Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 21

Devakshi & gang are busy preparing for their mid-term exams. Then preboards are waiting in the pipeline. Studies are occupying their lives & pressure is crushing down on them … So why not for once & for all know what happened to Ishwari after the stunt she did? Was Bijoy able to free himself from the shackles of Khatri? Could Khatri get rid of his Bewdeshwari Devi? What was Sona’s dadi’s role in all of this? Read on to find out.
Let me remind you the dadi in this part is the lady who plays Bijoy’s mom on screen. Sona calls her Dadi … Her biological dadi who mistreated her is someone else … Clear?? Now read it

Someone knocked at Khatri’s door. Ishwari went to see who it was. A woman in her late 70s stood there clad in a white saree & a black overcoat. It was 5 in the evening yet she had shades on.
“Who are you?” Ishwari asked
The lady kept her right hand on her waist & tilted towards the same side. She had a full look of Ishwari from tip to toe & enquired in return, “Who are you?”
“I am Maa” Ishwari replied
“Great” The lady exclaimed “I am Dadi”
The scene was worth watching. To save Bijoy from ‘Maa-the tyranny’, Dadi had come. She didn’t need any special arrangements she made herself comfortable on her own. Dadi had not come alone with her she had brought a master plan to combat the Maa & save Bijoy. She briefed Khatri & Bijoy about the proceedings. Khatri readily agreed to the plan but Bijoy was hesitant after all his DIL TO BACCHA HAI JI but Khatri was in no mood of tolerating any nuisance & he shut up Bijoy’s Baccha dil in a locker & took his old aged intelligence to execute the plan.
Khatri: Par itni serious shabdo mein kyu bata rahi ho Riti? (Why are you writing this in a serious tone?)
Riti: Chup baith Khatri MY FF MY RULES (Shut up)
Khatri: Sorry
It was evening. Ishwari, Khatri, Bijoy & Dadi were ready with their bags packed up but where are they going?
Bijoy: Vaishno Devi
Riti: Vaishno Devi?
Bijoy: IShwari ko wahi tantriks ke paas chod aayenge … sssshh batana mat kisi ko (We’ll leave her with tantriks… Don’t tell anyone)
Riti: NO … I won’t tell anyone … I’ll just make an episode out of it.
Riti: Ishwari ji you agreed?
Ishwari: Haa apne Khatri ke saath time spend karne ke liye mai maan gayi… Halwa khayegi baccha? (Yes … for Khatri … Will you have halwa?)
Riti: Na na aap hi khao … (No)
They boarded the train. Dadi had made some arrangements to leave Ishwari at the mercy of fate at the Shrine. Everything was going according to the plan or were they thinking so?

A fellow passenger(FP) asked them
FP: Suniye jii (Listen)
Bijoy: Yes
FP: Where are you going?
Bijoy gave her a weird look. The train was going to Vaishno Devi so obviously they would also go there. Bijoy decided to give a weird answer
Bijoy: Nadi ke kinare (On the banks of a river)
They were crossing a river so the FP said
FP: Nadi to yeh rahi (This is the river)
Khatri: Nadi ke kinare? Plan change hua nd buddhe tune mujhe bataya bhi nahi (Near a river? You changed the plan & didn’t even inform me)
Dadi: Chup kar Bijoy … We are going to Vaishno Devi
FP: You are in UK (Uttrakhand) so you should’ve first gone to Vaishno Devi & then to Rameshwaram …
Bijoy: Rameshwaram?
FP: Yes
Khatri: Oh Madam ji we are not going to Rameshwaram
FP: But the train is going to Rameshwaram
Ishwari: Kahi pe bhi jaaye mujhe to bas apne Khatri ke saath rehna hai (I just want to be with my Dev)
Khatri: Chup (Shut up)
Dadi: Isn’t this Gonka express?
FP: No it is Goneka express.
Bijoy: Shorbonash
The problem was not that they were going to some other place the issue was they were going to such a place where they had no arrangement to throw Ishwari …
Bijoy: Maa
Ishwari & Dadi: Bolo?
Bijoy: Not you … I’m talking to my Maa
Bijoy whispered: What do we do now?
Dadi: Fetch me a route map
Khatri found a route map & gave it to Dadi she studied it & said
Dadi: See the train will cross Shamali at midnight we’ll have to
Khajoy: Have to?
Dadi: We’ll pull the chain.
Bijoy: That’s a crime!!!
Khatri: How would that help?
Dadi: We’ll pull the chain & then get down … Ishwari will be fast asleep & she’ll go on & on in the train
Bijoy: What !! My Ishu
Dadi: Tujhe bhi chod de Ishwari ke saath? (Should we leave you with her?)
Bijoy: No

The plan was set but the main problem was that how would they make Ishwari fall asleep. Khatri had an idea
“She is carrying that halwa with her which she made us eat when she was drunk. It was sedative … Actually it was that bad that we fainted”
Dadi: But who’ll feed her?
Bijoy: May I … For the last time?
Khatri: She won’t eat from your hand … I’ll feed her
Khatri filled the bowl with halwa & went to accomplish his mission.
(The following lines are taken from a song … It’s actually a modified version …Won’t translate it … Oh Almighty TU! Spare me)
Khatri: Eh
Ishwari: Kya bolta tu?
Khatri: Gaane gaana nahi aaya hu … sun
Ishwari: Suna
Khatri: Khayegi halwa kya?
Ishwari: Kya karu khake mai hal-wa
Khatri: Nahi khayegi to pitegi, maregi, ghuse khayegi aur kya?
Ishwari: Pyaar se bol
Khatri: Ishwari devi … E meri pyari ishwari devi halwa khayegi?
Ishwari: tu khilayega to bilkul khaungi
Saying so Ishwari opened her mooth & Khatri filled it with the entire bowl of halwa & due to the obnoxious taste Ishwari devi fainted. It was 11:30 already. Almost all passengers had slept. The trio was standing near the door. Shamali was just few kilometers away. They had to stop the train a kilometer before Shamalib railway station. The time had come & just as the clock struck twelve Bijoy pulled the chain of the train. The train shrieked & then came to a halt. Slowly,carefully the three of them got down.
Was it the end? Were the three of them free from Halweshwari? Not yet.
Bijoy had already mentioned that there plan was illegal. As the three of them got down the train they saw another commotion occurring in it. Cops came out of the train with sniffer dogs to search for the trouble makers.
Dadi: Chupo (Hide)
The three of them lay flat & hid in between the wheat fields. The long wheat plants did help them to camouflage. The police went on searching for an hour. Then the search lights of the police faded.

As the trio had started feeling that they were safe. They felt someone near them. A boy of about 8 years of age stood right in front of them with a lantern. He was about to shout & bring the attention of the policemen over there when Bijoy pulled him down covered his mouth with his hand & took the boy in his custody.
Boy: Kya kar rahe ho Uncle? (What are you doing?)
Bijoy: Tujhse matlab
Boy: Matlab to hona chahiye kyuki thodi der baad poora gaon police ki madad karne aa jaayega fir kaise bachoge uncle (Coz I’ll call the villagers & the police)
Khatri: Muh band karne ka kya lega?(What will you take?)
Boy: 50,000
Dadi: 50,000!!! Thoda kam karo (Lessen the amount please)
Boy: Tumhe pakadne ke bhi bahut paise milenge … chalo 40000 de do (I’ll get a lot of money for catching you but give 40,000)
Dadi: Mere paas sirf 10000 hai ( I have 10000)
Khatri: Mere paas hai poore 20000 (I have 20000)
Bijoy: Mere paas sirf 100 hain baaki sab uss bewafa pe kharch ho gaye ( I have100)
Dadi: Shorbanash
They had to give whatever they had. The boy helped them to hide from the villagers & from the cops. The cops couldn’t trace them because they were not in the right train & hence had no reservation. The search went on for another 3 hours but Dadi, Bijoy & Khatri could not be found … They had to hide in the fields. At dawn the boy helped them leave. He sent them to a bus stop where Dadi & Bijoy took the bus & Khatri left for Roorkee The boy returned 2000 rupees with a note to Bijoy that
“Iss umar mein ladkia mat ghoomao … jao jao puja path mein man lagao”
What happened to Ishwari is a mystery no one knows. Not even the writer of this ff. So don’t ask me. Did she fainted from the effect of the halwa? Or did she went away from Dev & straight away met MAHADEV?
Well, secret sources say that she got lost in ‘Champak van’ & now she stays there with monkeys, giraffes & elephants feeding them halwa. The forest officials are reporting a decline in the biodiversity of the forest. They blame deforestation but the fact is behind every destruction is Ishwari & her halwa ………
I’ve posted this & another episode that is episode 20 Sona’s bdy bash kindly read that & comment on it too
Why did I post both the episodes together?
So that you don’t miss Devakshi in this exclusive KH-ISH-JOY episode


This time I won’t post soon because I am going to write the proposal & no one can beat the classic KRPKAB proposal
So give me time to think
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