Jodha Akbar 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sangram has gone to is state back, everything is going good in the castle. Jodha and jalal’s wedding anniversary is near.
Jalal says she was beautiful btw. Jodha says okay keep saying i am not jealous. Jalal says its only your name in my heart. She laughs, jalal says i love your smile. He says something is near, she says what? He says you don’t remember? jodha says is it something that important?

anarkali swipes her tears, she says i dont need these tears anymore. salim says i will talk to my parents about out wedding on their wedding anniversary. She says but.. He says let me look at your face i am back after so long. Anarkali hugs.

arham says to salima i will gift them the sword on their wedding anniversary. hameeda says wow you have gotten intelligent.

Jodha comes in and says what are you talking about? arham says we were talking about the gift. jodha says what are you gonna gift? She says i wont tell you. arham says i heard you took round around fire. jodha says that is a ritual in hindu weddings. She says i wanted to attend you wedding. Jodha says you were not here back then. arham says why dont you get married again, i will love it. hameeda says idea is good. Salima says yes she is right. We want to see your wedding again. hameeda says i will talk to jalal about it. he will agree i am sure. Jodha says what are you saying ammi jaan. hameeda says i am your mother in law and i have decided this.

Jalal talks to jodha about the idea of wedding again on their anniversary, she laughs and says okay. He says i will come to you with the baraat and take you again. Jodha says i am goin to temple. jodha gives parsad to all the poor people in temple. she gives it to a lady, when she looks at jodha, its laboni. Jodha is dazed, jodha says you? i thought you were dead. Laboni says the laboni who wanted to destroy you is dead. please pardon me, i am a new person now. I want to apologize to you. Jodha takes her hand and says go from here i dont wanna see your face. Laboni holds her feet and says please dont do this. pardon me. my body is burnt, i dont wanna burn in my sins. jodha says you have the punishment, you have to live like this. laboni says if you dont pardon me i will be like this forever, please forgive me. She cries. Jodha says dont do this, i have forgiven you. its my wedding anniversary tomorrow so in name of my love i pardon you. She says i am jalal’s culprit too, can i come there tomorrow? i will ask for pardon from him. i want to pray for you. i lose my mom, my body is burnt i just want to be a good woman now. but you shouldn’t allow me after what i have done. I haven’t got your complete pardon. Jodha says okay you can come there. Laboni says really you do? Jodha says okay you can. laboni says is it a dream. Jodha says its reality. you can come tomorrow. Laboni says you gave me ease thank you so much, Jodha leaves.

Scene 2
Next day, jodha gets mehndi on her hands. Moti says why did you ask her to come? Jodha says she was crying she is regretting what she did. Moti says you are so generous, people take disadvantage of it. Moti says well if that makes you happy then let it be this way. jalal comes in, moti stops him and says sorry but you can’t go in. jalal says you know what you are saying? Moti says you are about to get married to her, you can’t meet her before weddin. jalal says what if i dont agree to this? jodha says mot come here, she whispers something. Moti says you asked to the wedding again, she says then you have to follow the rituals. jalal says can i see her face? because i can’t sleep without seeing her face. Jodha says then you have to stay up all night.

Precap-pandit ji asks jalal to hold jodha’s hand. Laboni puts her hand on the top. Jodha is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice going guysz,f**k off yourself laböni..and guysz there is a gud news jodha akbar has cme back in top 10 shows list.

  2. Laboni returns, jaake aami chaai , taake aami paai..

  3. Nice epi nd bad precap.

  4. tell me what is really wrong with jodha you claim to love jalal sooooooooooo much till death and yet you are letting laboni back into your palace jodja are you forgetting what hell she put jalal through when you saw laboni you should have given her the parsad and walked away why did you stay and hold conversation with her and then invite her into the palace again once a witch always a witch this time I hope she tampers with you and not jalal for being so niaive and stupid as usual just remember there is always a limit to your goodness jodha you should not even want to see laboni again why why why she laboni I am sure has a motive why did she put her hand on top of yours think jodha I hope jalal deals with laboni very severely and throw her ass out of the palace once and for all since you jodha always do what you want look how much evil she did she nearly killed jalal and then threaten to kill aram bano and hamida yet you jodha still have dealings with her what is wrong with you I cannot understand

  5. saraswati devi

    As usual Thank u ms.atiba for the update ..^^

  6. Nice episode but i still have plenty doubts on this laboni i don’t think she change at all without black magic a person can still do evil thing so she might not have it but she can do plenty others things

  7. Is it the bm coming back??? No…. But who knows this time Jalal has to deal with it not Jodha some way she strong but in other hand she uses her feeling more than her logic …..

  8. Nice job Jodha letting a WITCH back into the palace because you r so kind….or is the word naïve… -.-

  9. This witch want to try to test jalal and jodha love come on

  10. Laboni is dead..jodha has invited labonis evil spirit to the anniversary….
    now she wont return,…coz jodha herself gave her an invitation…..dis is the same story as that of kya haadsa kya haqueeqat…kabooo…..ektas previous show on Sony……
    what else can we expect from ekta kapoor….
    now the soul will b married to jalal….n will hv her control over jalal….through jodhas body…..

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