Jodha Akbar 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 10th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jodha says those who dont want to work can leave, maham says this is jalal’s right, jodha says he has given me authority of harem, maham leaves from there, jodha says you can leave if you can after paper work at any time, all cheers for jodha. Jalal is discussing about jashn and how to make it enjoyable, maham comes there. jalal says its jodha’s work, maham says i want to tell whats happening here, he ask jalal to come. Jodha is going, moti says you did a good work servants are also humans, hoshiyar says maham will not sit quietly, jalal and maham comes there. Jalal says some rules are very old and they cant be changed, jodha says thanks for coming, she says if they that doesnt mean that they are right so we have to change them, jalal says they are being followed from years

you cant change them, these bandhies are are working here from years, jodha says we have to listen to bandhies too, maham says they are here to do work not to listen to them, jodha says they are human too, jalal says i dont understand, jodha says if you have time, he nods, she says to maham that if you dont have then can i take jalal to show something in harem, she says why not, they leaves.

Scene 2
Sharif is remembering that painting of jodha, bakshi comes there, he ask her to sit, she says why you are not preparing for jashn, he says jalal doesnt trust me anymore, bakshi says you have to prove your loyalty, he says just like jalal is loyal to jodha, she is lucky that jalal announced jashn for her, he is lucky too to get such beautiful wife, he must be whose wife is jodha, bakshi says leave it, go and see jashn preparations, he says yes its for jodha so i have to do work, bakshi is jealous.

Scene 3
Jalal and jodha comes to harem, jodha shows a ill dasi to jalal and says she had to do work in this condition, jodha says i will show you new things of harem, in kitchen supervisor bandhi is ordering to work fast, they comes there, jodha says these dasies are won in wars, she shows old dasi and says its her age to play with her grandchildren but she is working here for more than 35 years, she is working before your birth, she is not interested in doing all this but she, her family must have forgotten her too. i have to cahnge this so taken that decision, maham listens to all this. jalal and jodha comes to babu, jalal ask what is he doing here, jodha says for keeping him here, babu says you are my culprit, jalal says what? jodha says i got him when returning from mandir, he says thirsty and hungry, his mother is being sold by your soldiers to some boss, those whose mothers become dasies and leaves them, they becomes thieves when grown up, jalal remember his childhood when he was crying and said to maham that i want my mother, jalal says to babu that i promise i will get your mother back, babu says you are nice. he leaves.

Scene 4
sujamal comes to well where benazir once was fallen and it became poisoned, and she was drowned in that well and her death happened, he says this place is right to spend night, he sees mughal soldiers there and sits on tree’s branch. abul mali comes there and says benazir got died but her sacrifice will not be wasted, sharif comes there, mali ask the news. sharif says there is jashn, i will point you and you do your rest work, mali says great, sharif says you know your promise, he says yes. they leave. Suja thinks who is he that he is with mali, jalal’s life is in danger.

Scene 5
ruks is getting service from bandhies, maham comes and says you are concentrating on your beauty and dont know whats happening here in harem, ruks says my time is for jalal, maham informs her that jodha has freed bandhies and jalal knows about it, she is taking out time for jalal, and is impressing jalal, i told you to be careful but see now jodha has taken your power, position, your seat and jalal. She says jalal like those who can capture his mind jodha was in your hands because of your mind but now jodha has trapped him, you are trying to become more beautiful but its now worht it, jodha have everything right, love power and you are empty handed. she leaves, ruks fumes.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that i have seen dasies being taken away to be sold in market, babu came to me from running there. I cant change whats happening outside but i can start changing from my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  14. Hey shradda u were right abut jashn..well guess…

    1. r u the citizen of india or other countries?

      1. Am frm mauritius..why??

  15. Ya u may be correct aisha..but this is goin to be a new twist n it will bring more interst to the show..

  16. Twists r acceptable but the concept of the twist is very important. Its my opinion.

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    2days episode is very boring all discussions about abolishing slavery

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