Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 28

Juhi … I could not accommodate the lunch in this episode it was getting too long but I’ll post the next one tomorrow
CBSE Board results are out … I’ve got 92.5% … Aaj mai upar aasman neeche aaj mai aage zamana hai peeche
Sonakshi was staring at the ceiling, her eyes refused to blink. Completely bereft of sleep she looked around the room, this room was very different from her old house it wasn’t pink & girlish but it was white … The curtains, pillows & bed sheets were all white. The wall opposite to her bed had wooden tiles over it. Pictures from her life of almost all the important people in her life were hanging over it. Her eyes got fixed at a picture of her & Sourabh Dada, after Dev had called him & asked him to send Sona’s doll Charu to Delhi for her 17th birthday he had visited her …

Dev was so caring. I could find comfort & safety around him. An ideal friend he was … He never did big things, no expensive gifts, cheesy flirty dialogues … just those little things that would make me fall for him over & over again

Sona kept on thinking about all the good days spend with him until her eyes fell on a photo of her with her entire gang … Jatin, Vicky, Elena & Dev … The smile that had crept on her lips faded as she remembered the day she proposed him & the harsh way in which he rejected her …
In those two years of school you gave me a forever, Dev but why did you had to snatch my happiness like that… Maybe it’s my fault… Had I not poured my heart out to you I would live in that happy bubble of mine …

Her eyes were full of tears with these thoughts … Her vision blurred when she saw another pic of hers with her friends that was their last picture clicked in Varanasi
11 years … it has been almost 11 years since I decided to part ways with you all … Not because I started hating this Aubhodro but because had I stayed with you all for a minute more I would have suffocated not because of his presence but because of this thought that keeps haunting me that there was something he was hiding from me … I had no strength to connect the dots or the missing links … I didn’t want the entire group’s friendship to crash because of our awkwardness … I lost my everything … I should hate you na Dev! Why can’t I? Why is this small part of me shouting that there is something that is not catching my attention?

She noticed that her phone was ringing
Sona: Hello
Ritvik: Hello Sona … kitna time laga diya phone uthane me … We are not even engaged yet aur tum apne nakhre to dekho … I wonder shaadi ke baad iss nanhi si jaan ka kya hoga
Sona: Kuch kam hai?
Ritvik: Huh?
Sona: Why have you called?
Ritvik: Wo … there is an emergency in the hospital … the patient has died but there is no oncologist in the hospital … so dad may get into trouble because of this … can you please come over?

Sona: What? The patient has died & now you are calling me! If there was some need of an oncologist you could have contacted me earlier … How can you be so irresponsible?
Ritvik: Relax! Relax! The patient was as it is not going to survive long
Sona: Argghhh!!! You don’t deserve to be called a doctor
Ritvik: Oh Jhansi ki Rani … it’s not a big deal … Are you coming?

Sona: Hmmm
Sonakshi took out her car keys & drove out of her house. In 45 minutes she reached the hospital. It was too late the patient’s family were taking her body away. As a doctor Sona was trained to stay detached from the sufferings of her patient but she could not stop feeling broken whenever a child died. She was about to go when Ritvik stopped her.

Ritvik: Hey Sonakshi

Sona: Seems you have handled the case

Ritvik: Yeah! The attendants didn’t create much of a fuss they just cried & took the body

Sona: What else do you expect them to do?

Ritvik: Will you have something … tea/coffee?

Sona: No thanks. I’ll take your leave now

Ritvik: Sona … wait … there is a case I wanted to discuss with you

Sona: Really? Why don’t we discuss it when the patient dies? What difference does it make to you?

Ritvik: Accha baba I’m sorry but tumhe pata hai na this is how the profession works

Sona: I’ll look into the case tomorrow when I come

Ritvik: I thought you’ll be interested in this case

Sona: What do you mean?

Ritvik: You took a lot of time in coming back from Pujo Pandal… Didn’t you?

Sona: You are questioning me?

Ritvik: I’m just curious.

Sona: My mother has never questioned me Ritvik & I expect the same from you too.

Saying so, an infuriated Sona started returning back when Ritvik’s words I THOUGHT YOU’LL BE INTERESTED IN THIS CASE hit her. She turned around & asked him

Sona: Wh.. Why will I be interested in that case?

Ritvik led her to his cabin & ordered to cups of coffee.

Ritvik: This patient came to dad when he was just about to turn 18… Blood cancer … There was no hope for him left … Dad even told his family that he won’t survive but

Sona: But?

Her eyes had widened, breath had fastened. Her inhalation & exhalation could be seen clearly with the rapid movement of her chest.

Ritvik: His was a rare case … Both medically & emotionally … He used to say doctor mujhe theek kar do … One day I met him … I was in 1st year MBBS … I asked him that why did he wanted to hang on to life when it gave him so much pain

Sona: What did he say?

Ritvik: We were of the same age so we became friends quickly … He told me that once he came out of the clutches of cancer he had to answer someone’s unasked questions.

Sona gulped down the lump in her throat

Ritvik: He was O negative … we weren’t getting a suitable bone marrow donor … when some school friend of his … a girl of short height dark skinned short hair big black eyes came to his rescue … I remember that she cried bitterly … She apologized for not knowing his problems because had she known it before she could have handled the situation better

ELENA … Sona heard herself saying that unknowingly … She brushed away that thought

Ritvik: She knew someone who could be his donor … We weren’t expecting a recovery but he did it

Sona: Why are you discussing the case now?

Ritvik: His blood reports were sent by his Bua Maa fearing a relapse

Sona’s hands were trembling at this.

Ritvik: I’ve gone through the reports … I don’t think it’s a case of relapse but I wanted a second opinion will you please look at the reports

Sona nodded her head. Ritvik called a peon

Ritvik: Mishra wo file di thi na subah wo leke aa … Nahi wo wali nahi … are Dev ki file

Sona: K… Kaun Dev?

Ritvik: Dev … Devrath Dixit … The business tycoon … The guy who dropped you today … Don’t you read the newspaper?

Well nothing could be said about the newspaper but Sona’s face was clearly an open book, showcasing her inner turmoil. Her body was shaking. Sweat beads made their way on her face, her eyes were full & her mouth was left open in shock

Ritvik: Sona … Sonakshi are you listening to me

His words broke her trance … She got up wiped her tears & rushed out of his cabin. She went to her car & drove towards Dev’s house. Mishra came to Ritvik’s cabin but no one was there so he took the file back with him. Ritvik tried following Sonakshi but he couldn’t match with her speed.

Kabhi gardisho ka maara
Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chand ka hai chakor
Zaara se bhi samjho kaise
Ye pal hai zarakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Dunia jahan ki bandisho ki ye kaha parwa kare
Jab kheeche koi dor
Kheeche koi dor
Manchala Man Chala teri ore
Manchala Maan Chala teri ore
Khamoshiyon ki suraton me dhundhe tera shor
Dhundhe tera shor
Manchala Man Chala teri ore

Dev was sitting in the hall of his mansion busy doing something on his laptop. He heard frantic knocks on his door. There was no one in his home so he went to open the door. As soon as he unlocked it someone literally jumped on him. It took him some time to realize that it was Sonakshi. She was clutching tightly to his shirt. He didn’t know what had happened that she was crying profusely & hugging him tightly but he liked the feel of it so he also slipped his hands on her slender frame hugging her back, while his chin rested on her head. After some time Sona broke the hug still clutching his shirt with one hand while the other hand went & ruffled his hair. She was wondering that how would have Dev survived those days when his hair would have left him.

Dev: Sonakshi … Tum ro kyu rahi ho?

Sona: Why didn’t you tell me Dev?

Dev: What?

Sona: Don’t act smart

Dev: Wo to mai hu

Sona: Nahi … Tumi eakdum impossible, aubhodro, boka … You are boka of the highest order

Dev took Sonakshi inside the house & locked the door.

Dev: Kisne bataya tumhe?

Sona: That’s not important … The point is I am getting to know all this from someone else

Dev: That Ritvik told you

Sona: He was just discussing your case

Dev: See Sonakshi

She was still crying, he pulled her back in his embrace & whispered

Dev: I didn’t want to hurt you … I can’t see you in pain

Sona: Really? Do you think that I am doing garba right now with happiness?

Dev: No … no … I was sure you would have not been able to bear all that pain

Sona: & you decided to face it all by yourself … I told you I loved you … that doesn’t mean that I would just stand by you in your sorrows

She gently cupped his face in her friends

Sona: If I love you … There is no your mess it is my mess … Our mess

Dev’s eyes were full of tears … His vision was blurred he gently pressed his forehead against hers. He held her hands in his & pressed them

Dev: I missed you Sonakshi …

His warm breath was fanning her face … New set of tears started flowing from her eyes … Seeing this he held her back in his embrace

Dev: I love you Sonakshi



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    1. Riti1107

      Finally you commented?
      No need to say sorry so many times
      I’m not at all angry
      I know mai bahut wait karwa rahi hu but even I was busy but next episode kal pakka post ho jaayega

      Party to kal thi you missed it????
      Ye le lo

  2. First of all congratulation and amazing episode dear post the next episode soon

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks & Thanks
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  3. Veronica Sequeira

    congratulation to you. the episode is nicely written. awaiting for the next one.

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      Thanks Veronica for the wishes & compliments ????
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    Kill that bejoy
    Anyway awesome epi
    Post asap

    1. Riti1107

      Kill that Bejoy?????
      Wish I could
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  5. Juhi16

    Awsm episode…..u no wat when i was reading Ritwik’s description of Dev’s case…even my heart was throbbing…i was literally shocked…even though I knew who it was gonna be..and dat it was Dev’s case…still i was shocked….not as much as Shona but…Yeah…..
    U no wat i can always visualise watever u write and dats wat makes me obessed wad this ff…. literally…
    Luv the way u write yrr…
    And di aapki himmat kaise hui sorry bolne ki aur bhi itttttteeeee…. kamal ke episode ke baad…
    Aapne mujhe ff me cast kiya that itself is a verrrrryyy… big thing and i m humbled…????

    And congo for scoring itttteee…. gud marks…92% is wonderful…mere bhaiya ke 90.6% aye…unka English ki vjh se % bigad gy…anyways tb bhi bohot achha hi h…
    My results are slso gonna cum on 2nd June…. bhgwan jane ky hoga…
    Agr 10 cgpa ni aya tb to meri band bj jayegi ghr me… ????

    Wish me luck di..
    And w8ing eagerly 4 d nxt episode

    1. Juhi16

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    2. Riti1107

      Maine to sorry bola hi nahi Juhi?????
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      Tum bhi na???

      Congrats to ur Bhaiya
      Mujhe sabse zyada umeed bio se thi & maths se umeed thi ki wo mujhe duba dega but result me ulta ho gaya??

      All the best for ur results
      10 to aana hi hai tumhara
      Jo bhi result ho don’t let it affect you … aage ka sochi

      You’ll get the next episode tomorrow
      Nd ye itne saare compliments ke liye thanks❤❤❤❤❤

    3. Riti1107

      Missed one thing now that you are playing Jatin’s wife in the ff
      To tum Jatin ko bolna ki jaise Khatri ke ghar me ghusa his, SpiderMan & BatMan ka aashirwad leke waise CBSE walon ke ghr me ghus jaaye nd unhe bole ki time pe result nikale kyuki wo log bahut delay karte hain?

      1. Juhi16

        ???? sahi h
        Abhi to apn ka 2 june ko result niklne ki ummeed h ..let’s see ki ky hota h…meko maths ka tension ho ra h…..silly mistakes bohot krti hu mai…
        Pta ni..hope for the best…?
        And Sorry apne nhi likha tha…bs maine glti se likh diya…..sry n….?

  6. wow!!mind blowing epi? the end of manchala song i found myself in tears..

    1. Riti1107

      You won’t have to cry anymore?

  7. and congrats with ur happy to know yur scores??

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You so much❤

  8. Awesome episode… looking forward for what will dev,jatin & juhi will do to save sona….

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks gulnaz

  9. Ekani

    first of all congratulations for scoring such a good % in boards…that too 92.5%
    i am new here…so i donno know much about writeres of TU…& i also donno that u r cbse 12th standard student…..but when i know i am happy bz i am also the same…..i score 91.4% in boards….i am so happy & grateful now that i cannot explain my happiness in words…my condition is same like u….
    aaj mei upar aasma niche….aaj mei aage jamana h piche…& also vo sikander hi dosto kehlata h…haari bazzi ko jitna jise aata h….coming back to ur ff….i am a regular reader of ur ff…but i think i had’nt comment earlier or may be i do…but i don’t remember….u r such a awesome & brilliant writer & possess too good writing skills….keep on going with ur passion of writing….i find this episode of urs emotional & nice one too….try to post asap…i will wait for u….love u

    1. Riti1107

      & Congratulations to you too!!!

  10. DramaQueen1004

    Awsum nahi epic episode…
    Riti di… sachmuch I hav no words to express d greatness of this epi
    It is d best one out of all d episodes in dis ff
    Man kar rha tha ki is epi ka printout le loon taaki mein hamesha apni paas rakhun
    Also when I saw d lyrics of manchala which is one of my fav songs, my excitement doubled… d song n d lyrics were a perfect fit to devakshi’s situation
    I really really loved it
    It was perfect… Just perfect..
    Pls pls post soon di
    Take care
    With loads n loads of love

    1. DramaQueen1004

      N congratulations fr an amazing percentage in ur exams.. I always knew u wud pass with flying colours…

    2. Riti1107

      Printout mat lena Paise lagenge
      Screenshot le lena wo free hota hai????
      This was a big compliment
      Thank You
      & Thank You

      1. DramaQueen1004

        Arre printer hai na.. toh kam paise hi lagenge..???

  11. V.V.harshita

    Awesome one yaar…perfect jst perfect……plzs plzs post asap…..i cant waite anymore and precap…idk hw is sona gona face hr father….plzs post asap????

    1. V.V.harshita

      – AKSHADA

    2. V.V.harshita

      And ya srry forgot to congrats fr getting awesome marks in board

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  13. Nikkita0194

    Y u want to know our views u must knew it that m crying badly
    u r human seriously plz don’t do kidding how could you write any thing m melted all melted I I can’t explain how m feeling ri8 now u r an angle in my life u write tooooo tooooo goooooood I can feel ur words if I met you I won’t let u go
    I wish I could meet you
    A very very Nobel person
    If u would be writing mine lesson I must have topped mine class
    Love u so so much
    But that’s my bad luck I can’t see u just feel u through ur words

    1. Riti1107

      Itni saari tareef Niksss
      I’m smiling like a fool???
      Thank You So Much

  14. It’s outstanding really. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Congratulations for yoyr results

  15. I loved it post the next one soon

  16. When will you post next episode? You said you will post yesterday?? Plsss I am dying to read next part plsssssss

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      It is posted

    2. Riti1107

      It is posted

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      But they haven’t published it
      We have to submit the article & then TU posts it after reading

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