Salima laughs.
Jalal comes to venue with Ruk, Murad, Daniyal, Salim and others. Hamida does their aarti and tilak. Jalal comes in Mandir, priest ask to call bride, Hamida and Salima brings Jodha, she is in veil and slightly glances at Jalal, both smile at each other, Jalal recall how he first saw her in palanquin in Amer, Hamida makes Jodha stand beside Jalal and says i am giving my most precious person to you, take care of her, Jalal says dont worry, your precious person is most precious gift to me, i will take care of her all my life, i will give her all the happiness, Jodha shyly smiles, they sit in mandap, Anarkali comes there, she smiles at Salim, Salim thinks that soon we will marry too, Anar thinks i wanna marry you Salim but i get afraid if it will ever happen or not, Salim thinks soon i will make you. Jalal ask Jodha that you remember gift? Jodha says i didnt forget it but you should also not not forget, Jalal smiles. Jodha imagines Laboni there, she nods to Jodha, Jodha says to Jalal that dont get angry on me, she was repenting so much and she has got punishment for her deeds, she was asking forgiveness and if i didnt forgive her then it would look rude so forgave and she has come here, Jalal ask whom you are talking about? Jodha points to one corner, Jodha says to Jalal that i have invited her, there is no one there, Jodha looks there and finds no one now, she gets tensed, priest ask them to exchange garlands, they get and exchange garlands, flower petals are sprinkled, priest ask Jalal to take Jodha hand in your hand, Jalal does that, Laboni puts her hand on their hands too, Jodha is shocked to see that, she ask Laboni to leave, Jalal ask what happened? there is no one here, Jodha is shocked to see her gone, priest ask them to get up for pheras(rounds), Jalal and Jodha takes 7 pheras, Jodha imagines Laboni taking pheras too, she tells Jalal, Jalal says there is no one here, why you are teasing me? he cannot see Laboni but Jodha can, pheras are done. Priest ask Jalal to apply Sindoor (vermillion) to Jodha, Jalal raises his hand to apply Sindoor (vermillion) on Jodha forehead, Laboni comes inbetween, Jodha is shocked, Sindoor falls on Laboni’s forehead, Jodha is stunned, Jalal applies sindoor on Jodha’s forehead, he cannot see Laboni there, Jodha faints seeing Laboni, Jalal ask to call doctor.

PRECAP- Jodha is lying on bed, Laboni’s soul enters Jodha’s body, Jalal comes there, Jodha stares him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Laboni is back, problem is only Jodha can look her. This time probably Shahanshah will solve the issue

  2. Story is similar to ekta kapoors kya haadsa kya haqueeqat.

  3. writers I thought you got rid of laboni and her mother what shit you all continuing with just remember the witch doctor has already left now why let laboni spirit enter into jodha that was not called for please end this witchcraft nonsense now we the viewers are totally fed up now and there is no substance to it at all it is total crap

  4. I thought when the mother was killed that the daughter laboni would be killed too she got burned in the fire yet she is still roaming about in jodhas mind jodha should not have forgiven her for all the torture she endured for herself and jalal and family maybe through the forgiveness of jodha that is what she laboni needed to get back alive so that was the mistake jodha made forgiving her laboni she has to undo it now and end her once and for all

  5. No wonder the ratings have come down. With the crap they are showing it will still come down. Can’t help thinking of the first 300 episodes. They were too good. No comparison at all. Now it’s all rubbish rubbish rubbish. True,as a serial you can’t show his

  6. True,as a serial you can’t show history as it is.But this is too much. What do they think of us viewers. ..a bunch of morons ?

  7. saraswati devi

    Hahaha haha. …this black magic crap continue another weeks ..!!
    Good job writer ..### LMFAO ###

  8. what nonsense is this black magic gone now it a ghost story this just getting boring n annoyin now another week or two in waste of crap n madness

  9. Hahaha,bhoot aa gaya lagta jodha akbar ka set pae.nice one cvs.

  10. Borrrring laboni …..! Why she still in the story line..,,! Jodha is not learn from her lesson about laboni…please laboni already took over the story toooooo long ! Please ending her let Jalal call yogi and let lab burn completely n end her from the story. Lab has been pain in the neck hey

  11. Oh my good…track laboni again..!!!please make the normal track….laboni track makes JA fans bored because is absurb and nonsence…i think this track not make a rating better…we loved to see the first 300 episode…its awesome..please make the normal story f JA…??

  12. Oh NO! Not this witch craft crap again. I hate that the writers are using this story line in Jodha.

  13. Laboni is still problem for JA.

  14. Writer black magic episode enough continue jalal and jodha romance and brillient episode so bore please consider

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