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Jodha Akbar 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
nigaar says to jalal that sometime small wounds do wonders and sometime we have to give ourself these wounds to get revenge and to get you jalal I had to bear this wound, mali says very good nigaar bano, nigaar says he is the who is your relative and broke your eye, he is the one who is my brother but took my things, who attacked me, she ask jalal to not get angry jala, we all are one family, jalal says I thought I got my sister back, nigaar says its not so easy, you took my things, you made my mother mad, you destroyed my life and you think that I will forgive you, no jalal you are wrong, I thought to kill you in war but I couldn’t get a chance, jalal says its your misunderstanding, I didn’t capture your mother neither I took your rights, I don’t about these things, I

get to know of this when jodha got letter, nigaar sasy no more lies, now you will also feel pain like my mother, you will also scream in pain and you will be captured here, mali says whats the need for that, we will kill him now, nigaar stops him and says I have to fulfill mahaC promise that death should not be easy to jalal, flashback shows that mahaC says to nigaar that when you capture jalal then kill him after 30 hours, make him beg first, 1st take off his turban then take of his war dress then remove his skin from his body then behead him after 30 hours and gifts me his head, make him beg, fb ends, jalal says why mother wants to do this with me, nigaar says oh king doesn’t know why people hate him, you are involved in luxuries that you don’t know about others pain, you only wants win but doesn’t listen to peoples pleas, mali according to mahaC bring jalal on his feet, the great king should have shameful death, she leaves.

Scene 2
todar comes to hamida, all wives are there, hamida ask him to come in, he comes, hamida ask you seem worried, whats the matter, jodha ask everything alright? ruks ask why are you silent, is jalal alright, todar says jalal is not right, he is in prison of enemies. hamida is stunned, she cant straight, she ask todar is this news true, todar says I have news that jalal is being captured, ruks says jalal cant be captured, maham says she is right, nobody can capture him, todar sasy mali has captured him and one soldier of jalal ran away from him , he gave me news that jalal is severely injured, you all should leave from here, hamida shouts no, we will not leave from here without jalal, I gave birth to loin, you go and find him we will not leave, todar says I am doing what jalal told, your protection is important, hamida says without jalal this harem will become widows harem, we wont go from here, its my order go and find him, jodha agrees with hamida.

Scene 3
mali says to jalal that I will wait more hours then I will kill you and your everything will be mine, your harem too, jalal angrily shouts on him, jalal says you are not a soldier, you are a coward and whom you are talking about are wives of a warrior, go to them once then you will know what they will do to you, mali says I will see how much storng your wives are, I will disrespect them. jalals says its better that you kill me now otherwise if I get saved then I will not leave you, mali hurts him.
salima says to todar that jalal always protected and today for our protection we will not leave jalal alone, ruks says to todar to follow hamida’s order, hamida ask him to go and find jalal, he nods and goes, maham says don’t worry hamida, nothing will happen to jalal as there is no such sword which can break jalal’s war dress, he is a strong king. jodha looks at her in astonishment.
jalal is being tied with chains, mali comes there and beats him a lot, mali says you will bow down to me jalal, you will beg me, he beats him again but jalal doesn’t budge, jalal says I will not bow down to you try as much as you can, mali says I will now go to your harem, I will assault them, I will disrespect them, your wives will be touched my many men, many wives must not have a night with you from a long time.
todar divides the force and says half will stay at harem and other will go with him, hamida comes there with jodha and other wives. ruks says we all wants to say something, hamida says you know your work, we cant tell you what to do but we are worried for jalal so we think.. jodha sasy we think that you should take whole force with you as if jalal is found then we will be safe, todar says I care about your emotions but I cant leave harem like this, jodha says we are women but we know how to take swords in our hand and we know about jauhur too, at this time jalal’s safety is most important, you just bring him back, hamida says yes, you will need force there, ruks says yes you need force, todar agrees.
mali comes to jalal and says this much stubbornness, this passion, he laughs, he says you gave me good idea jalal to go to harem.
ruks gives bottle to every women, she says if jalal is being captured then they will come here soon, so if enemies come here then we all have to drink this poison, jodha comes there. ruks gives poison to jodha, jodha throws it, ruks says its very painful for us and we will have to bear it, jodha says nothing will happen to jalal, I feel jalal is safe and he will come for our safety, he will come to protect us, ruks says how can you be so sure, jodha says because my heart doesn’t stop beating so I know jalal is safe
and says I will not drink it, hamida is happy,
jalal says to mali that you are angry on me as I made this out of of your face. mali beats him more.
ruks says to jodha that you don’t know what happens to women when king loses the war, jodha says I know jalal will come because if something happens to jalal then this sky will cry.,,
jalal says to mali that kill me otherwise you will not be saved, mali says you are still stubborn, now I will punish your harem, no I will not kill them but I will give them painful life, he ask his soldiers to get ready, we are going to rob jalal’s harem, jalal is stunned.

PRECAP- deadbodies of soldiers are thrown in front of harem women, they are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar (Balaji Telefilms) will witness its latest entry in National level bodybuilder champion Ketan Mangesh Karande.
    Ketan was earlier seen in Star Plus’ Mahabharat and Arjun.
    In this particular show he will be seen as Khaibar Zarra a warrior who will kidnap a pregnant Jodha (Paridhi Sharma).
    As seen so far, Jodha is expecting twins.
    Ketan has already begun shooting for the sequence and his entry will air sometime this week.
    When contacted the actor he refused to comment.
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  2. Not that got epi

  3. Thanks for wu atiba and Sarah for news of new entry in jodha akbar

  4. Thanks from me also to Sarah for News of the New entry

  5. What’s the hell!!!
    Why jodha not fights with nigar’s force???

  6. What’s the hell!!!
    Why jodha is not fighting with nigar’s force???

  7. not good

  8. I didnt lyk 2days epi ……….
    De new spoiler is awesum ja will come 2
    noe dat jo is pregs……..

  9. Hi cutie and sanaya

  10. i think jodha will kill mali’s force who is entering harem

  11. Yeah it right San 😀

  12. I agree. I think that Jodha and the rest of the begums will go save jalal

  13. i hope it happens that jo goes to save her jalal

  14. Episode was nt at all good n specially the precap. Hope everything goes all right

  15. its painful 2 c jalal in this painful condition common jodha u need 2 hurry up

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