Jodha Akbar 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
hamida says to salima that ruks’s demand is null and void, she is impulsive and always take decision in anger, jodha comes there and listens their convo, salima says you are right hamida but I can understand ruks loneliness as if Rahim wasn’t with me today, I would also be going through same phase, I believe that she is not doing in anger but she is being emotional thinking of her empty life, hamida says ruks is like my daughter and I also don’t want to see her like this but that doesn’t mean she will take jodha’s right, in this matter, ruk’s demand is incorrect and I am with jalala. hamida sees jodha and blesses her. salima says to jodha that matter is becoming very serious, jodha says ruks condition is very bad and I can understand it.

is crying in her room and then starts laughing, she says I had to do this as I have to become marium zamani, she praises herself that I am very good actor. She says 1st step of my plan went successful, I will win this game and jodha will melt like always and will lose to me.. hoshiyar comes there and says what happened with you in court, I thought you would be broken but it seems nothing has affected you, ruks says I just played my trick, its time for my win, she says jalal gave order against me but jodha will make him agree in favor of me, to save jalal from humility, she will force him to give one child to me, now I have to see how much time, jalal will take to change his decision, she smirks while hoshiyar is tensed.
maham is writing something on paper in jail, javeda comes there to meet her, she is shocked to see maham in bad state, maham is emotional too seeing her, javeda says everything is finished, all dreams are broken, with colors from clothes, colors of life is gone too, I now think that why I am alive, I miss my adham, maham smiles and says I can tolerate your stupid acts but I cant bear tears in your eyes, listen what adham couldn’t do, now you have to do it, you know what work is it? adham was lured by throne, he wanted to have throne and I wanted adham’s happiness but now you have to be brave, your silliness is very good, keep your mad attitude with you so promise me that you will maintain yourself like earlier, you will remain happy and promise me that you will never come to meet me, I don’t want you to see in this small cell, don’t come here, javeda says no, don’t do this, maham says please do this for me. promise me you will never come here to meet me, she takes promise from javeda, javeda hugs her, they both cries.

Scene 2
jalal is coming to ruks’s room, she sits near baby cot and makes a sad face, jalal comes in and sees her like this, jalal says to her that I will give you anything you want, if you want a state in your name then I will make a state in your name, ruks says I didn’t want to hurt you, I thought you will understand me but when god didn’t listen to me then how can you, jalal says if you want to adopt a child then adopt it, I will him/her his name but don’t ask jodha’s child, ruks says no, when god didn’t give me this happiness of being mother then let it be, I will remain alone for my life, she says I want to rest, jalal leaves from there, ruks giggles.
jodha is near weighing machine and recalls how ruks said that what will happen if you give me your one child, jodha imagines herself with her children, she gives one child to ruks, in side of weight machine, jodha sits with one child and in other side, ruks sit with other child and is very happy, jodha smiles imagines this.
jalal comes to jodha and looks at weighing machine, he ask what are you doing here? jodha says you were right jalal, if you have any confusion in heart then come to this machine and it will show you way. jodha says to jalal that I think ruks demand is correct, jalal is stunned and looks at her. he says what are you saying jodha, ruks has asked us for our kid, how can you give her, jodha says ruks will take care of my child, jalal says when ruks take your child once then it wont be yours ever, you will lose the right on child, jodha says even then he or she will be your blood only, jalal says why don’t you understand, think in future, child gets to know that his or her real mother is you not ruks then child will be broken, jodha says its nothing like that, Krishna ji was raised by yashoda mata and with lots of love, you were also raised by maham, think that is it right to give one person whole food and make other person hungry, this is not good, and by doing this ruks and my sour relation will be tied goodly, you did your duty by saying no but i am rajvanshi and i will follow my religion and my rules, jalal says good night and goes from there, jodha is tensed.

PRECAP- Jalal says in court that kids will of jodha so i have decided that jodha’s suggestion will be included in final deciodn and final decision is that ruks cant be granted her wish, jodha has had that she herself..

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Preeti Khairajani

    I feel like slapping jodha I hope that before jodha nd jalal give their baby to rukaiya they come to know hookah bar ka truth
    waiting for Jalal to Confront Rukz after he cms to know about her
    uhhh this disgusting lady
    cheapo rukaiya

  2. shreya

    this is really unfair to ruk. this children shown as jodha’s one was of ruks. THIS SHOW IS A HELL. chi….. All ribbish things are shown.every1 has gone mad- ruk, jalal & ugly jodha


    hey! whts this going on?? whoever it is…Very Bad..I think we shud tell these to make rules to
    comment only by being Logged in so no one can use others name….

  4. Ash.haz

    Muslims are not baddies
    Even i m a muslim and i dont say such bad vulger words about hindus
    Its their own cast and i have mine too
    If u believe that bhagwan is there i believe that Allah is there
    Their is krishna for u and i have Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) for me
    U do puja and we offer namaaz
    We do hajj and u (i don’t know what u do)
    I m very polite to you right now Di but if you say anything wrong about muslims i will not tolerate with you….
    So better shut up now
    If you do it again u r going to hell for this

  5. shreya

    don’t u all think that jodha zaroorat se zyada achi hai, sabke kam me dakhal andazi karti hai or khud muskil me par jati hai. Uff, everu1 shall get rid of jodha and what a kind of woman she is that she is daring to give her child to ruk when she is seeing that jalal is against this. Not ugly, UGLIEST JODHA

  6. suparna

    For another di, who is against our favourite RAJAT- if u dat much prblm wid rajat then y r u here n reading d episodes of jodha akbar.. u should join d anti rajat fans page instead of being here..

  7. Just damn shut up fake Di
    Who the hell r u to say about Muslims
    I am Muslim
    No one dares to say that
    Where as you re blo*dy damn huh
    I respect all religion it doesn’t meet I can tolarate
    I am Gona give u back
    u gay
    Muslims are very nice and best by saying this u raking Hindus dowwwwwwm
    While like u people don’t care of ur religion
    And the one who r reading will be sorry coase they don’t do so
    Every religion
    Should be respected by heart
    Damn Di fake
    ( hahahhahhahha and yeah ash hash hahahahahahahahahH we do hajj while u do I don’t know quit funy )
    But ash hash you told every thing very properly be blessed

  8. Gona tell u some thing
    About our religion
    Guyes guyes not telling to follow but I know I’ll Gona like it plz plz plz ozl
    Read it
    It’s a very beautiful religion

  9. The Holy Prophet
    The Holy Prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah (Peace be on him and his progeny), with whom Prophethood came to an end, was born in 570 AD at Makkah. He was raised as a Prophet when he was 40 years of age. For 13 years He preached Islam in Makkah, where he underwent great many difficulties and hardships. During this period he trained a few selected persons. Thereafter he migrated to Madina where he established his centre. For ten years he openly propagated Islam there. He fought a number of successful battles against the arrogant Arabs whom he finally subdued. By the end of this period the entire Arabian Peninsula had embraced Islam. The Holy Qur’an was revealed on him piecemeal over a period of 23 years. The Muslims showed a wonderful devotedness and reverential attachment to the Holy Qur’an and the person of the Holy Prophet, who passed away in 11 A.H. in the 23rd year of his Prophetic mission when he was 63 years of age. He left behind a nascent society full of spiritual zeal, believing in a constructive ideology and conscious of its world responsibility.
    There were two things which gave this new-born society a spirit of enthusiasm and unity. One was the Holy Qur’an which inspired the Muslims. It was always recited by them. The other was the lofty and penetrating personality of the Holy Prophet of which they were greatly enamoured

  10. I agree that
    Jodha zaroort se zyada kind ho Rahi hai no even does it is he her mother I have dought
    Fully dought

  11. I think it’s Bering too much
    Writer is over writing or something hahahhhhhhahhh
    β€’ firstly no one dares to say any thing to Muslim whatever he says it goes to his religion
    β€’ I respect all religion but said this above line for the fakers bursters
    β€’and we should be together r there is already huge military gapes b/ w India
    And Pakistan
    β€’ so plz be nice to every one cause it could bee a time will cm when they will have good relation ship
    β€’ and stop blubring in. Other web site about Allah that azan is cause he is deaf go to hell ur religion is f**ker is ther any need to say deaf toba toba
    We do azan to tell people it’s NAMAZ time uffff people r mad now
    Plz stop commenting these views

  12. I know di means she can’t write bad about Muslim in fact I am a Muslim I never say bad about others religion nut I belive original di she won’t say bad the other is telling this DI change ur name so there would be no confusion

  13. I agree with you sania it’s is bad if u say bad about any religion and stop it guys we r here to discuss on jo ak so stop it.plz I know it is happening bad but just. Stop it

  14. Ash.haz

    bhavisy its hajj not huz
    And i didnt know where u guys go so thats why i didnt write it
    I was showing respect to you guys so plz dont misunderstand that it was a joke
    If u still think that i was doing that for fun so go to hell

  15. Woooooohhhhhhoooo. Finally a great fairwell of mahamanga (ashwini). She is dead. N at last she realizes her mistake n apologies fr it. Miss u ashwini u wre fab.

  16. Hi aradhya , cutie ,sania , deeksha , lovely , ash.haz , di ,taniya and every 1 !!! And guys chill every religion is equal no religion is bad so don’t say bad words even i m a hindu but i love muslims a lot because most of my friends , in school and also on this site !!! And aradhya i didn’t understood ! Is maham anga going to die ??

  17. thanx ash.haz
    and cutie for coperating with me
    and aisha u r finnaly on point we r here to discuss this serial but instead of it we r doing bad figth we should be doing only the think which we r here for
    and soory for the bad words tath i used tooooo
    sorry πŸ™

  18. i said that bad words in anger
    but still i am wondering who 9os using this fake account first that cheep message to me
    and now he victimed DI BAD BAd bad

  19. HEY
    GYES asking an odie Q but but but
    wondering what types of dresses do wear asking be cause our we wearv mostly shalwar kameez shirt pent and frocks long skits with scarf in neck hou do u wear dresse plz wana know about india
    is there any to comment mE πŸ™‚

  20. what the sgit shit shit r u do u ahve any sence to coment i think so ur mothr is dead to teach u lesson damned no sence of comentin ediots uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boiuling with anger no i am proof lame people in this websit

  21. Sry aisha actullay i was busy with some work dear. N ya she is gonna die nw in shock of adham’s death n due to hatred of jalal towards her, coz she loses her powers she haded earlier. But at last jalal was having respect fr her smewhere in his heart n after that his heart melted at maham manag’s last breathe n with great respect he attented her funeral. N ashwini’s farewell. That’s what i was talking about.


  23. What can we do dear f**kers cant stop posting f**king comments we say na laat ke bhoot baato se nahi mante the same here. Ignore these blo*dy people. I know it is too annoying when some1 is commenting n including ur name so just ignore these f**kers.

  24. Deminia who the hell r u n what r u saying ! If u wanna write these bad and cheap comments u can go to your mom and dad and then they will teach u !! U blo*dy stupid edoit !! Go to hell !

  25. Hi sania i have one question ! Do u live in pakistan ?? I mostly wear kapris and sleeveless tops or hot pants but in marriage ceremonies i wear anarkali or net suits or lehenga .

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