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Jodha Akbar 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha says i can’t put on this mehndi this is not my right. Hamida says what happened jodha? Jodha says because as much as i have right on salima, ruks and salima do have a right on him. They will put on the mehndi as well. Manbai sees anarkali and says come here, put mehndi is my hands. Anar puts mehdni in her hand. Arham comes and slips over the mehndi it gets messed up. Anar says i am sorry. Manbai says mehndi is on your hands too, you are soon going to be married as well. anar says i am going to clean it. Jodha looks at her and says in heart this is so difficult, the same mehdni would be in anarkali’s hands if jalal had given the nod.
Salim sees anarkali, they are both in tears. The song ‘rabba is pyar main’ plays in background. Anarkali leaves.

comes to Jodha and ask why did you call me? Jodha thinks i called him so that he cane make me eat but he is showing ego, Jodha says nothing, Jalal says i dont have time, he is about to leave but dasi comes and says i have brought food, Jodha says i dont wanna eat, leave, Jalal ask her to keep food there and leave, Dasi put food there and leaves, he ask Jodha why you are not eating? i am miffed with you as you made me wait alot last night, Jodha says whats my fault, Aram was not going from room, Jalal says ok i am ready to be fine but i have one condition that when you eat, you will have to feed me, Jodha says i cant do it, Jalal says you are showing ego? Jodha says i really cant feed you food, she shows him mehndi on her hands, she says i called you so that you can feed me, Jalal says its beautiful, i will never want it to be destroyed, i will feed you food, they both sit and Jalal makes her eat with his hands.

Scene 2
Jalal and Jodha are sleeping in room, someone comes there in veil and attacks Jalal, he attacks Jalal with dagger, it turns out to be Jodha’s dream, she gets afraid, Jalal wakes up and ask what happened? Jodha ask are you fine? Jalal says i am fine, i think you saw a bad dream, Jodha says i feel like something bad is going to happen, Jalal says no its such a good situation, our son is getting married, nothing to worry, he makes her sleep in his arms.
In morning, Jodha comes to Mann’s ubtan ceremony and says i will apply ubtan to my niece, Anarkali is there too, Mann’s mother says you can attend this wedding from both side, she is your niece and also daughter in law, Jodha says i will fulfill both, Jodha sit to apply ubtan to Mann, she glances at Anar, Anar stealthily wipes her tears.
Jalal is with Jodha, Jodha throws Haldi powder on his dress, he gets miffed, Jodha says i will wipe it, i was just joking, Jalal says you have started this game, he puts haldi on her face, Jodha says now i have to bath again, i will not leave you, she runs behind him to apply on his face, Jalal says no i have to go to court, dont apply, Jodha gets angry, Jalal says dont be angry, he applies haldi on his face himself and ask is it fine now? Jodha applies more and says now its fine, both laugh and hug each other.
Anar makes Mann ready, she says you are looking like moon, very pretty, Jodha comes and says you are right, she says to Mann that as blessing i have brought dupatta of my marriage, i want you to wear it, i pray that your marriage is blissful, she gives dupatta to Anarkali and leaves, anar makes mann wear that dupatta, she recalls how Salim said that Anar you will be my life partner, she imagines herself wearing that dupatta, Mann ask why you have tears in your eyes? Anar says today my best friend is going to be married so its tears of happiness, she says only anklet is missing, Mann says i dont know where it is, Anar gives her anklet of hers and recalls how Salim gifted it to her, she says this is gift from my side to you, dont think its of dancer but take it as friend’s gift, Mann says dont say like this, your gifts are lucky for me, remember when you gave your mang tikka to me, Salim liked it and also liked me that day, i am entering a new life and this anklet is blessing for me, Anar makes her wear it.

Scene 3
Jalal comes to Salim and says that soon you will be proud of your decision, i am very much happy today, the most precious day of father’s life is when his baby is born and when his kid gets married, this is my most happiest day, he makes Salim wear sehra, he says i am sure Mann will be lucky for you, Jalal says you are looking very nice, congrats for your marriage, he leaves.
Pooja starts, Hindu priest ask Bhagwan and his wife to make Jalal and Jodha wear garland, they do it, Madhav sees it with anger, Aram comes to Jodha and says i wanna talk to you, Jodha says not now, Aram says now i wanna talk right now, she says marriage is very nice, i want to get married too, all laughs, Jodha says then you have to leave this palace, aram says i will keep my groom in palace only, Salima says you are right but when groom comes here then he will ask your toys, he will take it, Aram says then i dont want to marry, all laughs, Jodha thanks Salima for saving her from Aram, Priest ask all to go to mandap side.
Jodha is going towards mandap and finds Madhav talking with some people, she thinks what they are doing here? she comes to Madhav and ask them to go to mandap, time is passing for ritual, she leaves, Madhav goes with men on terrace. Madhav says to his men and says i have arranged gift for Salim, this will be last gift of his life, Jodha is going and finds tulsi leaves missing from plate, she goes on terrace to take it and finds Madhav talking to his men, Madhav says to his men that go to Salim’s room and kill him and other will kill Jalal in mandao, Jodha is shocked listening it.

PRECAP- Madhav attacks Salim and is about to kill him but jodha puts sword on his neck.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please update fast 🙂

  2. Will salon marry Mann?????

    1. ***salim

    2. Yes according to “real history ‘ and they have children also .

    3. Yup they would. And if u remember beginning of salim anar track jagat was shown, she will too marry salim

  3. jodha good that you listened in on mandhav conversations so that you were able to save your son salim writers give us a nice sword fight between jodha and manhav now and spice this serial up let jalal be proud of his jodha for saving their sons life that would be a nice script we need to see jodha use her sword fighting skills more often

  4. Today was one of the finest episodes. How like children jalal and jodha play with each other. It was such a delight to watch them. What a couple they make! I am going to watch it again tonight at 2pm.

    As for the precap, I was hoping that the person who placed the sword would be jodha. I was right. I am very excited. Cant wait to see tomorrow’ episode.

    At last we die hard akdha fans can heave a sigh of releif. With today’s episode I am sure JA will regain its lost position and the trp will shoot up. There is no need to worry now about JA.

  5. Read translations of ain-e akbari. Jodha could pass farman as she was mother to heir. But rukaiya was chief consultant to Akbar and jahangir. Would have been given utmost importance in shah jahan rule if she hadn’t died a yr before his coronation

  6. I really liked today’s episode. cn’t wait to see jodha 2morw savng his son

  7. Khusro was the son of Manbai and Salim. He will be killed by Khurram aka shahjahan who is the son of jag at and Salim. Manbai will consume poison. Mehrunissa aka noorjahan was the widow of sher afghan and she will marry Salim . She had one daughter ladli begum but no issue with Salim despite beloved queen. Rukaiya will bring up jag at son shahjahan….

    1. Finally someone who knows history

  8. Shah jahan similar to ashok killed all his brothers so dat no one may plot against him. He was already sick of nur plotting. Nur a strong character but was like d rukaiya shown in serial

  9. Then wht abt anarkali

    1. Anarkali will shown in this serial DAT is buried alive. And then with jalal’s order would b taken to exile. Without salim’s knowledge. Salim would believe DAT his father killed his love

      1. Thanks for the reply ji

  10. Gangaa update plzz

  11. This show never give the viewers what they want. Why cant salim and anar be together! I thought the show supposedly is not following historic facts…

    1. Except d place where marriage of hir kunwar and Akbar took place they have added Mirch masala in every thing

  12. For people who love history watch Tudors. History king henry 8 of england

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