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Jodha Akbar 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal says to Bhagwan that we will have grand celebration in this wedding, whole India will remember this wedding, Bhagwan ask will Salim come today in function? Ruks says yes he will come for sure, Jodha ask did salim agree to come? Ruks says actually Salim got to know that Jalal has ordered Anarkali to leave Agra, Jodha is stunned.
Soldiers are escorting Anar and Zil out of Agra, they sit in cart, Salim comes there, he shouts on soldiers that they will not go anywhere, its order of heir, soldier says we are ordered by jalal, Anarkali comes there and says you cant go against Jalal, Salim says i dont care, he takes her aside and says how can you leave me? dont you love me? anar says i do but i dont want son to go against father, Salim says i will fight against God for my love, Anar

says i dont want to be reason of father son fight, Salim says i dont care anything, i just love you, Anar says i wont be able to bear people’s taunts that a dancer lured a prince and made him go against his father, Salim says i wont be able to separate from you, Anar says then its better to eat poison, i dont have other way, i dont want jodha to be embarrassed, i dont want my friend Mann to be hurt, i dont want people to say that for a dancer prince went against king, Salim says you care for everyone but not me? anar says i care for you, if you come behind me then i will do suicide but i wont my love to be tarnished, Salim says isnt there any way to fulfill our love?
Jodha is about to tell Bhagwan truth but Salim comes there, all are stunned to see him, Salim says to Bhagwan that i am sorry i couldnt meet you, he says i got to know that my marriage is fixed with Mann, he says to Jalal that i agree to your decision, all are surprised, Ruks thinks how this happened? Salim gets flashback of how Anar asked Salim to marry Mann, she says we dont have any other way, if you marry Mann then Jalal will be happy, Salim says i love you, anar says i know thats why i am asking this from you, Salim says ok your wish my command, i will marry her but i have one condition too that you will not go anywhere, you will live here, you have to promise me that you will keep meeting me after marriage too, Anar says ok i agree, fb ends, Ruks congratulate everyone.

Scene 2
Jalal says to Rahim and Maan that marriage will be great, announce in city that nobody will cook in home for 7 days, they will eat royal food.
Salim is in his room, Jodha comes and ask what you did? you love Anarkali and she loves you too, i went to meet her and i realized that she loves you alot, she has not dreams of throne and crown then how can you do it? Salim sys everyone is not Anarkali, i have done this for Jalal’s respect and for royal family, Jodha says i dont believe this, you always fulfill what you desire then how can you agree for marriage now? Salim says arent you happy that i am marrying your niece? i am fulfilling Jalal’s promise, you wanted this only? Jodha says i wanted it and i am happy but i want ask what you paid for this decision? Salim says for Jalal’s happiness no amount of payment is big, i did what Jalal wanted, if this is deal then let it be, he leaves, Jodha says deal?
Jodha is getting in her room, Jalal comes there and thanks her, he says i am very happy, i knew you would make your son agree, if you can make me agree for anything then he is my son, you have done huge work, he wouldnt listen to me but you made him agree, did you see everyone is so happy, now you will see how grand this marriage will be, history will remember it, you should be happy now you parental house and in-laws house are tied again, Jodha says what about Anarkali? you ordered her to leave Agra, Jalal says when Salim agreed for marriage then i will call her back in city, i have nothing against that girl, its just that she is a dancer and i will not make her daughter in law of this house, i am happy that Salim has agreed for it, its very good decision, Jodha says sometime parents feel that with their decision their kids will be happy but opposite happens and they are pained, to be honest i have not pacified Salim for this marriage, i dont know who made him agree, i am happy that there will be no fights but i feel he is deeply hurt, Jalal says when you are king you have to take harsh decision keeping your feelings aside, Jodha says what if you have to choose between your duties and me? will you leave me? Jalal says what are you saying, i love you alot, you are my life, i can never leave you, he hugs her, Jodha thinks then why dont you understand that Anarkali is life of Salim.
Ruks is angry that how Salim agreed for this marriage, he went to meet Anarkali but how he agreed to Mann, i thought there will be drama in function but nothing happened, i have to do something, she ask Hoshiyar to find if Anarkali is in Agra or not, he leaves, Ruks laughs and says so what if my one plan failed, i have many tricks to play.
Jodha finds some noise, she goes to find Anarkali passionately dancing, she falls on floor and breakdowns in tears, Jodha says Anarkali, Anar wipes her tears and greets her, Jodha says i am happy to see you back, Anar says when Jalal asked me to leave i accepted to leave, he asked to stay back so i stayed back, Jodha says i can see pain in your and Salim’s eyes, i dont know why Salim agreed to marry Mann, i am happy about it but as mother i am worried for Salim, Anar sys what happened is nice, Salim will be happy with Mann, all are happy, i am happy too that my friend Mann is getting married, she deserve to be Salim’s wife, she deserve to be queen and i am dancing in happiness, Jodha says dont pretend infront of me, i know what you and Salim sacrificed for goodness of saltanat, its not easy to go away from your love, i am proud of you child, Anar hugs her and cries.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that i will not talk to Salim, i understand that Salim and that dancer love each other and its right to have longing for each other but unfortunately they are not able to see end of their love.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. good to see jodha so concern for anarkali and understand her n salim love for one another but unfortunately they wouldn’t be together

  2. I wish salim and anarkali come back together again

  3. this reminds me of a saying you have the ring but not the man salim will always love anarkali he is forced to marry mann bai but his true love is and will always be anarkali so what jalal did was wrong just for the sake of saving his reputation you destroyed your sons happiness how cruel of jalal and the thing about it is he will never give up jodha for anything well jalal lets see the twist of fate when salim starts being unfaithful to mann bai what can you do then because he already fulfilled you promise as the saying goes theirs a solution to every problem

  4. as for you ruks go keep your skinny ass quiet and stop trying to meddle in salim jodha and jalals life instead go eat you opium and smoke your hookah LOL

    1. When you read the blogspot on MUZ, you will understand and appreciate more Akbar in the context of his time. No wonder he is called Akbar the great. Whatever he was in the beginning he did many reforms in his later days. The more I read the blog, the more curious about Akbar and Muz relationship.

  5. Wait for jahangir nur love track keen observer. Salim will love some one else soon

  6. ” according to u all”

  7. What happend in huge of jodha and jalal..not comfortable each other..where’s your chemistry paridhi..??? There’s something wrong…love episodes..

  8. This is soooooo unfair …..Sanar should be together….:(

  9. Viewes…. dont get fooled by these tv shows First of all there’s no historical evidence of anarkali. But one historian has written that she’s was a concubine of akbar of whom he was very fond of.he caught her n Salim casting passionate glances at each other n condemned her.such was the character of Salim.
    Secondly unlike this serial Salim was very fond of Man Bai and was much distressed by her death.
    Thirdly not only anarkali ..if she was there in reality. …he was fond of all women…she being only one among them.
    these serial writers are putting lots of fiction to capture the attention of viewers who don’t know history very well.
    so viewers please don’t get emotional thinking all these hapnd in reality.

  10. sindhu this is what I know too these writers are straying from the history to maybe prolong the serial and another thing there was no laboni and all this witchcraft wayaaaaaaaaaa boy

  11. Yes , Salim loved Manbai a lot and she gave him the waris .

    Anarkali was a adopted daughter of Akbar , who later became the court dancer by her own choice.

    As any Mughal emperor Salim was besoted by Anarkali’s beauty and wanted her. But Akbar disapproved this as Brother-sister relation.

    Jodha always stood beside her Husband when the choice was given between her husband and son, As a Rajput, she never left Akbar side for any reason.

    1. Akbar married to his uncle daughter ( his sister) and his aunt’s daughter( also his sister). Anarkali pure fiction to impress emperor by a play writer. So he used salim Akbar as characters

  12. I understand what commenters are saying that the story line differs a bit to the real historical facts but as usual no reproduction of a historical epic will be portrayed as it actually happens.When we read the story there are differences but we cannot equate the facts of history to the modern depiction .Let us look at Shakespeare ,there are many versions to the first ever written Shakespeare books and also the movie versions also changes as the era moves upward. Therefore I personally enjoy what they put infront of me as the story lines now to make it a bit modern.I love the story except when the magic was there in ones face ,otherwise it is enjoyable for me.

  13. Jodha as a passionate and loving mother to all human being she will feel that way for Anarkali.When Jodha first me Akbar she was not in love with him but she did it to please her father.It is a fact that Salim loves Anarkali as his first love but because of customs there will be problems in the royal kindom.Do you all remember Prince Charles and Princess Di and what happened because there was no love between them but had to do it because of customs and tradition. His real love was the married woman whom he eventually married.This is what happens when you are of royal quality.

    1. Most of royal marriage are political alliance. Britain French and Scotland history are a proof if it. However d aim of serial initially was to let people know about history. Now they show non sense. Imagine a 12-13 yr old write in his short note on mughal era about salim anarkali love as he watched it on serialm

  14. Don’t change history so much DAT total meaning changes

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