Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 20

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All arrangements were done… Bose House was decorated in a perfect just perfect manner … There were balloons all over. The plan of the evening was that Sona will party with her friends & then go out for a family dinner …
Elena: Hello! This is Elena reporter reporting right from ground zero
Jatin: You are speaking as if you are covering a terrorist attack
Elena: Why do you have to spoil my videos every time?
Dev: No fighting guys… It’s Sona’s birthday
Vicky: Look who’s talking … Sona will come & he’ll only start fighting
Dev: Uhhhh
Elena: Never mind Dev … where is Sona?
Dev: You remember the plan na?
Everyone: Yes
Dev: No no … let’s revise
Jatin: Bhai … you are not going for your exams that you need to revise
Vicky: Dev is behaving as if he’s organizing Sona’s wedding
Elena: Why will Dev organize Sona’s wedding? He’ll himself be busy in getting ready …
Vicky: How much time do guests take to get ready?
Jatin: He won’t be the guest Ghochu
Vicky: Really? Sona won’t invite Dev?
Dev: Guys … I heard all that … Take your positions
They switched off the lights & hid behind sofas & tables … Sona entered the hall dressed in a beautiful short red dress ending just near her knees … Her curls were perfectly adjusted except that one strand who refused to be in its place & made its way near her eyes …
Sona: Hello … where are you all?
Jatin switched on the fan … the plan was that rose petals should fall over her but the entire basket which had the roses fell straight on Sona’s head
Sona: Ouch!!

The lights were switched on & everyone came for Sona’s rescue
Dev: Who kept the basket on the fan? Only petals had to be adjusted over it …
Vicky: Me
Elena: Idiot can’t you do anything normally?
Sona: I’ve got a memory for a life time now.
Jatin: Our entire idea flopped
Sona: It’s okay … Just fetch me an ice pack Elena … you know where it is kept, right?
Elena: Yes
Sona: Continue with the rest of your events
Elena brought the ice pack
Dev: Give it to me … I’ll help her
Jatin: You start with the event … Elena will help her
As Elena sat helping Sona … Dev started with his speech … Jatin took Elena’s position & started recording the event
Dev: What a weird start of the birthday of the weirdest girl I’ve met … With this girl I’ve shared a topsy-turvy, sometimes hot sometimes cool relation … We fought like animals earlier then we grew cordial & then a bunk made her my … my … best friend … Sonakshi better known as Sona … you are actually GOLD
The perfect daughter, the toughest fighter, our problem solver & a shade to me …
I promised to gift a song in Bengali to you. Before meeting you the only Bengali I knew was Ami je tomar chin chin chin … Bhool Bhulaiya brings back scary memories but brushing that aside here I am going to sing a song but I had very less time so don’t get offended by the diction
(Readers can go to youtube & listen to Arijit Singh’s version of the song … it’s beautiful)
Amaro porano jaha chay
Tumi tai
Tumi tai go
Toma chara ar e jogote
Mor keho nai kichu nai go
Amaro porano jaha chay
Tumi shukho jodhi nahi pao
Jao shukhero shondhane jao
Aami tomare peyecchi hridoyo majhe
Aro kichu nahi chay go
Amaro porano jaha chay
Tumi tai tumi tai go
Sona … Sona you’re crying
Sona: No … khushi ke aansu hai … you … do you know what it means?
Dev: No … just asked Jatin which song would be most suitable for you
Sona: Oh
Dev: You aren’t happy? Didn’t like it?
Sona: No … no … it was good … I liked your efforts … Non Bengali singing in Bangla … Nice
She was clearly dejected by the fact that Dev didn’t do the research himself, didn’t know the meaning of the song but just because he sang beautifully she decided against showing her despair.
The party continued there were games, karaoke sessions, crazy dance and finally the cake cutting. What followed next was Vicky’s favorite part FOOD!
Sona: Guys Guys Guys … Thank You so so much
Vicky: Sona you are such a bad host
Sona: Why?

Vicky: You are going to give your thank you speech then you’ll throw us out without even letting us eat u … So rude!!
Elena: Bhukkad … You can’t even think of anything except food.
Jatin: Continue
Sona: Vicky … I was just saying that thank you all for making me feel like a princess but atleast let me do something so please allow me to bring food from the kitchen
Dev: No no no … princess doesn’t work
Jatin: Then the prince should accompany her … Go Dev help her get the food
Elena: Itni English kyu jhaad raha hai seedha bol de jaa simran jaa jeele apni zindagi
Jatin had still not got over Sona but he was trying to & so he was acting as a cupid between the two to make Sona happy.
[Riti: Jatin you have my respect man.
Jatin: Thank you for making me such a wonderful character.
Riti: Shukriya!Shukriya! Now don’t get carried away … focus]
Sona headed towards the kitchen. Dev followed & in his excitement he opened the kitchen door with such force that when he entered the door got shut behind him with a bang… Thud
Elena: Oh no
Jatin: Ki holo?
Elena: That door has some problem … Whenever you shut it with such force … it refuses to open … until it wants to

***Inside the kitchen***
Sona: What have you done? This door will not open now …
Dev: Why?
Sona: It has some problem
Dev: Ohhh toh ?
Sona: Toh
Dev: Hum tum ek kitchen mein band ho aur chaabi kho jaaye
Elena completed from outside
Elena: Tere naino ki bhool bhulaiya mein Bobby … sorry Sona kho jaaye … Just in case you didn’t knew we can hear everything outside
Jatin: Dev is trapped with Sonakshi…
Vicky: Arey what is more important is the food is trapped with Devakshi
Jatin: Yeah … Devakshi …
From the kitchen Sona shouts
Sona: Do something get us out of here
Dev: Why? Don’t you want to be with me?
Sona: uhh … no I mean yes … I mean
Elena: We can still hear you … if you’ve got to speak something personal … do that in whispers or else be ready for my running commentary
Sona: I shouldn’t have told her
Dev: Told her what?
Sona: That I …..
Aaaaaah a scream was heard from the kitchen. The lights had gone out & the inverter was not switched on. The house was drenched in darkness.
Jatin: Don’t worry Sona I’ll go & switch on the inverter
But Sona wasn’t listening. As soon as the light went off she had screamed & jumped. In her frenzy she didn’t realize that she was hugging Dev.
He lighted a candle. In its light the two of them could see each other. Sona was so scared that she didn’t realize what she was doing but Dev was fully aware of the intoxicating effect she was having on him. When she sensed the light coming from the candle she realized what was happening. Embarrassed ,she tried moving away but the ambience was such that Dev didn’t free her from the hug.
Sona: Dev …
Dev: Sonakshi …
Tu hoga zara pagal tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara pagal tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankaha
Tune ankaha sab suna
Tu hoga zara pagal tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu din sa hai mai raat aana dono
Mil jaaye shaamon ki tarah
Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Teri unglion se jaa uljhe
Koi toh toh na lage
Kis tarah girha ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktara
Jo badalon me se guzre
Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage teri unglion se jaa uljhe
Koi toh toh naa lage kis tarah girha ye suljhe
Devakshi were having an intense eyelock. Dev stepped on something & tripped. Sona lost her balance & both of them crashed at the door & it opened. In the meanwhile Jatin came back & the lights came back. The two of them got out of their awkward position & straightened up.
They brought out the food & finished eating.
Sona’s POV: Everything is beyond my imagination … just … just … had Dev known the meaning of what he said … it would have given a perfect end to the event
Dev came near her & offered a dance (in reality this time) … Sona agreed
The soft tune of KRPKAB played in the backdrop.
Dev’s POV: Amaro porano jaha chay tumi tai … All my heart yearns for/desires for is you … I know what it means Sona but I couldn’t confess … not till the doctors reject the possibility they were talking of … and if that’s true then I’ll … I’ll never confess … You’ve had enough of problems in your life I won’t drag you in my mess … I love you too much for that.

PRECAP- Closure to Ishjoy’s story starts

PS- I didn’t write the entire Bengali song because I didn’t want to get into submission issues with the ‘great’ TU itself. No intention was to in any way tamper Tagore’s writing just don’t bash me for that …
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