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Jodha Akbar 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maham comes to adham and ask why are you worried, he ask where were you, she sasy I went to meet nigaar to place things in my hands, he says what if somebody had seen you, she says I am clever player in this game, I went to make nigaar believe that we are on her side, nigaar is going to be powerful, adham says what you are against jala in this war, she sasy yes because nigaar is more strong, you don’t do any mistake this time.
all palace people are sitting, jalal comes and says I am sorry to call all you here, I know we are ready for war but nigaar is my sister and she is daughter of my father so I want to try last time to stop this war, war is not the solution of anything, also I don’t want to fight against my mother mahaC, hamida says you are so much worried jalal, todar

sasy he is king, he has ability to fight with all situations, he is a warrior, atgah says jalal is strong king, he can handle any situation, he is Akbar, he will solve anything, you don’t need to doubt your any decision, jalal says I am not doubting my decision, just for sake of my people, I can talk to my sister, I can win her heart and stop this war, jodha says if this is possible then it will be great because war is not the solution, the soldiers who die in war are also brother and son of others so we should try this way, maham says sorry but I don’t think this is good idea, nigaar tried to kill you, she framed todar too and she tried to harm Rahim and jodha,ruks says I agree with maham, we have come ere for war, they are also ready for war so leave this thing and go rest as you have to go on war tomorrow, salima says if this war can be stopped by talking then its great as war should be last option, hamida says its your good will jalal that you want to talk to nigaar, jalal tells atgah to send letter to nigaar, maham smirks.

Scene 2
nigaar looks at sword and cuts her hand, she sasy I will not leave jalal tomorrow, mali comes there and says you should sleep, I don’t thinkw omen should go in war, leave jalal on me, nigaar puts sword on his neck and says you still think that I am not capable of war, jalal is only my target, mali laughs and says I should sleep now.
maham comes in tent and sees adham and javeda sleeping, she ask adham to get up, she informs him that jalal wants to talk to nigaar to stop this war, adham says so what, maham takes her out.
jalal is looking at his dress for war, jodha comes to him and holds his hand, jalal says I wish I don’t need to wear this dress, jalal says you don’t know when I wear this dress, I forget every relation, I don’t see anyone infront of me, I only crave for winning in this dress, I kill everyone infront of me to win the war in this dress, I become wild animal in this dress who only wants winning and who wants to kill his enemy, jodha says then I also want that this war doesn’t happen, jalal says that’s why I was trying to avoid this war, earlier I used to be happy listening that I am going on war so that I can be wild and kill people but when you came in my life, you gave me heart, I have fear that how many sons, how many husbands will get killed in this war and maybe I will be one of them, jodha says don’t say that, I have prayed for your life, you will win this war, jalal says warrior has only 2 things I life either become shaheed(get killed for god) and if I get shaheed then I will be proud that I got killed for my people, soldier comes and says atgah has called you out, jalal and jodha goes out, atgah says according to order we have written letter, atgah gives letter to soldier, jalal says this letter should only reach nigaar, soldier nods and leaves, someone kills the soldier when he was going to nigaar, its none other than adham and maham, maham reads the letter and jalal has written that I am sorry that I didn’t know about hmuyun’s will, I will give you all what you deserve nigaar, also I will find your mother, this is not my weakness but my love for my sister, your brother jalal. maham says this is emotional letter, even devil can melt reading this, adham says what about this soldier, maham sasy this soldier will go back to jalal but not alive and also nigaar’s letter too which will say war and war only.

Scene 3
in morning, jalal is waiting for reply of letter, the horse comes ther with soldier on his back, maham says what , this soldier is killed, this is against laws of war, atgah reads the letter which says that I didn’t know you are that much coward jalal, I will not ask you what is mine but I will snatch what is mine- your sister nigaar, jalal says if they need war then I will give them a beautiful war, start preparing for war.
salima says that jalal gave respect to nigaar being elder to him but she didn’t reciprocate back, ruks says nigaar is very selfish and ill-mannered, its good now jalal will not think twice before rising his sword against nigaar.
jalal looks at his soldiers praying and thinks that god I tried to stop this war but nigaar’s letter has shaken me.
ruks says to salima that nigaar will not be forgiven, she not only has put down her brother but also Mughal saltanat, there is only one option war, jodha says you are right, there is no otion left now, only if nigaar leaves her ego and shake hand with jalal, ruks says nigaar tried to spit on sky in her ego so now her own clothes will get dirty.

Scene 4
jalal wears his war dress and comes out, hamida says I have ful faith on my son, you wont do anything wrong, jalal sasy then why there is tears in your eyes, ill you say bye to me like this, hamida wipes her tears and says this is not a bye, my son will come back after winning this war, jalal says inshallah, I will win, he says to salima that I need your prayers now, salima says all nation is praying for you, you don’t have any other option, you need to win this war, jalal comes to ruks, ruks says I have prayed a lot for you and god will not disappoint me, jalal says yes I hope so, ruks says they will be disappointed who tried to think that you are weak and afraid of war, go and break their ego with your sword, jalal says inshallah, jalal comes to jodha, she does his aarti and puts tilak on his forehead, jalal takes out his sword, jodha puts tilak on sword, jalal says we tried to stop this war but now I promise I will win this war and will comeback to you, jodha says you have to come back for me and for your nation, jalal greets all in muslim style and jodha doesn’t do parnam but does as Muslim, jalal looks at her and greets her again.

PECAP- jalal addresses to his soldiers that you all are my strong soldiers, you always made me proud but now we have to become one and we have destroy or enemies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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