Jodha Akbar 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 14th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
ruks ask jalal his opinion, he panics and says i.. ruks says look he said yes, jalal says no.. jodha says he will not go. jalal says you both stop it, he ask to bring salima. salima comes, he explains his situation, she says you should stay in palace but you should play chooghan, he says its brilliant idea, ruks is satisfied.
javeda is crying, maham comes and what, javeda says i slipped, maham ask for bandhi, javeda says she left, she ask where are you hurt, javeda says its in heart, maham says i will hakima, javeda says its because of your son, i saw dream where i was playing chooghan with him, i was looking beautiful in its dress. i was about to win but dream broke, maham says i also got dream in which i became deaf so write whatever pproblem you have, she leaves.


rahim is in pond, he splashes water on jodha, jodha says i came to make you learn swimming i dont want to be wet, rahim comes out, he pushes jodha in water, she falls in water and scolds rahim, sharif sees jodha in water. he imagines to be with jodha at pond, he says you dont have right to be wet, jodha ask why? he says you can kill anyone, you are looking like mermaid, everyone want to touch you, jodha says who stopped you, his imagines vanishes. bakshi comes there and ask what are you doing, he says i was looking at jodha, i am imagining you in her, soon you will there, and my son will there in place of rahim.
jodha says to rahim that have become naughty, he says you have to get wet for swimming, jodha says okay, PRECAP. jodha ask forgiveness, moti gives him towel, jalal ask what did i do that you punished me, jodha says it was accident, jodha comes out, jalal comes closer, he says look you made me wet, jodha says your take advantage of situation, you are clever, look how you managed to make me and ruks satisfied. jalal says salima saved from getting compressed between two begums,jodha says you fear of wife, jalal says nobody can be saved from wife’s problems, he ask you are coming at spot where i will be playing chooghan? jodha says yes, jalal says so i have to prepare to look good, he leaves, jodha is thinking and smiles.

Scene 3
jodha comes with salima at spot of game, she says we will enjoy it, salima says i like these games. javeda says to maham that i saw dream of chooghan today and now setup is being set, maham ask her to be quite. jalal is coming in very different and nice dress, wearing shalwar kameez and vest. jodha stops and keeps looking at him, she cant take off her eyes, she comes to jalal and says so you were talking about this look, jalal says i was talking about it hope you like it, jodha says you are looking handsome, jalal has broad smile and says to keep looking at me, i mean i will play game with you next time so see it clearly. ruks comes dressed nicely, javeda says she is looking same like in my dream. ruks come to jalal and says are you ready it? jalal says lets see who wins, ruks says if i take it to heart then nobody can win against me, jodha wishes jalal to enjoy, they leaves.

Scene 4
game starts, jalal and ruks sits on horse. they take their sticks, gives each other challenging look, they start hitting ball, jodha ask salima how you find solution of every problem, you came and solved problem between me and ruks, salima says i got this from bairam khan, he was excellent in taking decision. if you spend time with someone, you take his good habits, she says i didnt solve jalal’s problem but i did it for me, i like these type of games so by my solution jalal’s problem was saved and i get to see it, jodha says you are intelligent. sharif is looking at jodha, bakshi sees it and fumes, he says its good game. jalal and ruks are playing. salima says to jodha that you should leave harem responsibilities, jodha ask why, salima says you solved problems now only begums scuffles are left, look at ruks, she has thirst for win, she wants to show jalal that she is best, she tries to be owner of everyone and its in her blood, this harem and its world is ruks, dont involve yourself in politics, nothing is left to be solved. jodha panics for jalal, salima says he is alright, jalal and ruks are making goals, jalal looks at someone and runs towards it, he takes out his knife and throw it at atgah, atgah falls on ground, all are stunned.

PRECAP- jodha meets sujamal, he says its not safe to talk here, lets go behind mandir, they goes. jodha is emotional and hugs him, maham sees them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bcoz i think ur best suited for tat. Really u have talent.

  2. Of course yaar! I’m Indian. So definitely I know about Karnataka. Its general knowlede! Right? And was that a sarcastic comment or compliment which you gave about me, related to acting! I felt as if you are going to say that I’m a drama queen! Is it that way?

  3. No bcoz i like all ur comments. @shraddha

  4. Yar now i dont want any misunderstanding b/w jodha akbar

  5. Have u ever come to karnataka? @shraddha

  6. I’ve been to bangalore 2-3 times

  7. @ samyara I’m not a working lady! You read that? you had asked me. Even I don’t want any misunderstanding between them

  8. I think u can try for acting @shraddha

  9. Do u know kannada @shraddha

  10. @shraddha
    U r in college or school

  11. @ yadhu……..not even a single word! No idea about that language at all. Yup but I have started to learn urdu after watching Jodha Akbar. I had a little knowledge about urdu before and now I’m trying to learn more.

  12. @samyara I’m a medical student! So in college! you??????

  13. Getting toooooooo bored 😕

  14. School nd i’m also medical student…..
    U r doning mbbs or something else??????

  15. ek kam karna tum dono… time jab jodha or jalal injured ho…tho treatment kar dena…they should recovered quickly…!!!!!

  16. Ur college student so i think i should call u didi @shraddha.

  17. @Yadhu as you wish and you are in which class?……..and @ raj yeah you are right! You know why? If you have marked, then those hakims are only by name hakims because they have only one dialogue-Ab to allah ka hi bharosa hai…….dua kijiye…………….Aare if they had to pray, then why did they call you? Jodha’s treatment was done by Jalal’s prayer, Jalal’s treatment was done by Jodha’s lep and Jodha had even prepared lep and medicine for Benazir. So, officially Jodha is the hakim of Mughal Sultanat because till date no hakim could cure anyone properly in Mughal Sultanat.

  18. What about you??????

  19. me?? what??

  20. I mean what do u do????

  21. I am not a talented one like u both…studying organic chem.

  22. I hate org. Chem. Specially rxns
    Kaise padhte ho isko

  23. but…u. r mbbs students…must hv 2 read bio-chem…so u hate it too????

  24. Karna padta hai
    Ro ro kai

  25. Bio chemistry is little interesting……
    I’m talking about chemistry including inorganic also…..
    Physical chem. Is interesting

  26. ooo… 😛 …
    [email protected]…very bad…..usne DIDI bol di..
    anyways…next d is…be coloured.stay coloured..
    happy holi.
    to all…aisha.aradhya.sameer.shraddha.samyara.sally.anelle.yadhu.and all d readers…
    and atiba & sumana too..

  27. physical..just hate it.nothing difference b/w physics…same
    .thrmodynmics..and kinetics

  28. @raj whats the problem in being called didi if someone is younger to you?

  29. And ya happy holi to everyone!!!!!


  31. wow…im like elder to all of u guys!!!!

  32. @smitade cheapuddin will be killed but not now. As per history he was forgiven 4 times by Jalal. One done, 3 to go! According to some sources( not pretty sure about it) he was made to trample under elephant.

  33. Happy holi to all of u.

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