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Jodha Akbar 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha does aarti and sing bhajan in Kahna’s mandir, Salim is sitting there too, Jalal comes and sit there too, Jalal and Salim fold their hands infront of Kahna while jodha does pooja, Jalal looks at jodha and smiles. Jodha sees jalal sitting and ask when did you come? jalal says when you were praying to your kahna, jodha gives aarti to Salim and Jalal. Jalal says shekhu baba all kids are practicing sword fighting why are you not there? Salim says I slept late yesterday so my head was aching, afterall I got freedom from that irritating girl, Jalal ask who irritates you? Salim says the girl whom you gave permission to roam in palace, she is ill-mannered, she doesn’t respect me even after knowing that I am heir to throne, she fell in pool and alleged me then ruks scolded her

and threw her father out from job, jalal ask Salim to go to Rahim and learn sword fighting, Salim says tomorrow, Jalal says you are going to be king so you have to learn it, go, Salim takes Parsad and goes from there. Jalal ask jodha what Salim was saying about ruks? Jodha says Salim and that girl had fight and then.. she tells jalal whole matter about how Anarkali fell in pool and how she alleged Salim for it then ruks came and scolded her and fired her dad from palace job, I tried making ruks understand but you know ruks angry, Jalal says Salim is not interested in things which he should do, like all kids are practicing sword fighting but Salim doesn’t want to go there, I think Salim doesn’t have spirit to fight for his nation, to go on war, Jodha says he is a kid he will understand things, Jalal says its beena while that we went out of palace, I am thinking to go somewhere, should we go to jungle, will take Salim too, Jodha says are you going to hunt animals, Jalal says when time will come Salim will go on hunting too but now I want him to see world outside palace.

Scene 2
One lady says to ruks that you are amazing, you fired a man from palace and Marium zamani couldn’t do anything, Ruks says my intend was not show jodha low but to punish that girl, its my duty to see that everyone respect heir and even jalal cant ask me about my decision so what will marium Amani say to me, Lady says that’s why Salim listens everything you say, Ruks thinks soon Salim will be in my control only.
Jalal alongwith Jodha and Salim are going in jungle, jalal and Salim are on horse separately and Jodha is palanquin, soldier says that you should not go forward jala as there are robbers there and they can attack on Salim, jalal says all area is under my rule and I will not allow anyone to rule this place, Jalal says to Salim that robbers rob people, Salim says you are king you should stop them, jalal ask is there no responsibility of heir? Jalal says I am going there to fight and finish the robbers, he says to jodha that there will soldiers guarding you and Salim here, I will return after fighting them.
Murad says to Haidar that this is wrong, what if Salim is heir, why jalal didn’t take me to jungle, Haidar says you are right, jalal loves salim more than you, Murad says its not like that, ammi told me that Jalal will take me to jungle and we will hunt loin too, Daniyal comes and says I will never go on hunting loin, its very dangerous, Murad says don’t worry daniyal, you will get many things to eat in jungle and I will protect you in jungle.

Scene 3
Jodha and Salim are waiting for jalal to return and have placed tent in jungle to stay, Salim ask why people do robbery? Jodha says they don’t know what is right and wrong but you don’t worry nobody can stand infront of Jalal’s sword, Salim says I know I saw jalal sword fighting, Salim does some steps with sword and says I was afraid even seeing jalal from far with sowrd in his hand, Jodha laughs and ask Salim to go and sleep, Salim says I will not sleep today as jalal has given me duty to protect you, you know why he gave me duty? because he know only I can protect you, you sleep and I will protect you, I am going to be king, nobody can stand infront of me neither can speak infront of me, jodha jokes that whole gang of robbers cant stand infront of you, Salim says don’t joke, I know sword fighting more than jalal, jodha says really? Salim says yes, Jodha pretends that jalal has comeback, Salim gets afraid and says I was just saying that nobody can do sword fighting like jalal, Jodha laughs, Salim looks that no one is there, suddenly some robbers comes there and puts sword on Jodha, robber ask jodha to give jewelry, jalal’s soldiers fights with other robbers, Salim ask robber to leave my mother, jodha takes sword in her hand and ask robber to go from there else she will kill him, robbers throws her sword away and puts sword on her neck and ask her to give jewelry, Salim takes sword in his hand and attacks robber on his hand and ask him to leave my mother else I will kill you, robber says great king, Salim sees blood of robber on his sword and throws sword away, robber turns out to be jalal, he takes veil off from his face, jodha says shehehshah you? why you had to do this dangerous act, Jalal says I wanted my son to raise his sword to protect his mother and he did that, I want him to know that how much sword is important for a king, her knew that you are his responsibility that’s why he raised sword for you, tomorrow when nation will be his responsibility then he will raise his sword to protect them, Jalal says to Salim that because of yesterday a man lost his job(rashid), ypu are going to be king, your work is to give jobs not to snatch it, the way you protected your mother today, you have to protect your nation too, its your nation, all mothers are your mother, nation is your responsibility, I understand that Nadira must have done mistake but you could have stopped Ruks, you didn’t even thinks once that how will Rashid eat? how will he live with his family without job? king cannot sleep if one person is hungry in nation, I am happy to know that you can protect your mother but you are not only a son but a heir, king doesn’t raise sword to kill anyone but to protect his nation, why you didn’t stop ruks from doing that, you could have saved someone’s job, Salim says I didn’t throw her in pool, Jalal says you could have lied to save a job of a person, you are king and you have to do everything to make people happy, always remember that you are Mughals heir, never do anything that will embarrass our family, Jodha says SAlim is very small to learn all this, Jalal says I was more small than him, this is the time to learn about king’s responsibility, he leaves from there. Salim hugs jodha,

Soul talk- jodha says that jalal’s way of teaching was unique, no father can make his son learn like that, Jalal was impressive as father.
Jalal’s soul says that Salim learnt biggest lesson that night as how to protect his mother and nation but story was at turning point, I was making Salim leanr the life but I forgot that life itself gives lesson to people. I didn’t know that life will make learn lesson soon.

PRECAP- ruks says to Jalal that SAlim is not a ordinary kid so whoever will insult him, I will give punishment to them and if you think my decision was wrong then I can leave my responsibility of palace.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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