Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 34


Sona’s POV

So, we walked uphill & finally reached the haunted Pari Tibba,the fairy hill. It was 1 am & the temperature was so low that we were shivering, So we got some wood to ignite the fire. We were damn scared, which was obvious & all our humour went away along with the hot coffee that we were drinking sitting outside the ruins, reciting Hanuman Chalisa under our breath but but hold on I forgot that my husband is an atheist or at least he showed himself to be one, so obviously he won’t be reciting any mantra & he broke the silence which was increasing the horror quotient.

Dev: So.. Does anyone know how to do Lavani?

Sona: Lavani?

Elena: No Marathi’s out here

Jatin understood Dev’s intention & carried his prank forward

Jatin: Haa Haa Lavani… Yaha ke Bhoot to Marathi hi lagte hain… Zingaat pe Jo dance kar rahe the

Juhi: It’s not funny

Jatin: Kyun? Aapko dar lag raha hai?

Juhi: N.. Na.. Nahi

Jatin: Great then you’ll have no problem in looking back

Juhi: Peeche Peeche Kuch hai kya

Juhi looked at me & Elena our faces clearly echoed the fear that was inside us. She slowly turned around & as she did that Jatin did the most stupid thing. He said Bhoo. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to react but to my surprise Juhi shrieked so loudly that I felt as if I lost my eardrum. The next thing I know was Juhi had jumped & securely landed in Jatin’s chest. She had buried her face completely. We had a good laugh.

Dev: Kaun keh raha tha ki ghost hunt wow! It’ll be fun. Dekho kaise dar gayi hain teeno

Sona: Dev… You better stay quiet warna..

Dev: Warna kya?

Sona: I’ll … I’ll make burnt rotis for you

Dev: Nothing new! You always do that??? I’m the one who makes food.

Sona: ????

Yes I can’t cook what’s the big deal about it but I’m trying he is using that against me now. I’ll cook & prove him wrong some day… Which will happen if we get out alive from this place.

Elena: It’s getting difficult to keep the fire burning Bahut hawa chal rahi hai

Jatin: We are in ghost’s house & lady bacchan said that wherever there is paranormal activity the temperature becomes low.

Juhi: Suman Aunty se lady bacchan ho gayi wo

Sona: Kaam hi aisa kiya hai LB ne… Lady Bacchan se bachna mushkil hi nahi namunkin hai

Everyone laughed meekly at my dialogue but looking at each other laugh we started laughing loudly. We had to keep ourselves engaged if we didn’t wanted to suffer a heart attack because of our own imaginations. We stopped laughing but a laughter continued even after we had stopped

Dev: K.. Kaun hai?

No response came & then after a brief pause the laughter resumed. It was clearer this time & my brain hammered with the thought that the laughter belonged to some child. Was it the same child who had been murdered? No no no Sona remember what Dev told you there are no ghosts yes there are no ghosts

Sona: umm… Dev…

Dev: Sssshhhh

He was looking everywhere to search for the source of the sound

Dev: I guess it is coming from inside the house

Sona: Drop it!! We are going back home

Dev: No Sonakshi… It’s someone playing a prank with us & I need to find out who it is

Sona: Shut up!!! You are not going inside

Dev: Yes I am

Sona: Dev … Please Abhi to LB ke Ghar me you were saying that you don’t want to lose me ever

Dev: Haa but

Sona: No ifs & buts… You are not going

Jatin: I guess he should I’ll come with you Dev

Juhi: No Jatin please don’t go

But the boys didn’t listen to us & went inside. We waited outside for them but they didn’t come out for 15 minutes which seemed like ages to us

Elena: What is the time?

Juhi: 1:45

Elena: They should come back in the next 15 minutes or else

Sona: Else

Elena: I have heard that human energy reduces between 2-3 am & that’s when the spirits rule

I was about to tell Ele to keep her spooky gyan all to herself when we heard Dev & Jatin scream. Expecting the worst we lost all control over our senses. The BHARTIYA PATIVRATA NARI arose in Juhi & I. The next thing we did was to rush into the ruins to look for the two. It didn’t took us much time to locate those two but they were with a ghost. It was a ghost of a man who had died quite early maybe in his late 20s. His face was as white as snow & his lips were blood red. His eyes were blackened completely. His body was draped with bandages here & there. To add to his miserable looks he grinned showing his teeth which had abnormally long incisors they were awfully yellow & had blood spots on them.

Dev: Sona… Girls run

Dev held my hand & literally dragged me away from the ghost. We entered in a room which had sour walls nothing else, even the roof was absent

Dev: Sona tum kyu aayi? Tumhe Kuch ho jaata to?

Sona: Yahi baat mai tumse poochu to?

Dev: Sonakshi… I have never been the ideal man for you. Tumhe bhaga kar yaha laya… I got married to you without even asking your mom…

Sona: I had consented for this alliance because I love you Mr. Aubhodro. I don’t know what is right for me all I know is I love you & only you that’s why tum jaise bhi ho mere liye perfect ho

Dev: Still I need to say something before the ghost catches us & kills us

I nodded. He held my face in his hands & said the following lines. He literally said them like a poem instead of singing & he said them so fast that I couldn’t get what he said at first

Dev: Dil mera har baar ye kehne ko bekarar hai… Kaho na Pyar hai

Sona: Huh?

Dev: Nahi hai kya?

Sona: Nahi nahi Bahut hai

Dev: To Kaho na

Sona: Kaha na Pyar hai ki tumse Pyar hai

Dev: Will you marry me Ms Bose?

Sona: We are married

Dev: Nahi wo band Baja Baarat waali big fat Indian wedding

Sona: Yes

& Dev hugged me tightly. It was a bone crushing hug full of happiness. Can my happiness last for long?  We heard a hello & looked up the ghost had catched the rest. God!!  What will it make us do? It will deep fry us or bake us? I tried remembering all the words used in cooking. It will be my last wish to learn how to cook

As I was thinking all this the ghost ordered that he wants to see DevIn dance on Maa Da Ladla

Back to the present

So that was our story.

Sensible?  Not all.
True?  Yes it is.

Now I have to save myself from getting a male sautan. Elena is still poking my forearm.

Sona: kya hai?

Elena: Wo Bhoot…

Before she completed her sentence she changed her mind & went closer to the ghost. We screamed at her to stay away. She went to the ghost & did the unexpected.

Elena slapped the ghost

Elena:Bacche ho? Ye mazak lag raha hai Tumhe? Kitna Dara diya tha? oh wait tumhe to dusro ki feelings se koi farq hi nahi padta na?

I was wondering that why is Elena talking to the ghost in such a way as if he is a long lost friend

Ghost: Elena sun to Yaar mai tere liye…

Elena: Naam mat le mera

When we heard the ghost’s voice we got it that it was none other than our protein shake man vicky.

Sona: Vicky tu mar ke bhoot kab bana?

Vicky: Mai zinda hu Sonakshi

I had my Eureka moment.
Why are you guys looking at me like that?  Did you also know that Vicky Mara nahi hai? Einsteins you guys are

(Riti: Tu duffer ki Tarah baat kar rahi hai Sona)

We ran after Vicky who went out after Elena. Kuch to gadbad hai between the two.  I guess we’ll have to see some more colours of love. You know Kuch rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. I was the last one to leave because I left my spects in the ruins. I came back alone. The wind was still blowing ferociously. I was looking for my spectacles when I heard some footsteps. I turned around only to find a cute little boy in his early teens standing behind me with spectacles in his hand. “Didi… Are these yours?”
“Yes baby” I replied & pulled his cheeks. He was cute. His skin was white as the moon & his cheeks were so rosy. When I pulled his cheeks the boy started laughing. I didn’t need to be a scientist to recognize his laughter. It was the same one we had heard earlier. The boy waved at me & said Goodbye.

I swear I saw him standing there a minute ago & then he just disappeared. I shrieked & ran away.  But when I was running I heard a song being played. 
It was zing zing zing zing Zingaat zing zing zing zing

Precap-Cupid DevAkshi

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  1. Muthash

    It was scary…. but liked that Vicky is back… i guessed it has to be him. Then again the last part of the boy, it was once again scary. Btw, can you write the English translation inside the brackets for all the Hindi dialogues? Bcs, some doesn’t have….

    1. Riti1107

      I have added the subtitles in the next one

      1. Riti1107

        Forgot to say
        Thank you

  2. Ridzzzz

    Nyc epi

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Ridzz

  3. Akshita

    OMG You wrote is so well? Plzzz plzz plzz post soon cant wait the episode was fabulous and loved the dev’s cute proposal

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Akshita
      I have posted already

      1. Akshita

        Hey bt its not showing your post??☹️☹️

  4. DramaQueen1004

    Lovely epi… ab bahut neend aa ehu hai toh d connent us short
    Maaf kar dena di
    Love u loads

    1. DramaQueen1004

      God itne saare mistakes the… I just realised
      That was my comment from a different phone

    2. Riti1107

      Neend ka asar I guess

  5. Awesome Episode

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks princesz

    2. Riti1107

      Thanks Princess

  6. Nikkita0194

    amazing.bhoot jus love it post asap
    Love u

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Nikss
      Hope you liked the ‘fun factor’
      Love you loads

  7. diiiii I love u for this !!! I was reading it with so much concentration how do​ you manage to write so well ??? And finally please do write the consummation part of devakshi it is very important and we all will love to read it when it will be written by u

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Sam

      The consummation?
      Mai to chota sa nanha sa pyaara sa bacha hu & I know I won’t be able to write it
      It’s not under confidence
      It’s knowing my capabilities too well???
      So I leave it to you all so that you can imagine it on your own


    Nice ??

  9. Sharon99

    awesome riti…very good writing..enjoyed it??

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Sharon

  10. Ekani

    loved it…u rocked it…bhoot scenes r super scary…i really like this idea..finally they accept their love for eo…post u

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Ekani

  11. Awesome n different storyy plsss post soon

    1. Riti1107

      I’ve posted the next part

  12. Riti di bohot bohot zyada achha episode tha…especially vo last part…??????
    Jaha meri fav siper star ka role tha…are aap unhe nhi jante???
    Are unka naam Riti h… ??

    Dat was literally the best part…
    Aur vo cooking vala bhi????
    I think ghost ko unhe bake krna chahiye tha??
    After all miss nutritionist ki last wish bhi to yhi hogi?????

    And Jatin ki baho me ???
    ??thnx di…???

    Sry di lmba comment ni kr pa ri (?lmba???)
    And di ek gud news…apn ke scul me inter house debate hua..I bagged 2nd prize??
    Is new scul me its my first prize ???

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