Jodha Akbar 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha sees Jalal and the blood on his body, she sees Laboni and says what has she made of my husband. She recalls what the jogi said, that she has to put these hair in the pot. Jodha sees the pot and says how do it get it.
damo says i have made this fog cover all over me, no one will be able to see me. She says odhay nath you came again. odhay nath says i had to come, you thought you can use your black magic to do this evil. damo says you dont know about my powers yet you can’t stop me. Laboni says who is there? come in front of me. odhay says i wont let you do this. I know your powers but i will stop you. She creates a fire circle around her.
His parrot comes and hits damo a little. The parrot falls down. dami says your pal is dead now.

jodha goes near jalal,

her head starts bleeding, Laboni comes in and throttles her. she says i asked you not to come in between, not you see the consquences, she shoves jodha and says i asked you not to come. She shives her again, laboni says i wont leave you nor your husband. I wanted to take jalal from you, i will take you life as well. Jodha shoves her and says my love is stronger than your magic. Laboni says i will see how you stop me, Stop me if you can. She hit jodha. jalal opens his eyes, laboni keeps doing her tricks, jalal jitters. laboni says you will die in front of your husband. See him in my arms. Jodha is weak. Laboni laughs at jalal.

odhay throws a fireball at damo and says your end is written today. She defends it, her head bleeds. A fireballs strikes her and she is on ablaze. her body burns, Laboni drinks from that pot. jodha says help me God, take care of shahenshah. Laboni says no one can save you or jalal now. She goes closer to jalal. her hands are on ablaze, jodha recalls putting hair in the pot. lamoni screams, her body start to burn. jodha goes to jalal and says shahenshah get up please. Jalal caresses jodha’s face. she says you are all right. You are out of that magic now. he says what magic? and what are these wounds. jodha says she was not leela. she tells him everything. jalal says what would have happened if she was successful. she says i wont let that happen. you are my life. jalal says i will be with you all my life.

odhay is sitting with his back against the tree. blood is dripping down his nose, he opens his eyes, there is just a black spot on damo’s place. He stands up and touches it. jodha and jalal come there. He says jotak you gave my life for you. jodha says i am so sorry to hear that. odhay says yu have to lose something to do something good. i am glad its over. Jalal says i will always be your grateful come to our castle we will welcome you there. odhay says the walls of castles never fascinate me. Jodha says come with us and get the treatment. Odhay says we have all the treatement in this jungle. i have to do the funerals of jotak.he sits there and takes jotak’s ash in his palm. He leaves.

Precap-Jodha gives parsad to a woman, she holds her hand. its laboni with half of her face burnt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m eagerly waiting to read today’s episode. Please update it soon guys

  2. Do fast update.

  3. this laboni shit is getting to be real frustrating now let uday and jodha accomplish was they set out to do take down laboni and her miserable looking mother anyway jodha things start going wrong already so I guess that it is your undying love for jalal that will save him please writers get rid of laboni and her mother once and for all they seem to know everything imagine she killed udays parrot she even knew that uday was there before showing himself and laboni also knew that jodha was there so how on earth could they accomplish was they set out to do destroy laboni and her evil mother jodha girl I have belief in you and I know for sure you will give your life before you let anyone hurt your beloved jalal so do your do

  4. Update fast

  5. sam why are you asking for Gloria k when she used to make sensible comments othersl were not pleased so I agree with her to keep a low profile for a while you just do not know how to please individuals what now

    1. Nice episode

  6. leave a reply

    Gloria k is old version of keen observer

  7. LOL Leave a Reply – you are correct… you can tell by her writing style.
    too funny!

  8. leave a reply

    Yep jk

  9. More twists Laboni is alive and interfering JA life..

  10. Please we do not want see Laboni any more. She may still have powers from her mother. PLEASE. NO MORE LABONI NO MORE LABONI PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
    what happened to her sister. Some one might have rescued and may be somewhere else!

  11. Okay, I’m gonna record this episode.

  12. Nice episode but i thought the black magic n laboni will be gone but she is alive or maybe sometime her blackmagic is gone we just have to wait n watch what happen next

  13. Nice epic can’t wait to watch the u tube n still wait laboni n mum fully crash out or burnt if possible by JoJa n yogi ????

  14. Nice episode, I think loboni will b a change person now because she don’t have any power to do anything. ..sometime jodha will get her treated and will work for them in the palace..

  15. Laboni is back “jake aami chaai, taake aami paai”

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