Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 22

Asha: Sona stay still … Kitna hil rahi hai beta
Sona: Maa!! Fast Fast … M getting late
Asha was trying to drape a sari on Sona’s body but she was getting impatient. The school farewell party was about to begin in an hour & Sona was yet not ready. Elena knocked at the door. She had made a small puff & was wearing a black readymade sari which had thin gold border.
Elena: Come on Sona … we are getting late
Sona finally came out wearing a proper purple sari along with a three forth sleeved pink blouse. Her hair were left loose. Her eyes were lined with kohl apart from that she had minimal makeup. As soon as she stepped outside her room she tripped & fell … Her sari was again disheveled.
Asha: This is …
Elena: Let me say it na Aunty
Asha: K
Elena: This is SHORBANASH!!
The farewell scheduled to start at 12 but a small ‘havan’ was to start at 11 am … Sona & Elena just reached in time. The two of them sat down along with other girls. Sona was already having problems with the sari now sitting on the floor was another difficult task for her. When she finally settled down she saw Dev staring at her … he was in fact looking at her with wide eyes … Sona saw him staring at her, she could not control herself & was blushing … She looked at him who was still staring at her unabashedly but Sona diverted her gaze & looked towards the other side.
Elena saw the scene & started singing softly
“Ishaaro Ishaaro mein dil lene waale bata ye hunar tune sikha kaha se?”
She felt someone poking her back she turned around to find their class teacher Gunjan ma’am behind her
GM: Do you want Lady Bacchan to spend time with her favorite students having samosas & coffees ?
Elena: Sorry ma’am
GM: You can sing a song for Lady Bacchan too
Sona: Which one?
GM: Jaha hum jaate hain wahi chali aati ho
Sona & Elena had a good laugh. After the havan got over the boys & girls were allowed to sit together. Jatin, Vicky & Dev approached the girls who were busy eating the Prasad (halwa). Jatin wore a black three piece suit while Vicky’s suit was dark blue. Dev decided to go different & wore a silver colored suit with a white waist coat. Yammu came near them & started talking about their lab adventures especially their ‘maggilicious fun’ , the incident which brought them together. They posed for a group photograph with Yammu ma’am & other teachers.
Then the farewell programme began which was completely organized & performed by 11thies. The school band performed, then was a dance performance, a musical skit, funny videos & the lastly an emotional video which captured major events from their school life.
Jaise phunk aur gubaara, aisa tha apna,
Apna yaarana,
Race me aakhir aata fir bhi tum taali bajate
(Elena pinched Vicky’s cheeks at this)
Baithe-baithe back benches par
Humne to seekha, seekha bus this much
Ke baat ke khao do daant bhi lagti hai acchi
(An image of our heroes standing outside Lady Bacchan’s room was shown in the video & the whole school hooted at that)
School khatam ho raha hai dosti nahi
Jebe khali nahi hai inmein yaari bhari

Pata hai tumko mera har raaz, phir bhi karte ho tum mujhko pyar
(Jatin & Dev looked at each other)
Isliye tumhara ugly chehra lagta hai mujhko hasin
(Dev & Jatin signaled to Sona as if the line was meant for her, Sona behaved as if she was angry … Jatin laughed at her but Dev held her hand pressed it gently, She couldn’t help but smiled at it)
School khatam ho raha hai dosti nahi
Jebe khali nahi hai inmein yaari bhari
School khatam ho raha hai dosti nahi
Jebe khali nahi hai inmein yaari bhari
The farewell show ended but there was still more fun left in store for them. A photo booth by Pearl Academy was arranged along with a professional photographer to click pictures of the students apart from those in the photo booth (School walahs can be so generous … this is exactly what happened at my school farewell). Elena was already stationed at the booth while Dev & Natasha were busy giving their last speeches. The DJ was desperate for his turn to start. As he got his chance he started playing the songs. His first choice was a romantic number from Yaariyan … Love me thoda aur. Elena dragged Vicky & started dancing with him. For a change, Natasha asked Jatin for a dance. Dev was standing alone when Nikkita0194 approached him
Niks: I like this song!!
Dev: Really Niks?
Niks: Yes … I have a silly friend Riti di … I once requested her to play this song but she forgot …
Dev was listening to her patiently but his eyes were searching for Sona.
Niks: Can we have a chota sa dance?
Dev nodded in affirmation. He held her right hand in his hand while his left hand was holding her waist. She firmly held his shoulder while the two danced to Love Me Thoda Aur
(Nikks if you are reading this … Sorry for forgetting your demand but I guess this dance with Shaheer Sheikh would have compensated it)
Sonakshi on the other hand was wandering in the school, clicking pictures of small little things that mattered to her. She went to her classroom touched the bench where all 5 of them would sit. She sat at her place & looked at the empty class for the last time. She peeped out of the window which gave a good view of the canteen. The canteen where they had bunked, fought, laughed, played, bullied juniors (thoda sa) & what not… She remembered all those chocolates the 5 of them had shared…. One 5 rupee Dairy Milk broken into 5 pieces & gulped down by 5 people having a similar smile… She had a full look at the black board where her teachers taught her but it was also the same place where they made funny pictures of their teachers & trolled them to an extent. She tried opening the class cupboard but it was locked. She wanted to see that small slit Elena had made where she hid her phone. She reluctantly got up looking at the class again with teary eyes. She stood outside LB’s room… a place where they visited quiet often for all the wrong reasons & were offered snacks which they had to refuse even though they badly wanted to have a taste of those sandwiches LB always said that she’s ordering but never ordered them actually. She moved down gradually to the main assembly ground from where they could get a full view of the school. There was a small fountain at a corner she went & sat near it. She looked at all the buses parked & remembered her first fight cum interaction with Dev … She had made her first friends in the bus only … Nikki & Riya her juniors … Jatin became friendly towards her one day while going towards the bus … She had tears in her eyes by now …
She felt a pat on her back & turned around to find Dev standing there
Dev: Ki korchi tumi?
Sona: I’m not in a mood to hear your murder of Bengali Dev.
Dev: Okay … Why are you sitting here alone … Everyone is dancing & enjoying themselves
Sona: I’m trying to absorb the school in me
Dev: You sound too poetic sometimes
Sona: Sit
Dev: Lo baith gaya
Sonakshi still kept looking at the ground as if actually trying to capture the school within her
Dev: Sona you remember that trip to Agra?
Sona: Yes
Dev: Didn’t you promise me that you’ll never be quiet when you are with me
Sona: This is not just a school for me … While in Kolkata school meant a place where I had to prove my worth … Here I learnt why people crave so much for their school life … You all have had 12 years of school … I’ve just had 2 years that flew by so fast … I … I …
Her voice cracked & she couldn’t control any more and broke down … Dev slowly pulled her in his arms … & started her caressing her hair gently.
Sona: Will everything remain the same after school?
Dev: I don’t Sona but I will always be there for you … Through thick & thin
Sona: Shotti?
Dev: Shotti
Elena: Ye kya ho raha hai?
The rest three members of the fantastic five joined them
Elena: Don’t cry yaar Sona … your kajal will smudge & the pictures will not be good
Vicky: Exactly if you’ll cry I’ll be sad & won’t be able to have my lunch properly
Jatin: Sona … go home & cry don’t make us emotional now …
Elena sat down beside DevAkshi & hugged Sona,Jatin & Vicky joined the group hug.
“My favorite students are bunking again that too their farewell party” LB intervened
Vicky: Ma’am don’t detain us
LB: Haahaa … You’ve always entertained me Vikram Tripathi. Sit sit … I’ll also talk to you … Jatin Roy make some space for me to sit
Jatin shifted us a bit
LB: Sonakshi Bose it’s ok to cry … I’ve always found you strong & it takes strength to cry in front of others… That day when you guys bunked & Devrath stood up for you Ms Bose I thought how stupid of him to take the blame on himself because I had seen what you did on the CCTV … I knew you were reluctant to bunk & caught hold of you because that day I felt you were a soft target … But you made everyone own up that showed the strength of your character & the metal your friendship is made of… I call you all my favorite students because you all are … I want a selfie with you all because I don’t want to forget you guys … Elena, the phone smuggler, when I confiscated your phone I saw that you are great photographer … click a selfie
After having a heart to heart conversation with Lady Bacchan, all 5 of them moved on to the photo booth, they then hit the dance floor. The farewell went on till 5pm & it was time to part. Dev agreed to drop them & they all settled inside his car … Dev had turned 18 & decided to show off his driving skills. Sona was sitting on the back seat & was constantly looking at Dev through the rear view mirror
Tum jo mile ho mujhko yun
Aur sunehri mai lagti hu
Sirf labon se nahi
ab to pure badan se hasti hu
Mere din raat salone se
Sab hai tere hi hone se
Ye saath humesha hoga nahi
Tum aur kahi mai aur kahin
lekin jab yaad karoge tum
Mai ban ke hawa aa jaaunga
Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein mar jaaunga
Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga
Dev dropped everyone. It was only him & Sona now in the car. He drove a little further & stopped at a spot
Dev: Remember this place?
Sona: UUuhh
Dev: You don’t remember this place?
Sona: How can’t I … This where that auto wallah dropped us that day … Corrrection asked us to get out
Dev: & you found the clouds beautiful
Sona: & you gave Yogi Aadityanath ka naara
Dev: We became friends … Chalo?
Dev: To open the chambers of secrets
Sona: Yeah !!
They got down & began the walk. The same trees that adorned the roads then & looked at the ex- competitors & now saw the lovers who were hesitant in speaking the truth about their love. The clouds had gathered & were about to burst . Sona’s heart was overflowing & she felt like telling Dev whatever was in her heart.
Sona: Dev lets sing
Dev: Hmm
Sona :“Keh du tumhe yaa chup rahu … dil mein mere aaj kya hai?”
Dev: Kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho … kya kehna hai … kya sunana hai … bas is pal mein koi nahi hai bas ek mai hu bas ek tum ho
Sona: Tumse kehne wali aur bhi hai pyaari baatein … Saamne sabke bolu kaise saari baatein … aaj magar bas itna hi karna hai ikrar
Dev: Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha… magar na jaane aisa kyu laga …
Sona: Dev Dixit I really don’t know why aren’t you letting me speak but I have to otherwise I’ll burst … I LOVE YOU DEV … I LOVE YOU … I DON’T JUST LOVE YOU I LIVE YOU

Precap:Exerpts from Dev’s Diary

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  1. Riti1107

    My Author’s note is left!!
    Sorry for being so late actually I was caught up in some work & then something really miserable happened
    Bash me if u want to I deserve it
    I couldn’t reply to ur comments last time again M so sorry for that

  2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Nostalgia all around. My school is just a walkable distance from my home. After reading this shot I couldn’t control myself. I went out for a walk with mom. Stood near the school’s main gate…saw my class window…all memories back to life.
    Coming back to the episode.
    It was awesome as always. I loved every bit of it. From the saari incident to gunman mam ka song suggestion to niks madam aur dev ka dance to sona ka trance to lady bacchan ka naya awtaar to the final drive. Everything was perfect just perfect. Next episode is gonna be an interesting one. Eagerly waiting…post asap. Love I twinny?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      *gunjan mam…..not gunman????

    2. Riti1107

      I’m glad that I could create the nostalgic effect because I had to rush with some parts as the episode was going on & on

      Gunman ma’am ka song
      Mujhe laga gumnam hai koi to maine use hi nahi kia to fir ye ladki kya bol rahi hai
      Just then I remembered Sammy & uske auto correct & typos ka pyaar ?

      I’ll try to post soon

  3. Richa144

    Finally you are there.. missed you and your ff..Sona confessed..great episode. Post soon

    1. Riti1107

      Even I missed everyone !!!
      The warmth of TU can’t be found anywhere else
      Poora confession abhi baaki hai
      Just added that part because I felt that if I don’t add it to Pakka iss baar joote chappal padne wale hain?

  4. Juhi16

    Di….aaj meko rona aa hi gy….maine apne pichle saalon me itta enjoy kiya tha..then suddenly uss scul ko chod dena..?????
    Itni sari ydein smetkr us adde chorkr . Doston se juda hokr…jaane pe aisa lgta h jaise dil ka koi hissa chod ke ja ri hu.. .?
    Tchers ki dant…bunk marne ka vofun…physics lab vala disco…dakiyanusi bahane..friends ke liye khud dant khana……apni gltiyon pe kisi aur ko dant khate dekh hsna…..vo crush ko ankhon ke kone se dekhna….ek teen piece vale diary milk ko six me bantke kha kr
    5 ⭐hotel me lunch krne jitna khush hona…tchrs ke nicknames…old age charity ke liye 50 ki jgh 200 ru mang kr lena mummy se…aur un paison se samne vale hotel ka dhosa badi party se bhi zyada khushi milna…bday pr frifriends ka cupcake pr candle dalkr happy bday chillana bade bday bash se bhi zyada dil ko choo jana….and…many many many more….
    Ye sb chod ke jb jaate h to ek ajeeb si feeling aati h…aansuon me smile…aur muskan me tears..vo last group selfie…vo last hug….di i m literally crying ???????

    I m sry maine aapke episode ke bare me kuch mention ni kiya….pr
    jo episode pdke…SIRF READING krke kisi ke bhi aansu aa skte h…us episode ki kitti bhi tarif karo kam h….HATS OFF….

    1. Riti1107

      No. 1
      Golu & Sona in ur dp look so adorable❤❤❤

      I was trying so hard to not cry while drafting the episode but ur comment made me teary .. it’s so tough to leave school

      1. Juhi16

        Thank u di….

  5. Akshita

    Lovely ??? no problem if you are late ? I just loved the episode yr plzz next time jldi post krna???

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    Woowwww!!!! Riti di it was awsum
    Idk y but I feel like dev is gonna reject her n dey both r gonna cry n dev will b reading his diary n dat is d precap
    Pls post soon
    With loads of love

    1. Riti1107

      Sahi pakde hain Nafia
      A lot of tear shedding is going to happen in the next 3 episodes

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    Lovely episode???

  8. Lizaa

    Lovely episode???
    Post soon

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  9. Awesome episode

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      Thanks princess

  10. Arey farewell…
    Rulao aur rulao….
    It was soo nice…your episode was soo beautifull……loved it totally…
    Thank you for this update…and i must say you have a very good choice of songs…?

    1. Riti1107

      Rulane ka irada to nahi tha But ye topic hi aisa hai?

      That song School khatam ho raha hai was I my school farewell video took it from there

  11. Priya12

    Di, heart wrenching epi di….
    I don’t have words to describe ur ff…
    I m having so much luv with ur ff…
    It was just like , u just started ur ff yesterday oly but it has came 22 epis…seriously…
    It was like yesterday oly I read ur ff 1st epi but now, it has came to farewell…
    Y did u take to farewell so soon di…
    Ur just amazing di….
    The way u wrote…makes me mad…
    I haven’t experienced farewell or separating from my friends…
    But I just felt as I m separating my friends…
    I m just now having fear of separating from my friends….
    U just make me remember all of ur ff scenes..I just wish to have scl masti like this…
    And last part , dev and sona’s music playing part….
    Di, pls don’t end ur ff so soon….I don’t know what happens to me when u end ur ff ..plsss
    And u just remainded all the parts…
    Maggilicios fun, punishment from LB…AND
    Last but not least laddy bachans confession and their selfie….
    U just wrote like , all r now flashing in my mind…
    Ur just amazing di…
    Whatever I said was so small to describe ur ff..
    It will not be enough too, when I use all the words in dictionary….
    I luv ur ff a lot…
    I luv u di , I luv u a lot..
    Pls post asap…
    Idk , to which extent I said…whatever I said was all true…from my heart…
    Sry for this long reply…
    Luv u..

    1. Riti1107

      I’m glad that the ff could have such an effect on you
      It means a lot to me

      I made the farewell come so soon to get them married jaldi jaldi

      Cherish each day of ur school life you won’t realise when these days will pass & you’ll leave a chunk of your heart over there

      The ff is not ending
      Abhi bahut saara madness,dosti,pyar & chotu sa separation baaki hai so stay tuned

      Lastly, even I love u Priya??
      Nd I loved ur super lamba comment

  12. ShrutiP

    Hey Riti…Sorry for commenting this late..Was just busy with my studies…aaj toh Rona hi aagaya…School ki bohut yaad aa gayi…Tum ek amazing writer ho…Please keep up the good work…Love all your works…Your other one love around the corner…Is also amazing…Phir se sorry…
    Love you???

    1. Riti1107

      No problem itna sorry sorry mat bola karo
      & Thanks for all the compliments
      Love you loads?

  13. Nikkita0194

    hawwwwww riti di yeh mai kya dekh rahi hu u made me dance with shaheer
    but i did not enjoy cuz when he had a hand on my waist and shoulder i got faint
    cuz of the butifull touch
    i cant believe u remember my demand
    i felt that u forgot
    its gr8
    why everyone are crying m happy its happy ff
    ohk i think they must be missing there schl
    dii u r on insta???
    post asap dis tym
    luv u
    take care

    1. Aamu

      Brother k saath dance kaisa laga..?????

      1. Riti1107

        Accha hi laga hoga
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      2. Nikkita0194

        bahot kar liya target ab bass karo nhi toh apna nam badal dungi nhi toh tu ki id hi delete kr deti hu vaise b nikkita is jus my fake name not a real name so m not his sissy

    2. Riti1107

      Kyu kyu faint kyu ho gayi humari TU wali Nikki
      Siblings saath me dance nii kar sakte?
      Kidding glad that u liked ur dance

      1. Nikkita0194

        upar dekho

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      TU ki id delete karne ki zaroorat nahi warna sab mujhe & Aamu ko maarenge & mujhe abhi jeena hai

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      Or abhi hamari umar hi kya hai..? jeene de bachchi ko..
      Chal ok..shah tera bhai no..tere JIJU hai????????…bas…..jaa niki jee le apni zindagi?????

      1. Nikkita0194

        acha jiju toh vo tera hi

      2. aamu di woh mere bina sabka jiju hai.????

    5. Aamu

      Haanji…! Koi shak…?

  14. Aamu

    Seriously crying man..!!
    I hav my 2 yrs already to end d school..but i remembered my 8th std farewelll…there my primary primary life came to an end….that was nostagic to me…
    V 4…i mean our 4 ppls group cried for the first tym TOGETHER…donno wat will happen in my 12 farewell…
    U write it soooooooooo beautifull n well..dat i t seemed my farewelll…
    I LIVE IT….seriously i LIVED IT…

    M sooooo much speechless…so cant speak more bahbye..n yaa read ur nextbone before n dan read cmntd here..?…yaa pehle baad wala pada n den dis…
    Dat was a paani ki tanki leakage type…?…
    Dev ko marna mat…n pos sooooon…
    N yaa wattpad par bhi…i m waiting for previous chappys

    1. Riti1107

      Pehle ye batao DevAkshi partners for life kab update karne ka iraada hai?

      Dev nahi marega yaar rElax
      Nd thanks for all the amazing compliments❤❤

      1. Aamu

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        Tum bhi apna pos karo…m waiting..
        Dev babu ko ham marne nahi denge…?…n waise b hero ko maarna paap hai paaapp..!? .

  15. matlab aapka aaj rulane ka maan kar raha hai kya. I know aapne pehle post kiya. par maaine ek din me 2 emotional epi pada. I will call u emotional devi.

    love u?????

    1. Riti1107

      Emotional Devi???
      I liked the name
      Love u loads

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