Jodha Akbar 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal and Jodha are walking, Jodha says Mann will be good wife and good daughter in law, Jalal says i forced Salim for this marriage because i see your shadow in Mann and she will be good wife to Salim, Jodha says even i am satisfied that everything is fine between you and Salim, Jalal says i am happy too, Jodha finds someone standing in dark at terrace, she says to Jalal that there was someone there, i felt like someone was spying on us, Jalal calls soldier and ask to check there if someone is present, Jalal ask Jodha to not worry, my soldiers will find him, soldier comes and says there is no one there, jalal says to Jodha that it must be your doubt because of darkness, Jodha says maybe, Jalal takes Jodha aside and says you were right there is someone on terrace, i dont want to show that

we know about his presence, keep talking normally, Jalal says weather is nice, we should go on terrace, they come on terrace, someone is coming from behind with sword in his hands, Jalal turns and grabs his hands and says you will not be saved today, he greets Jodha, Jodha says you? Jalal ask Jodha that you know him? Jodha says he is Madhav singh, Mann’s brother and my nephew, soldiers comes to arrest him, Jalal ask them to go, Jalal says i didnt recognize him as i didnt see him before, jodha ask Madhav what is this way to come? Madhav says i came rightnow so thought to surprise you, he says sorry to Jalal, Jalal says no problem but be careful you were playing with king Jalal, dont do it again, he ask soldier to take him to guest room, he leaves with Jodha, Madhav thinks that i am not Maan singh who is your shadow, i am shadow of your death you will be around you now.

Scene 2
Ruks is feeling jittery, she eats opium, she says you always loved Jodha, even after all this you are away from me jalal, you are my life line, i was in agra for so many years because of you, i tried to change myself for you but you loved Jodha why? am i not beautiful? am i not good? whats in Jodha which i dont have? she cries.
Salim and Anarkali are in room, Mann comes and sees Salim holding Anar’s feet, Anar sees her and says to Salim that its enough, why you are caring for me so much? i understand you are doing this as i am friend of Mann but in end i am just dasi, Mann smiles listening this, Mann comes in, Salim is stunned seeing her, Mann ask Anar are you fine? Anar says yes, she ask to make Salim pacify that i am fine, Mann says he is doing what i should i do, i am sorry that i am coming late, she thanks Salim for taking care of her friend, Salim says how can i not care for her? she is close to my heart, Mann is stunned, he says i mean she is close to you so she is close to me too in that way, mann smiles shyly, he says if i dont care for her then you will be miffed with me, Mann says no i will never be miffed with you, he says you both talk, i will leave, he leaves, Mann says i am very lucky to marry Salim, the one who cares for my friend so much must have so much love for me, anar says you are right, lucky one gets life partner like him, i am happy for you.

Scene 3
shahab is in jail, Murad comes to meet him, shahab is happy to see him, he says i knew you would come to save me, Murad says be silent, if anyone sees me then it will be problem, Shahab says i cant bear to be here, i am afraid what if i tell someone about you, Murad says you will not do anything like that, Shahab says i didnt tell anyone till now but pain has limit, my tongue can slip, Murad gets angry and says i have planned for you already, he gives duplicate key of cell and dagger, he gives both to him, he ask him to run tomorrow night from cell and meet him near lake, he leaves, Shahab is happy.
Jodha says to Jalal that mann will be happy to see Madhav here, you know Madhav was always against mughals and Rajvanshi relations, at time of our marriage, he was very small but taunted my father alot, i am happy e has accepted it now, Jalal says its fine to have disagreement, many rajvanshies still dont like me, he has come here leaving his disagreement aside, its good but if he try to taunt here then i wont bear it, Jodha says he will not anything like it, if he has hatred then he would have not come here, he loves Mann alot.
Madhav says to himself that i love my thought only, i have come here to kill Salim and Jalal, in Marriage mandap i will shed blood of mughals so that no mughal will dare to come near Rajvanshi women.
Jalal says to jodha that its been many days since we came close so i think today we should come close, jodha blushes,.. Aram comes there, Jodha says you were with Mann, Aram says i am miffed with her, Jodha says what she did? Aram says she said to me that i have to leave this house, i have to leave you and Jalal, this is my house then why whould i live? she said that i will marry and leave, Jalal says dont worry, you wont go anywhere even after marriage, go to your room now, Aram says i wanna sleep with jodha, Jalal is tensed, she lies on bed, Jodha says i will make you sleep, Aram says i wanna listen story, Jalal is bewildered, he says you should sleep, listen story some other time, Aram says we listen story at night only, Jalal ask Dasi to take her when she sleeps, she says i am not going anywhere, are you sleepy? if you are sleepy then sleep, Jodha smile, aram ask her to tell story, Jodha says ok, she starts story, Jalal is waiting when Aram will sleep, Aram sleeps, Jodha looks at jalal who slept too, she comes to him, caresses him, Jalal holds her hand, kisses it, Jodha says you were sleeping? Jalal says you has woken me up, you make me wait alot, now come to me, Jodha says Aram will wake up, Jalal and Jodha comes closer, Aram wakes up and ask jodha to tell remaining story, Jodha tells her story, Jalal looks at her sadly, he sleeps, Jodha smiles.
Its morning, Bhagwan says to Maan that you are going for jalal’s work then who will do rituals of brothers? Jodha comes there with Madhav and says other brother is here, Bhagwan is shocked to see him and says you here? you were against this marriage, Madhav says i had to come for my sister, Jodha says we should all celebrate marriage with open heart, she leaves, Madhav leaves too, Bhagwan ask Maan what you think that Madhav is happy with this marriage? Maan says i hope so, sometimes sister’s love change thoughts.
Hamida and Jodha comes to Mann and present her shagun mehndi, hamida ask mann’s mother to apply mehndi to Mann, she says first mother in law should apply it, Jodha sits, she finds Anarkali there, she says i cant apply mehndi, she looks at Anarkali.

PRECAP- Jodha sees Madhav discussing something with soldiers. she says they went to mandap side then what he is doing here? Whats goin on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What will happen to Salim and anarcali? Say soon.

  2. As much knowledge,i have…salim will becme devdas till noor jahan cmes,anarkali will be banished(however,people wil thnk she died in wall),and maan bai wil drink poisn.

  3. Anyways,as usual akdha,rocksz.

  4. Anarkali is fictional. Salim like maan and jagat- taj bibi and shah begum. Till noor came. Noor was essence of his life. He had opium and liquor addiction since childhood. Due to heram other ladies using such items

  5. Anarkali is as fictional as jodha akbar’s love story. He did whatever he could to please rukaiya. And then he had interest in salima. But rukaiya was his top most fav queen

  6. in the history of jodha and Akbar Akbar always favoured jodha more that was the love of his life not ruks so go back and read the story properly some of the things are fictional like laboni etc. but jodha and Akbar no one could have come between their love

    1. Definitely u read jodha Akbar of mars.

      1. This is funny—haha

    2. Ruks was his uncle’s daughter when marriages are done in so close than chances of congenital anomalies increases. So ruks could bore him heir. Jalal had promised DAT she will raise d emperor of his empire. And he fulfilled DAT to. Marium uz zamani was one of those Hindu begum who bore him children. Salima and marium were pregnant at same time it was her luck that she gave birth to a son. And salima to a daughter. The mother of d heir were always important in moghals like hamida wasn’t one of d fav of humayu but still as his son got throne she was given d title marium makani. Refresh ur history. Might b its some other jodha Akbar. I guess aishwarya and hritik

      1. The link you sen me and I read it and some others and what you are saying is what the historical facts maintained.

  7. It was her DAT made salim king. So don’t b judgemental about ruks character as shown in the serial.

  8. Also jalal had tried to win Rajputana but he came to know that his beloved would b attacked if he became weak in power. And it was gonna happen ultimately. So instead of being like humayu. He thought smart and married many princess of Rajputana. Rajput would never kill their Jamai. And instead would help militarily and financially. So these marriages were a political alliance. More . and he had to liberalize so as to avoid unnecessary revolt. That’s why he reduced d injustice to Hindu. Marium zamani could declare orders under her seal. Though jalal never interfered in women matters

  9. boring episode come on spice it up we want to see some action not some boring episode

  10. If they show anarkali track u know what will happen! And then wat happens is history. Akbar will die after khurram’s birth. Then will come nur track so basically, we will b seeing salim maan and salim jagaat together

  11. However they change d dating of events too frequent so I won’t b surprised if they bring nur track before jalal dies

  12. Hate to say people love drama more than actual history. That’s wat ekta mam has thought new generation

  13. Dannybell for your kind information nur jahan came before death of jalal. In fact it was jalal who gave her d title Nur Jahan. If u read wikipefia then u’ll find dat jalal was against nur and salim’s relation n so he got her married to an importnt person(i don’t remember his name). Bt then hr husband died in a war (which is rumoured 2 b a conspiracy by salim 2 marry nur) n she finally got married 2 salim.

    1. O hello nurjahan husband was loyal to jalal married to jahangir in 1611 jalal died in 1605

  14. You can find this in nur jahan’s wikipedia.

    1. Guess u need to refresh or history. Wikipedia shows shah begum as taj bibi bilquis who was actually manbai. In wikipedia normal people edit anything without knowing details. Pls read history of jahangir and jalal again.

    2. U didn’t read even wiki properly.

  15. seems like dannybell needs to go back and peruse is history

    1. I know datings of each events. So pls b sure of ur facts before accusing me. Have detailed study of history. And have been best mughal era. And I m not some immature who reads wiki. And complains. Reality and facts are this whether u believe or not. And want proof then watch siyasat of epic. It shows exact d story that I told. And if even d future episode will prove that to u

    2. No need for me. Better for u. . D facts and figures of my knowledge are beyond ur imagination

      1. Well said and with facts to back it up.

  16. After a long time we could enjoy a romantic scene between Jodha and Jalal. Awesome.

    Salim anarkali love is no match to JJ’s love.

  17. Watch siyasat on epic for proof. It will show d story DAT I told u.

  18. U might b young when jodha Akbar movie was released. It had ban on it and many controversy on it.

  19. I again say this don’t edit d history so much that entire history changes. And from this discussion I came to know DAT dis serial has really messed with people’s knowledge on history

  20. Nur’s husband was Ali istalju. Then she married to jahangir. I read wiki too. However it is edit by some stupid. As nur met salim after her husband death. Ali became a rebel after jalal’s death. So when he died in war. As a custom in old afghan and turks all d wealth and most beautiful ladies are send for king. Salim became fond of nur and so were married

  21. Don’t believe on wiki it’s not authentic

    1. Danny bell this is true wikipedia does not give you the best in hitorical facts.If one really want to do good research do not depend on wiki alone.I read your comments and they all are factual according to the real story of Akbar. Thanks for you work done and continue because history is a very good topic to pursue. Great.

  22. For details on Indian history read or watch bharat ek khoj by pandit jawaharlal nehru

  23. Pls people watch siyasat or bharat ek khoj

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