Jodha Akbar 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 11th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jalal says i didnt know this was happening in harem. jodha says you win war and doesnt see what happens to the people you won in war, some are being taken here and other are being sold, i saw banhies in very suffering situation when i went to mandir, i meet babu there. I cant change whats happening outside but i can start changing from my house.. jalal says you are right, jodha says people should know that you love them, bad thing happens but we have to replace them with good things, jalal says you are right, i am with you, i will see who will make people servants from now on, you are free to do anything in harem, i am with you, i will support your any decision, you remove salivary from harem and i will see politics, he leaves jodha is surprised to see his confidence on her.


Suja is in market, security is tight, every suspicious person is being checked. some soldier ask him to clear way, he thinks that i have to meet jodha, i have to tell her that jalal’s life is in danger and tell her that someone from palace is involved in this.
Jalal and atgah in common man’s dress comes to market, jalal says why this servants’ selling buying is being done when i stopped it, he comes where servant is being sold for very low rates, bandhi pleads to let her take his son but man buys bandhi and takes her away, jalal says this have to change, i will do anything to stop this.

Scene 3
In harem, two begums come to jodha, they claim same ring to be theirs, jodha says i will check this ring’s data where everything is written whose thing is whose, hamida comes there and says today is jashn for you and you are stuck here, jodha says its my work, hamida says salima told me what step you have taken for bandhies, jalal also supported you so i brought some some gifts for you, she gives her gifts and says when you came here many were against you but forced them to change their mind about you, i thought jalal was alone but now he have partner, he is happy around you, i hope same for you , do you have any complaint against him? jodha says he doesnt give chance for complaints, salima says there are some dresses, wear in jashn from them.

Scene 4
Atgah is checking about jashn’s preparation, suja comes there and says i can give message to this minister, he writes on paper and gives it to one kid to give this atgah, he gives it to atgah, suja thinks who is he who wants to kill jalal and who is involved with him, i cant let this happen, atgah says who gave you this, suja leaves, atgah ask to make security tight, sharif comes there and is stunned to see strict security, atgah informs him that i got news that abul mali wants to kill jalal in jashn, sharif says what else you know? atgah nothing, you came here on right so i appoint you for jalal’s security, sharif and thinks you appointed wrong person. he thinks who gave this message to atgah.

Scene 5
Resham says what problem you have with jodha. mahma says she is standing against me, she stopped me and also took jalal from me, i thought ruks will help me but she is of no use, jodah’s jashn is being announced and ruks is getting ready. Javeda comes there and says i dont know what to wear in jashn, i want to look beautiful in jashn, maham says i will give you bandhi to get ready, you look good, javeda says you seem jealous but said a good thing, maham shouts that i am chief minister and you are talking infront of me, resham ask her to control, maham says go and get ready, javeda says you seem tensed today, i will go and get ready.

Scene 6
Jodha says moti what color should i wear? jalal says gree color, it intensify your beauty, jodha says why you came here you coud have called me, jalal says it is sin to call a lady who is getting ready, i need permission, jodha says yu dont need any, jalal says i have to as you pushed me once when i didnt took your permission, jalal says i want your permission will you walk with me in jashn? jodha says its an honour for me, jalal says i am confused why you drank poison for me, jodha says to save your life, jalal says why? jodha says i had to do that, jalal says this is not the answer, i want answer , dasi comes and informs that bharmal has come, jalal says to ask mirza to meet him i will come, he says i didnt get my answer today but i will get it one day, jodha is shy.

PRECAP- mali says jashn will start, all will be busy, soldiers will have strict eye on everyone in start and with some time, they will relax then we will attack jalal. Jalal is seen dancing with common people in jashn, someone aims at him to attack.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yup….
    She is feeling less…….

  2. Mhizz Barbie doll

    Lolz. guy you are all sweet and funny, cant help but to laugh at the irony of the situation here. You are all right and took good note of the lack of clothes and i feel its not Ekta’s fault but her costumer fault. well nice observation everyone.

  3. Thanks

  4. Hey guys! I just luv javeda’s character . She +s petrol 2 d engine.Well! Not 2 4get salima . So peaceful ! & her son khane khana LOL, funny name. My mom is a big fan of his dohas.

  5. Hey guys! I just luv javeda’s character . She +s petrol 2 d engine.

  6. Why Jodha is not telling “I love you” to Shahanshah?

    1. dat will b nt nic if she say first dan……

  7. nice 2 c dan ystrdy episode

  8. @ aisha, this one’s for you! Proof for Jashn=upcoming trouble or a mega issue for sure in Jodha Akbar.
    Jashn 1- A ceremony after Jodha-Jalal marriage. Jodha sang a song in favour of Rajputs, indirectly insulting Mughals and Jalal got very angry with Jodha. Many couldn’t tolerate this gustakhi.
    Jashn 2- Rukaiya’s pregnancy track followed by miscarriage. Jodha and her entire family was blamed for Rukaiya’s miscarrisge.
    Jashn 3- Jodha’s fake pregnancy. Misunderstanding between Jalal and Jodha. Bakshi bano and Jalal were not on talking terms after Jodha’s innocence was proved.
    Jashn 4- Jalal Jodha misunderstanding and dhakka incident after Tansen’s welcome ceremony.
    Jashn 5- Benazir’s entry.( worst one)
    Jashn 6- Shivani and Mirza hakim wedding track. Shivani eloped with her lover Tej. Jodha was blamed and Bharmal was kept in prison(But thank God, Jalal believed Jodha and Bharmal was released because of Mirza Hakim)
    Jashn 7- Present one. Attack on Jalal.
    I’ll post this in today’s episode’s update in case you miss it over here.

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