Jodha Akbar 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 11th April 2014 Written Update

scene 1
javeda comes back in palace blabbering that where is maham lost, maham comes there and ask javeda what happened, javeda sees her and gets happy, she hugs her and says i thought you are dead in jungle, maham says jungle, javeda says i was following you because i wanted to ask you some question, i dont remember it, maham says it must be some silly question you could have asked me later, let me clear one thing dont follow me again, javeda says i thought wild animal will eat you so i was worried, maham says i know you care for me, actually jalal is tensed these days so i go to peer sahab to pray for him, dont tell it to anybody, javeda says okay and leaves. maham says anybody can follow me, i have to be careful.

Scene 2
jalal is running on horse and thinks that i am coming

jodha to bring you back, i am sorry please forgive me.
hoshiyar comes to ruks and says i came here to care for you, he ask why you are worried, ruks says i thought jodha is cheating so i was happy but after knowing truth i cant ignore goodness of jodha, she saved my jalal, hoshiyar says i never understand you, ruks says if allegation was true i would be happy that jodha is gone but nothing like that will happen, jalal and jodha are more closer and their relation is strong now, so how can i be happy, hoshiyar says why you think so much, jalal will come back to you as you are his best friend, hoshiyar puts hand on her shoulder, ruks says to stay in limits she jerks his hand and says this is real resham dont touch it,

Scene 3
in night, jalal is staying for some time, he lokks at anklet which he got in ganghaur, he thinks that time is weird , see today jalal is listening to heart, i never thought i will be in love but see i am in love with you, people do weird things in love and i am so much restless to meet ou and say sorry. he ask soldiers to sleep. jalal comes in his tent and lays on bed, he recalls jodha throwing water on rahim standing in lake and he getting drenched, he smiles and says i accept i feel good to irritate you, he recalls how he asked jodha to go from agra, he sits and becomes sad again.
in morning, jalal reaches amer, bharmal and meenavati welcome him, jalal meets them with sadness on face, meena does his aarti, bharmal says i am happy to see you, he ask jalal to come in. jalal is sitting for lunch, meena ask him to eat more, bharmal says can i ask why you came here, jalal says i thought you would know, didnt jodha.. meena says yes i wanna how is jodha, why she didnt come with you, she is getting love in sasural that doesnt mean she will forget us, jalal is stunned that jodha is not in amer.. jalal says what jodha is not here, where is she then, bharmal says whether she is not in agra, jalal says no, bharmal ask why? jalal tells them everything, jalal says i thought she will come here, jalal says i will leave to find her, bharmal says no you stay here, our soldiers will go to find her, he orders to find her everywhere.

Scene 4
in agra, hamida is tensed and says to salima that its simple that jodha can be lost somewhere she will not come imfront of jalal easily, ruks says you are doing wrong by not eating anything, ruks says when jodha will return, will she like you like this, she will not forgive herself for your bad health, i know i dont like jodha but i love you alot not for me, for your daughter jodha please eat something, ruks makes her eat, salima says thanks to ruks, ruks says dont thank me i have same perception for jodha till now, i dont want hamida to be hurt, she leaves.

Scene 5
in amer, meena is crying, her relative ask her to be strong, jodha will come, meena sasy no she will not come in amer, she says i asked her to come in amer ony with jalal otherwise this palace is not for her, she says i have black tongue, she tries to cut it, bharmal comes and says i promise t bring jodha, please relax. outside jalal in amer palace, jalal is sad, bharmal comes and ask you didnt sleep, jalal says till i ask forgiveness from jodha i will not be at peace, bharmal says you came running on her maybe jodha is in her way to amer, jalal says no i would have seen her, she is alone in night, i will go to see her, bharmal soldiers are gone to see her, she is strong enough for her safety, bharmal thinks am also worried for my daughter dont know whether she is okay, jalal says sorry for hurting them, bharmal says no dont do that, i know you care for my daughter alot, i can see love and tension for jodha in your eyes, this will never break your relation, jodha will come, jalal says i will wait till morning. bharmal leaves. jalal sits and prays to Allah that if i have pure heart then please protect jodha.

PRECAP- jalal is finding jodha, he ask someone at mandir that i am finding rajvanshi women, she is about 20years old and has kahna idol in her hands, have you seen her, man says yes she is here, he ask to bring that lady, jalal says i am here jodha, i am here to take you back, thank God jodha is safe.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. aivar

    I hope they end this sad track soon… Separating jodha and akbar for too long would get boring… reunite soon… episode getting good…

  2. meera

    atiba make upadtes with images then it becomes see just jodha and jalall images in that’s epiosde

  3. Simrit roy

    Thanks for update.. Its keep me in touch with my fav. series JODHA AKBAR in hostel also… Thank u so much bt plz update as soon as possible

  4. Krishna

    Wondeful coverage and fast too! Written episodes are really good for the viewers who miss the serial.

  5. Ravan

    Still Mahamanga finding ways to separate jodha permanently from Jalal ! It’s funny mahem goes unnoticed by anybody every time ! Also funniest thing is Jalal never questions mahem though what all allegations made on jodha by her proves wrong every time?

  6. Hi arohi pyal sharon n scene of jo toD..but i pity those men who had to run after ja who was on his horse racin to get to amer…

  7. Am gud..nw guys we hv 2 days to think if its jo who ja will find or nt….but i really dnt think so..if its the case..then tht wuld be gr8 but minimum chance..

  8. aivar

    I doubt it would be jodha… it would be great if it was… but I think that either she leave from there and he missed her other it is some other women… I hope it is her though…

  9. N u no aivar their reconcilation must be awsme this time..nt like the 1 bfre..this time there shuld be hugs..cries..sadness..well the whole package..then it wuld be gr8 @ sharon ya evn this week trp of akdha is no.3 ..y tht??

  10. aivar

    I agree anael I think that there should be more feeling and emotion this time… the whole package… I cant wait for the next episode…. too bad we have to wait for 2 days for the next one…=(

  11. aivar

    hey pyal… I dont know… i was thinking the same thing… maham must be planing something big…

  12. Ruquaiya has two faces..i dnt undrstnd her character..once she hates jo n curse her..n other day she cares fr her n pity her….i dnt undrstnd she like jp or nt??

  13. JA is suppose to be ancient story yet when i watched n javeda use the word jungle..which is an eng wrd so thts y am askin if theres a hindi wrd which means jungle..

  14. Zil

    aneal.jungle is nt a hindi word itz actually a urdu word.and axept jodha in this serial all the mughals used to speak in urdu language.

  15. Ok thx fr info abut tht wrd…if Am correct..salim took the throne by force when akbar was away fr war..but when akbar came back he rearrange things..n when akbar died..salim decided to be nxt emperor although akbar didnt want him to be his ascendent…huh he evn went against his other bros na?? Well am tellin wat ive read abut the story of JA..

  16. New promo
    jalal remebering jodha saying importance of
    some place, jalal is taking doobki in ganga n
    saying humarii ek hi dua hai ki hume hamari
    jodha begum se mila de. Jalal goes inside
    ganga while jodha is coming out of it.
    Episode will be telecast on wednesday

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