Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 35

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A week had passed since the ghost hunt. Sona tried telling everyone about the cute ghost she saw when she was looking  for her spectacles but like it happens in most of the cases everyone refused to believe her (except Purushottam the milk man). So she dropped the topic & ensured that none of her acquintace wandered to that place. “Let the bo8y stay in peace”, she says.

There was another matter which was bothering Sonakshi & she had wanted to discuss it with Elena but Elena seemed to guarded to discuss about ‘Vicky’ So Sona decided to discuss it with Dev

Sona: Dev we need to discuss something

Dev: GST, kashmir issues whatever it is Ms. Samaj Sudharak it can wait because I want to show you something.

Sona: It’s urgent Dev

Who on Earth can stop Dev Dixit from doing something that he has decided. He pulled Sona towards him & made her sit on a sofa which was near the window.

Sona: Ab kya? (Now what?)

Dev pointed towards the distant hills. The hills had taken a blue hue. The sun was standing in its full glory painting the sky & clouds in shades of orange. Hillstation evenings are always soothing & today was no different. The sun was preparing to retire behind the clouds & Sona looked at scene with awe.

Dev: Pasand aaya? (Liked it?)

Sona: Bahut… Kuch special hai aaj? (Extremely… is it something special?)

Dev: Special Kuch nahi hai it’s just that we don’t take out enough time to look at nature. Toh jab bhi hum Thoda sa time nikal Ke dekhte hain it looks prettier.

Sona smiled at him. Dev sat beside her on the sofa.  Sona rested her head on his shoulder & he wrapped his arms around her. They were lost in each others presence, in the sunset. Mussoorie was adding colours to DevAkshi’s story that couldn’t have got painted in Delhi.

Sonakshi slept in the same position & Dev lifted her in bridal style. He made Sona lay down on the bed peacefully. He took out her sandals & then sat on a chair doing nothing baring admiring his beautiful wife.


Sonakshi’s phone was ringing constantly. She managed with a lot of difficulty to open her eyes. She tried to take out her arms which had got entangled with Dev’s, the touch creating sparks & sending shivers down her spine.  She looked at Dev. He looked too cute while sleeping.  Her phone rang again to bring her out of her trance

Sona: Hello

Elena: Hello Sona … Tu abhi hospital aa sakti hai kya? (Can you come to the hospital?)

Sona: Emergency hai?(Is it an emergency?)

Elena: Badi wali (Big one)

Sona agreed & disconnected the call. She woke up Dev & they reached the hospital. Outside the hospital was a lot of chaos. A huge crowd had gathered. They cut threw it only to find the unexpected. Vicky, who was not in his senses, (the reason lying in his hand, an empty bottle of scotch), was fighting with the guards, shouting “Mujhe milna hai”

Dev: Vicky … Vicky… What are you doing?

Sona: Bhaiya,  kya hua hai? (What happened?)

Guard: Kya bataun madam, ye sir sister’s bazaar par gire huye the Kuch log inhe hospital lekar aaye to ye Dr.  Elena se badtameezi karne lage ( He was lying on the road at sister’s bazaar when we brought him here he started misbehaving with Dr Elena)

Sonakshi’s eyes had widened in shock

Dev: I’ll call Elena.

He dialled Ele’s number & after a long chat of 10 minutes he was successful in persuading Ele to come out

Dev: Elena, take him inside

Elena: Then why did you call me outside Genius?

Dev: Because you can control him Genius

Elena made faces but then took Vicky inside. Sona, Dev, Elena & Vicky sat in the doctor’s duty room

Sona: Can anyone please tell me what is all this

Elena: Nothing serious Sona. You know how drunkards are

Vicky: I’m just a drunkard for you now?

Dev: Chup baith Vicky Tu apni had paar kar raha hai. Sonakshi… Vicky & Elena were in a relationship while in college & then Vicky dumped Elena

Elena: Excuse me! I dumped him because he was cheating on me. Kisi Tina Ke saath chakkar chal raha tha iska. blo*dy Two Timer!!

Vicky got up & paced slowly towards Elena. He tried cupping Ele’s face in his hands but she pushed him back. He fell on the sofa cum bed & went back to sleep

Sona: Ele..

Elena: Please Sonakshi if you want me to forgive him or something it is not possible

Sona: If he proves that he has realised his mistakes & mends them then?

Elena: I’ll accept him as a friend nothing more & I hope you’ll accept my decision

Elena stormed out of the room banging the door behind her. After making Vicky sleep comfortably DevAkshi left the room too. They went back to their home in Dev’s car (Although Sona prefers to walk that doesn’t mean that Dev doesn’t have a car for emergencies)

Sona: You knew about all this

Dev: Yes

Sona: Then? why didn’t you help them?

Dev: What?  Didn’t you hear what Ele said stop poking your nose in other’s affairs like a TV serial aunty

Sona: TV serial aunty?  That’s what you think of me?

Dev: You are behaving like one now

Sona’s temper rose. How could he call her a TV serial aunty? She felt that this was the time to make him realise that she can give punishment’s better than making burnt rotis. The rest of the journey went in complete silence. As they reached their flat, even before Dev could park his car Sona hopped out of it & climbed the stairs to her flat with a lot of haste. She banged the door behind her & locked it.

Dev too climbed the stairs. It was 1 am & he was feeling too lazy. Unaware of Sona’s plans Dev tried opening the knob of the door but it didn’t open.

Dev: Sona…  Sonakshi Ye door jam ho gaya ho kya? (Is the door jammed?)

All he heard was an evil laugh & no answer

Dev: Ittu si baat ka itta gussa not fair Ms. Bose I mean Mrs. Dixit (So much of anger for such a small thing!)

There was no response. Dev tried for the last time

Dev: Mere bina neend aa jaayegi tumhe? (Will you be able to sleep without me?)

All this while Sona was sitting on the bed listening to Dev. She thought

Baat to ye theek keh raha hai…  Aadat si ho gayi hai iski mujhe but Sonakshi he offended you, you need to show him who’s the boss par thand Itni hai bahar will he be able to cope up. Sardi ho gayi Toh!!  No no no Sonakshi you are Sonakshi Bose you can’t loose … Correction you are Mrs. Sonakshi Dev Dixit & you can’t help loving him & caring for him. Darwaza khol du kya? Urrrgggh this is hell confusing

Frustrated by her own thoughts Sona got up & started pacing to & fro in the room. She banged the gramophone. Suddenly it sprang to life & began playing

Dekho rootha na karo
Baat nazaro ki suno

It stopped abruptly.

On the other side of the door. Dev was sitting hugging himself to prevent from catching cold. He heard the song & thought of trying a last shot. He sang

Dekho rootha na karo
Baat nazaro ki suno

Sona sang the lines of the female lead from inside

Hum na bolenge kabhi
Tum sataya na karo

Dev continued

Dekho rootha na karo

Cheharaa to laal huaa, kyaa kyaa haal huaa
Is adaa par teree main to paamaal huaa
Tum bigadane jo lago, aaur bhee haseen lago

What the song could not do Sona’s concern for Dev did. Hearing him sneeze Sona rushed out & opened the door.

Sona: Lag gayi na sardi bahar baithne ki kya zaroorat thi? (You have catched cold!!! Who told you to sit outside?)

Dev: Are apni marzi se thodi na baitha tha ( I am not sitting with my wish)

Sona was drowned in guilt. Dev’s nose had turned cherry red & she was blaming herself for this.

Sona: Wo main kya karti tumne

Sensing the danger that lay in store for him if she remembered the car convo Dev immediately got up & hugged her hiding his face in the groove of her neck. This gesture enveloped all the dilemma in Sona & she smiled. Satisfaction was the only feeling she could feel now. No jewels, no amount of riches could claim paramountcy over this feeling of being complete that she felt in his proximity.

Sona: What is this for?

Dev: For myself

Then he added mischievously,

Dev: Thand lag rahi hai mujhe (I’m feeling cold)

Sona slapped playfully on his head while a wide million dollar smile crept to her lips

Sona: You are going to help me in Velena’s case

Dev ,who was still in the same position, nodded in a yes.

Sona: Are you even listening?

Dev: No I’m busy with my wife baad me aana

Sona: Haaaaw!!! Tumi Eakdom…

Dev: Eakdom smart, intelligent,handsome

Sona: Eakdom…

Dev(cuts her off) : Sonakshi ka Dev nothing else (Sona’s Dev)

Sona smiled while the gramophone began playing again

Jaan par meri bani, aap ki thhahari hasee
Haay main jaan gayi, pyaar ki fitanaagari
Dil jalaane ke liye thhandee aahe naa bharo
Dekho rootha na karo…

Teri khushboo ne mere hosh bhi chheen liye
Hai khushi aaj humeib, tere pahalu mein ghire
Dil ki dhadkan pe zaraa phool saa haath rakho
Hum na bolenge…

Kyaa kahegaa ye samaa, in raahon kaa dhuwaan
Laaj aaye mujhe, mujh ko laaye ho kahaa
Hum tumhe maan gaye, tum bade wo ho hato
Dekho rootha na karo…

Precap- Lene ke padenge denge?

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