Jodha Akbar 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal ask Nadira that did you witness Salim hitting Qadir with arrow, he ask her to answer his question, Nadira says yes I was there. Qadir was plucking fruits from tree and I was standing beneath tree then I saw with my eyes that Salim threw an arrow towards Qadir, Qadir feel from tree, Salim ran away seeing that Qadir has got injured because of him. Jalal shouts Salim that why did you lie to me? either this girl is lying or you, Jalal ask SAlim to tell truth. Salim says I was hitting fruit when Qadir got hurt, I didn’t hit deliberately, please forgive me. Jalal says mistake has been done by you deliberately or not, it doesn’t matter and you dare you lie to me? Jalal says to old lady that I am sorry for what has happened to your grandson but I promise that culprit will

be punished, I will give verdict tomorrow till then Salim will be house arrested and will stay in his room only, Jalal ask Todar to look after kid’s treatment, Salim starts crying, Jalal angrily looks at Salim and says court is adjourned for today.
Jodha says to Salim that I asked you last day and you lied in court too, why? SAlim says that I was afraid of Jalal, I didn’t hit deliberately, Jodha says why did you run after hitting kid, you are heir, you have to understand the severity of situation, Jodha says to Salim that Jalal is not your father only, he has responsibility of nation. I don’t know what will he decide. SAlim cries and says ask Jalal to not punish me, Jodha hugs Salim..

Scene 2
Qadir’s grandmother is crying for Qadir in her hut. Jalal and todar comes there in disguise, they find grandmother crying, she says I don’t know whether Qadir will be fine or not, he does every work of mine.
Zil bahar scolds Anarkali for telling truth in court, she says Salim is heir, why did you do animosity with him, Rashid stops her and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Zil bahar says we should leave from here, if we want to be alive, she has made all royal family against us and now we cant be saved, Anarkali holds her ghungroos and says I will not leave from here. I just said what was true and didn’t do anything wrong, Zil says that because of you ruks had fired Rashid once, don’t know this girl will fire us from world, Rashid says everything happens according to fate, if jalal wanted to take revenge then he could have don’t that, if we run from here then Nadira’s truth can become lie, don’t worry, Zil bahar recalls how shaguni bai said to her that your time in this hut is over and you will go to palace.
Jalal recalls old lady’s plea for justice then recalls Salim’s fearful face, he is standing near weight machine. Jodha comes and says I knew you would be here only, one side is father and other side is King, king is very big and his problems are big too, tomorrow you will do justice, take any decision but remember that Salim didn’t do this mistake deliberately, Jalal says I am thinking how to do justice and you have come here with words for innocence of your kid, don’t forget that you are marium zmani alongwith Salim’s mother, all kids of nation are your son and daughter, I understand my responsibility as king and if are trying to change my mind fron justice then leave from here, I want Marium Zamani to walk with me, not just only mother of Salim, Salim would have been innocent if he had accepted his crime infront of me but he lied to me, this is a crime, I want Salim to understand that what responsibilities king have that’s why I am doing that, jodha says I am sorry, I just want to tell you that Salim is not kid that will deliberately hurt a kid, he feels pain for pigeon of too and if you still think that Salim is criminal then give punishment to him, be a king and give punishment, Salim listens all this and thinks that Maasa want punishment for me too? Jodha says Salim is just nine years old and he did a mistake, the heir who stopped you from punishing betrayers, don’t crush him under your decision.

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Scene 4
Ruks says that Jodha took Rashi’s side that day and now she must be understanding that I was right, Salim comes there and hugs her. SAlim says that Jalal and Jodha want to give me punishment, you want punishement for me too? Ruks says no, you are my life, you are heir and nobody will punish you, Salim says why did jodha not stop jalal, Jalal listens everything she say, I am afraid, I didn’t do it deliberately, please save me, will Jalal crush my head under elephant’s feet, Ruks ask him to stop crying and says I am here for you, nothing will happen, your mother can anything but I want your good only and I wont let you punished, you are safe with me, she hugs him, ruks thinks that this will be my first win over Jodha, she will know how much did it hurt when she snatched my child, I will make Salim my son, you will be only marium Zmani.
in village, people are gossiping that Jalal will give verdict against Salim or not. all village people comes in court. Jalal comes in court, Salim, royal family and grandmother is there too, Salim thinks that where is ruks, she said that she will save me in court. Salim is shivering seeing jalal, Jalal says Mughal sultanat is known for justice, I have done justice sitting on this throne and I will do justice today too, Jalal says my decision is that… someone throws arrow at jalal, all are shocked, Jalal ask who did that? Ruks says me, Jalal says what is this, he ask soldiers to arrest ruks, Hamida ask ruks why did you throw arrow at jalal, Ruks says I am sorry, my target was not Jalal but a fire holder behind him, if jalal had come inbetween the he could have been hurt by my arrow but It would not be my fault, Jalal says you did crime by using weapon in court, you will be jailed, all are shocked, Jodha says Ruks was just showing you what happened with SAlim, Ruks could see you but Salim couldn’t even see Qadir on tree, Jalal says this is court and no one can use weapon here, he ask soldiers to arrest ruks, they put chain to ruks and arrests her.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Hamida that I know jodha is hurt for Salim and I am hurt too as his father but I want to make Salim understand that for a king, nothing is greater than justice.

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  1. parsh

    Hi aisha i am shraddha. I know tum yaha aati ho. i just came here to say sorry to u. But tum jab SH ke TU pe aayi to maine vaha nahi thi. And tum IF pe ho kya.

  2. Di

    I think Ruks should be imprisoned for a long time, to pay for all her crimes!! Ruks is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!!

  3. Aisha

    N di i don’t think this time ruqaiya did any mistake ! Yes i agree that her intention is bad but the example she gave to jalal was right …. N this time i will support her !

  4. Aisha

    Yeah i know salim lied n for this time its the mistake of jodha cuz that sweetness n that just over doze of goodness is now spoiling salim !! N why he is soo scared of jalal i m not understanding …..

  5. Di

    Punish Ruks for once, so says I! Cos she deserves it & it’s overdue. MA paid for her crimes with her life, Ruks should get some sort of punishment as well.

  6. Aisha

    Its soo strange that no1 comes here now !! I think no1 likes jodha akbar now cuz they r bored of this salim track !! And they should get bored cuz this track is really boring …. Its jodha akbar yaar but they r now showing salim n anarkali !!!

  7. Mary

    I just have this instinct that it was never Salim’s arrow that hit the boy, someone else hit him for Salim to be punished. This story could turn. Can’t wait to see further writers scripts

  8. shreya

    ja has really gone mad…….wo apne bache k piche kyon para hai……..???? If d boy dat is hurt hurt by salim’s arrow is small den salim is a little child toooo n he has done it by mistk so he shud not b givn so much big punishmnt……….!!!!

  9. shreya

    n anarkali…….ufffff……..lagta hai ki wo tow khud hi kahin ki bahut bari maharani hai…..walihad k saamne itna roaab chiiiii…….ruk was rite dat ki use apni aukat mein rehna chahiye………..!!

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