Jodha Akbar 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
khaibar dies, jodha and jalal are stunned, jodha is sad, maan says he killed himself, why? jodha says because he came to know that everybody hates you, khaibar you had to bear so pain in this world, i hope that in next birth you get love and a good life, jodha looks at jalal and smiles she rest her head on his shoulder.
in tent, jodha thinks that khaibar was wish i could change fate of khaibar because i was also responsible for what ever happened but if i didn’t do what i did then he would have died in that well too. some doctor come, jalal says to jodha that they will check you, doctor ask did anything dangerous happened with you, jodha looks at jalal and says that i had to run a lot and had to hungry, also i drowned in lake, jalal gets angry and clutches his knuckles, doctor

says you are lucky as your children are safe but you have to be careful, jodha says yes now i will take care of everything, doctor gives her medicine and goes from there, jalal also goes from there while jodha looks at him going, maan is there in her room and greets her, maan says i want to talk to you, jodha says go ahead, maan says i know you want to talk to jalal but i wanna tell what happened in your absence so that you can understand jalal’s state of mind, he tells her how jalal found her clothes in hut and how he said that he will not eat food, maan leaves, jodha says i have to talk to jalal, don’t know what is he thinking.
munim sees jalal outside tent and thinks that jalal didn’t go to jodha and this is not good, sharif comes there and says that the thieves were killed by khaibar, it would be good if jalal had sent me to kill khaibar.
adham comes to maham and tells her that jodha has been found and khaibar is dead,now it will be fun, he ask what happened, you didn’t answer me, after all this will jalal accept jodha? maham says question that why jalal will not accept jodha? jodha have powerful weapon that is heir of Mughal saltanat and jalal will not leave her alone, adham says but jodha’s respect and rajvanshi honor will decrease, maham is about to answer him but she listen someone playing music and says we will talk later, adham goes from there.
atifa is playing music, in harem, ruks ask did all preparations for music night is done? hoshiyar says yes, hoshiyar sees one eunuch and says i felt like he was male not eunuch, ruks goes behind him.
the eunuc comes to atifa and its her husband only, he says that i am sorry for what ever happened, jalal i snot in palace, its a good chance, we should run from here, atifa gets tensed, ruks comes there and shouts how can a male come in harem, husband says she is my wife and i have right to meet her, she is being captured here, ruks shouts silent, do you whom you are talking? i can put you behind bars, atifa says to her husband says that go from here and never show his face, ruks says that if jalal gets to know that you came in harem then he will put you inbetween walls and will kill you, husband says that she is my wife and i will not leave her like this, i will come back, he leaves, ruks says to atifa that if you want to be with your husband then forget about luxuries of harem as this harem is of jalal, atifa says sorry but i ddnt call him i was just waiting fro jalal, ruks says this is the last time i am warning you that this harem is mine and never try to break its rules, she goes from there.

Scene 3
jodha is waiting for jalal and comes out, soldier comes and ask what she needs, she ask where is jalal? soldier says i will check and will inform you, jalal comes there from back and says were you waiting for me? jodha says jalal.. jalal says not here, come inside.
they come in tent, jodha says that when you came to save me then i thought that everything is fine between us but after coming here i get to know that you angry, i am sorry for my mistake, jalal says really you are sorry? jodha says try to understand, khaibar was in pain in well and it was including in your sin, jalal says i tried to make you understand that khaibar is a beast not a human, he doesn’t know about human and their ethics even then you went to him and he took this sign wrongly, think once that why i didn’t kill him, why i put him well? i just wanted to inform people that they are safe from that beast but i didn’t kill him and you thought that i have no sense, i have no humanity, i am fool, you don’t trust my decision, jodha says nothing like that. jodha says to jalal that i know i did the mistake but my intention wasn’t wrong, if i hurt your heart than forgive me, jalal says every mistake doesn’t have forgiveness, you know because of you, people are gossiping khaibar killed my many soldiers so isn’t it injustice to their families, that khaibar killed many village people isn’t it injustice? and i hold you responsible for all this so tell me this sin have forgiveness? i wanted our problems to remain between us, how many times you went against my decisions but i ignored it so that people doesn’t disrespect you, but you disrespected Mughal saltanat, jodha says i know what people are gossiping about me, all are thinking that why i made food for khaibar but they don’t know that i am pregnant and i have to feed my children, all are thinking that why i changed my clothes but i am a mother and i have to save my children from cold, i don’t care about anybody but i want to ask you that don’t you trust me too? jalal says you never trust me but let me answer you that even after i wanted but i couldn’t doubt you.

Scene 4
in night, jodha and jalal are lying on bed but has their back to each other, jalal turns and looks at jodha sadly, both are distraught and cant sleep, jodha gets up and looks at jalal, she lies down again, tumne jab socha sad version plays.
jalal comes with jodha to palace, all are waiting for them, jodha comes out of palanquin, hamida is happy to see her but jalal and jodha are sad, people gossip that will jalal forgive jodha? other say maybe he wont accept her now, jalal listens this and goes to jodha, he holds her hand, all are stunned, jodha looks at jalal, jalal shows he holding jodha’s hand and says that i thank God that jodha safely came back, i want all of you to welcome her, jodha gets happy and smiles looking at jalal, jodha touches hamida’s feet, hamida removes evil eye from her.

Scene 5
jalal jodha and all come in, jalal leaves jodha’s hand, hamida says thank god you came back safely, ruks says i have called a doctor for you, jodha says thanks but jalal called doctor last night only, ruks says thank god atleast he cares for his children, hamdia says its not time to discuss this, ruks says when will time come to tell jodha that she was wrong, jodha says you are right, what i did was wrong and i am sorry for all this mess, jalal ask ruks is everything fine in absence? ruks nods, jalal ask where is atifa? i mean did his husband came to torture her? jodha is stunned to see jalal’s concern for atifa.

PRECAP- zakira comes to jodha and informs her that jalal announced his nikaah with atifa, jodha is shocked as hell and says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. missM

    Wat happnd 2 u jalal again…. err… i hate u jalal. Anyways u r right in a way jo did wrong but wat u did 2 her was also wrong but u asked abt atifa and u also announced 2 marry her u didn’t felt 4 jo but u just worried abt kids i hate u jalal.i hate 2days epi.

  2. Arun

    both jodha and shahansha will understand each others feelings, it seems shahansha is also pretending about atifa. no mahaepisode on sat.

  3. Sanam

    Please change the story now. Where the heck did Atifa come from??? This is so dumb & Jodha & Jalal beat all odds to be together & Atifa is no one to break them up!!! Atifa looks so old & disgusting she’s fit to be Jalal mother!!! Queen Jodha is Jalals love & he needs to be with her right now she’s carrying he’s children. Please take this Atifa out!!!

  4. JK

    Jalal said something very telling. He said, “I trust you, but you don’t trust me…”

    I think he is eluding to whatever he is doing with Atifa… but he cannot tell Jodha. I think he will marry but there is a reason behind it, I feel this time is it a power move.
    Otherwise this producer is out to lunch b/c she did not show any love blossoming between Jalal and Atifa… this lady was brought in with her questionable husband. I don’t think Atifa is evil. I think she is the proverbial damsel in distress…. and who better to save her than the man who is using her for political reasons. This is why Jalal is marrying her.

  5. devika

    I don’t know more people gave a good honor to ja
    Today episode jalal give res to Jo in all people
    Jo many things ja it’s a small mater(ja give res to Jo infont. Of all people

  6. I hate this serial . Hate jalal . Hate atifa . Hate kuqaiya . Hate ekta kapoor . Hate her cv’s . Hated the epi .worst epi n i think i m not going to watch this until this track is over . Go to hell ekta !! Bye guys

  7. Keep watching Jodha Akbar guys I know Jalal behaviour towards Jodha is terrible, but I think we might be suprise in the end………. Jodha is jalal one true love how can anyone replace her……… I have a feeling Jalal knows what he’s doing and doesn’t love atifa……. There must be a reason he fancy her so much….. I’m watching JA til the end and waiting to see what happens next!!!!!!

  8. Hey guys did u saw the new promo for shahi somvaar ? In that promo akbar says in front of all harem women that i married many women for many reasons but only one for love and saw atifa and atifa smiles and jodha in a teary eye gets shock after hearing this . I don’t know but if jalal is pretending he is going very far in his stupid drama . Just hate ekta and also akbar .

  9. Arun

    shahansha will never marry a married woman, he is aware of the rule, might be for stopping torture on atifa by her husband he is doing drama. he wants to give message.

  10. U am not sure
    But first
    I thought that he is acting both though out his behaviour it is looking like he is completely love in atifa
    Or or we can say lust of IT ——
    Whatever it is
    I have heared 1 thing
    ThT the dialog which he said that (
    I wanted to not to trust u but I failed and u fully untrusted me )
    Could it mean he wanted to tell her but
    Don’t that he is acting cause
    First he told that he is in love of atifa
    But now ???????
    So what’s your oppiniun

  11. Deeksha

    Really this promo came on tv . If its true than i am very sad about jodha :'(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(onow i want to cry . But i saw a new pic of atgh he changed his look with mughal ordinary sipayee . I think jalal and atgh and tordamal have some plans about this suitation.

    YA where is tordamal best of jalal his has goes for some secrect mission

  12. Sania why r nt replying my calls n messages. After all we r getting married then why whats the problem in it? N the most important thing we r gf n bf of each other frm last 4 yrs. Why r u behaving like a typical muslim girl. See tommorow is our engagement so i dont want any thing rubbish between us n ya reply me on whats app i wil wait fr it. I LUV U my dear ur most precious in my life n i think u think the same. Luv u my sweet heart:-*

  13. What the rubbish
    What the hell r u blubring
    Are u gone mad or some thing
    Who the hell r u
    Tally update
    Are u gone mad
    Guyed were what rubbish he is talking damned
    I don’t know him and he is speaking ediot

  14. Any one online to
    Scold that damn unknown man
    Who is frequently talking love things
    Where as even I don’t know him

  15. Oh thanks god or online
    See him what he is blubring
    He is saying we r going to engage
    I used to forgive every one but
    Is enough
    Stop it

  16. Deeksha

    I think someone is has changed his name and doing this nonsence talk . I just say sania ignore it . And be cool .

  17. Arun

    two question in mind, jodha gave birth to Salim/jehangir after 6 years of marriage but in serial she has just celebrated 1st anniversary and probably Salim had no twin brother or sister. So it seems this time their babies will die.

  18. Arun

    Two questons in mind, Jodha gave birth to Salim/Jehangir after six years of marriage but in serial she has just celebrated 1st wedding anniversary, and probably Salim had no twin brother or sister, so this time it seems the twin babies will die, after the dua of Sheikh Salim Chisti by visit of Akbar to him she will again become mother.

  19. No cutie I don’t know this
    Box headed guy
    I think so he is disturbing me
    And want me to leave or something
    He has gone mad I think so I think so he has
    Changed his name into tellly update
    He wants tomake me fool
    Where as he is

  20. Yeah u r right
    I should seriously chill
    This is public website
    Different types of people come here
    U r totally tight cutie

  21. Deeksha

    I dont want too see jodha in this condition . Jalal please tell her that you are acting . I dout that we also dont know till now that jalal is acting. And tommorows maha mangas behvarior i think that atifa is mahamangas weapon

  22. They say that make it a healthy discussion place so guys we can see it is a healthy discussion place that some1 is posting rubbish comment trough their name n making other people victim of his or her stupidness. N wow amazing, once i just posted that atiba if u cant update on time then leave it.It wud be better fr u n fr that they removed my comment n now they r nt removing that blo*dy comment isn’t it amazing guys????? Really u r wo…..

  23. Hi sameer
    I guess u r finally back
    Cause I don’t saw u from that lasssssst
    By the way
    Welcome ones again πŸ™‚

  24. w3hat no no no no
    no more evil enteries i am agressive to see more enteries ufff
    being sad
    plz if it is bad or worst entery just die
    but if its good and will find the truth of atifa and mahamanga
    than its all right guyes \

  25. any 1 online pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    gettinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg boirrrrrreeeeeeddddddddd
    aaannnyyyyy ooonnnne

  26. Sanner promo dakha hai ja na kaha hai us na hard nicha reason se ki ya hai lek in ye nikha who apnea mohabbat ke liye karaga
    Usaki mohabbat jodha jodha ko safe karne ka liye woh ya nikha kare ga
    So guys indirectly ja ne jo ko apne mohabbat kaha
    Think on that

    I READ

  28. Felling
    Happy πŸ™‚ & exited πŸ˜‰
    For today’s owsum episode waoo
    Because a time will come when jodha’s meter
    Will break down and she will say enough is enough and will not cure the heels of a prisoners once more and more.
    Waoooo what an resemnlence πŸ˜›

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