Jodha Akbar 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal ask Salim to say sorry to Murad, Salim ask i dont? Jodha gets worried, Salima says to jalal that Salim is elder or Murad, let it go, dont ask him to say sorry, Jalal says this is my court and decision will be mine only, he ask Salim to say sorry or else bear punishment, Salim says give me punishment, its nothing new for him, you have always given me punishment, i have always bear it and will bear it now too but i will not say sorry at any cost, Jalal says if you are habituated to punishment then bear it, Jalal says your punishment is that you are not high level minister, your salary is halved and you are not allowed to go to that dance bar again, you will not bear that dancer because of whom you slapped Murad, Salim is shocked, Jalal leaves the court. Daniyal thinks that i wont let

any dancer snatch Mann bai’s right, she has right over Salim, Jodha is sowrried.
Birbal thinks how to solve problem between two sons, Shama comes there and ask where is haidar these days? Birbal says i dont know.
Jodha comes to weighing balance, she recalls how priest Badri said that son-father is written in Jalal’s fate, Jalal comes there and says seems like storm is coming, let go inside, Jodha says storm has already come and nobody can stop it, Jalal says but.. Jodha says your words cant give me peace, you promised me that you will act as king and father both then what happened? where is balance between fatherb and king? you said that nothing will happen to you r family because of politics, cant you see both brothers are standing against each other, you didnt give justice to anyone, Jalal says i will set everything right on time, Jodha says when will that come? when one will kill other, when they will go totally against each other, Jalal says i know i did mistake but dont cry, i cant see tears in your eyes, he hugs her and says i promise i wil answer the one because of all this is happening.
Salim comes to dance bar, soldier stops him and says its Jalal’s order that you cant meet Anarkali, Salim says nobody can stop me, he goes inside, Anar opens door, he smiles looking at her, they share eyelock, he is about to come inside, anar closes door, Salim says open it, i wanna talk to you, he cries, Anar says i cant go against Jalals’s order, please leave, Salim sys dont do this, only you are with me, all have betrayed me, dont do this, i wanna talk to you, please for god sake, open door, she doesnt, he leaves in tears. Zil comes to Anar, anar says i cant see Salim in pain, she hugs her, Zil says we cant do anything, he says is king’s son and you are just dancer.

Scene 2
Voice over says that Iran’s king had strong personality, he was respected by all countries, his one order can make anyone die, Iran’s king says to his soldiers that i am Jalal changed his decision and didnt make Salim new king but he didnt make India the Islamic nation, he has given opportunities to hindus, one minister says that Jalal has collaborated with other countries against you, ambassador says Jalal is so much afraid of you that he changed his decision, he will never go against Iran, king says i know and i will make sure, he is our control.
Ruks comes to SAlim and says dont worry, i will talk to Jalal, Salim says dont talk to that egoistic king, Ruks says i am your mother, i cant see your pain, i wanted you to be my son, i didnt give birth to you, i am not your mother, Salim says dont say like this, you have always been there with as mother, Ruks says if i was in Jodha’s place, i would have changed my religion for you, i will talk to Jalal, you dont worry, she smirks and things that Jodha is gone now.
Murad says to Daniyal that i still remember that slap, i always respected Salim and what he did.. Rahim comes and says you didnt do good, you could have solved matter with Salim, you should have not gone to Jalal, Murad says he slapped next king, Rahim says that Saim has right on this throne? Murad says why i cant be next king? i have fought war too, i work hard more than him, Rahim says but he is elder son of Salim so he should be king, Murad ask are you jealous with me? Salima says comes and sys Murad you are wrong, you should know that he elder and he has right to become king, Murad says you always take Salim’s side, make him learn respect too, he leaves.
Salim is drunk, Jodha comes there, she says you did by coming here, Salim says where can i go, Jodha says i know what Jalal did was not that good, i talked to Jalal.. Salim says great, when wife hurts then husband comes to cover up or vice versa, i dont need all this, you wanna show that you cant bear my pain, that you love me alot but if you have loved me enough then you must have changed religion by now for me, you must have accepted Islam, Jodha is shocked.

PRECAP- Jodha says to Jalal that there is difference between young and old men, you cant win, Jalal says if i win then what will give me? Ruks thinks that i have to win the prize.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salim is not respecting his parents.

  2. Ruks need to be sought out for her conceited behavior.How can she love Jalal that much but putting his only son against him.She uses the word love but doe not know what love really is.Damn hypocrite.Salim needs to humble himself. Learn that humility is not denying his strength but being honest about his weakness which is opium and alcohol.Still love this show.

  3. rosey I agree with you one hundred per cent but the problem is that salim was toooooo sheltered when he was small and the two and three mothers thing was wrong in a sense because every time he went to ruks imagine a grown woman like her she would give him hateful advice and opium to turn him against jodha and jalal and then on the other hand she ruks is saying she loves jalal but that is not love that is obsession with a passion she too is spoilt she feels that jalal belongs to her because of their past history and so she is jealous of jalals undying love for jodha and ruks mean that she will destroy anything in a path even salim to get what she wants and like I said before salim needs to grow up some more before being heir to the throne because he does toooooooooo much whining and complaining at trivial matters he must learn to let bygones be bygones and so he will be a much stronger person and not the weakling he is today

  4. I agree with you Rosey and Gloria! Ruk doesn’t know how to love! She thinks love is equal controlling ….is not only Jodha that Iran wants to change the religion but a whole nation… But idiot Salim doesn’t grow up…not listen n not ,learn… Remember when he was a boy burning the weight that’s already show drugs n alcohol has controlled him… His atticude just not like a prince he is arrogan…. Poor Jodha…. Agree Salim has to learn to control his anger n obey the king…even the king is his baba… Obey that’s mean respect

  5. This show should be banned

  6. How can any one tolerate blo*dy mughals ruling over India….. N producer should be ashamed of making such shows ….rather depict the greatness of the great warriors Maharana Pratap and Shivaji Maharaj….

  7. AKBAR was the fraud….n diplomatic person ever….

  8. Akbar respected all religion, even he shun his religion…

  9. Dat was his diplomacy…..coz he wanted to gain confidence of everyone n rule India….
    bt the truth is he was foreign ruler….n not indian

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