Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai… part 12 #This is love

After roaming about a whole day in Agra the students were sent to their hotel. This was a different hotel run by UPTDC, situated within a radius of 1 km of the Taj Mahal the hotel gives a full camping experience … the guests are made to stay in tents, if you step out of your tent you can see the Taj Mahal in its full splendor (This hotel exists in reality don’t ask the address or the name even… I’ve forgotten both … the details about the hotel will be a mix of fiction & reality)
In the section where Devakshi’s class was staying their class teacher had organized a small party with special food for her class & also small games. The students were playing truth & dare. Dev entered the party spot & Sonakshi followed a few minutes later. She sat next to Elena
Elena: Were you crying?
Sona: No …
Elena: Doesn’t seem so … Your Papa’s birthday is tomorrow? Isn’t it?
Sona nodded her head
Elena: Missing him
Sona looked down
Elena: Aww !! Sona don’t cry … if not physically but emotionally he’ll always be with
Sona: yes…
Elena hugged Sonakshi. Then their focus went back to the game. The bottle stopped at Sonakshi.
A classmate: Truth or Dare?
Sona: Dare

Jatin: Oho Sona dare & all … maar diya jaaye ki chod diya jaaye bol tere saath kya suluk kia jaaye?
Elena: Guys guys listen … It’s Sona’s Papa’s birthday tomorrow … So let me give her the dare
Elena turned towards Sona & said, “You’ve always spoken about that song that your father wrote … sing that … just as a tribute to him…”
Everyone agreed that it would be the perfect dare. Sonakshi who was fighting with her tears, composed herself & looked up. The song was special to her but today she could feel the lyrics. She lifted her eyes, fixed her gaze at Dev. A whole bunch of people were sitting near her but in that moment there was only Dev that mattered to her. The whole world vanished. It was just Dev, the moonlight & the Taj Mahal in the background that was present for Sona at that moment… She began singing
Sadgi acchi lagi hai mujhko teri
Sacchi lagi pyar ki adayein ye teri
Teri ho chuki hu tujhko pata bhi to ho
Mere pyaar mein teri raza bhi to ho
Pehli dafa hai ki mujhmein tu chalka hai
Mere rangon me kuch rang hai tere jaise bhi
Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi …
Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi…
That was the most special day in Sona’s life. The party got over… everyone went back to their tents. The clock struck 12. Elena was fast asleep but Sona couldn’t sleep. She had a lot to say. She got up; opened her bag & took out her diary. She flipped the pages & found the rose that Dev had given her that day when they became their friends. She touched it gently and took out her pen & began writing

“Papa… I miss you … I miss you so badly … but you know today is the best day of my life. I’ve learned to let go… let go of the past & embrace the present …
Everyone was partying but I didn’t feel like. How could I? Your birthday reminds me of so much … all that we shared in those few years when we were together & all the sufferings that I & mom had to face after that. I was sitting alone in this hotel on the grass away from all tents & looking at the Taj. It looked even more beautiful in the night when it was drenched in moonlight. My thoughts were travelling in the past. I looked at the night sky just to find you somewhere in the stars but all these bookish things seem so baseless in front of the harsh reality. That was when I felt that someone came near me I turned & saw that it was Dev. He came & sat next to me. This morning, I had promised him that I’ll speak to him always he’ll never have to bear silence from my side but how could I speak now when I was drowning into the horrible memories of my past.”
A tear fell on the page of the diary & spilled the ink. Sonakshi looked up, wiped her tears & felt lost in her thoughts. She continued writing…
“ There was some strange magic in that moment. He could sense that I didn’t feel like talking. Surprisingly he gave me the space & gently held my hand… I looked at him he looked all the more handsome then with nothing but the moonlight kissing his face. When he held my hand I felt a strange assurance. I told him that it’s your birthday tomorrow. He didn’t say a word just tightened his grip over my hand as if trying to tell me that he was ready to hear all that was inside me. For the first time in all these years I felt like opening up. I told him that after your death the way we were treated. The man that I should lawfully call my uncle was after are lives so that he could take over your property. I told him that the lady who used to call herself your mom locked me up one day & refused to let me meet mom & didn’t gave me food for days at a stretch so that mom give’s your property to her entirely. It wasn’t that the property & money that we wanted it was justice that we were fighting for. That was when Maasi & Mesho helped us get out of that place. We lived in a separate house in Kolkata where I was doing my schooling & mom was working as a teacher but those wolves of your family followed us till there. One day they broke into our house, smashed everything inside… Maasi brought us to Delhi… Mom didn’t want to fight anymore she gave up we moved here … We left all the property,wealth & even your surname. These materialistic things may have gone to them but you are with us … Aren’t you???
I went on telling him whatever was inside me … he kept on listening … I broke down he removed his hand, which was drenched in sweat because of his own tight grip. He hugged me. I didn’t realize that it was Dev until he spoke. I felt that same comfort in resting my head against his chest that I felt when I used to hug you. I felt that I found you again. When he spoke, he brought me out of that life of misery, guilt & remorse that I was living in. He cupped my face, wiped my tears, took me back into his embrace. I went on crying, he stroked my hair. He told me to let go. I still remember exactly what he said

“Sona… Sona… ssssh … what is done is done… it’s Papa’s birthday you can’t spoil it by crying for those monsters. You’re out of the hell… You’re here Sona… you’re with me … See … look up … I am there with you …. Be happy … there is nothing left in the past…”
I looked up, there was genuine concern in his eyes. He wiped my tears, shared my pain. No one has ever done that to me….
All that I feel for him now, can’t be infatuation, if this is not love what else could be?
I don’t know if he’ll ever reciprocate … I don’t want to know that now … all I need to know & feel right now is this feeling of love…
Ms Sonakshi Bose is in love with Mr Dev Dixit …….
Jisse zindagi dhundh rahi hai
Kya ye wo makam mera hai?
Ya chain se bas ruk jaaon
Kyu dil ye mujhe kehta hai
Jazbaat naaye se mile hai jaane kya asar ye hua hai
Ek aas mili fir mujhko jo kubool kisi ne kia
Kisi shaayar ki ghazal jo de ruh ko sukoon ke pal …
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Sorry for no fun factor but couldn’t add that because it would spoil the mood

Thoko taali
I mean comments
PS- For those who haven’t read from the beginning Bijoy is not Sona’s Baba in the ff & PWR is not Dev’s mom… Sona’s dad is dead in my ff

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  1. i am crying. awesome. aaj mai mere papa ko miss kaar rahi hu. noooo my papa is alright. but b coz of my studies i stay away from him. as i am in 9th standard i couldn’t move with him as it will be difficult for me to cooperate with new people…

    anyways post soon…

    1. Riti1107

      Don’t cry Ritz
      I dnt if I can say something to console u
      But kuch paane k liye kuch khona padta hai
      & His blessings r always with u

  2. Richa144

    Precap super cool..Loved the episode. It was touching..Do post soon

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Richa di
      Any compliment from u means a lot❤❤

      1. Richa144

        OMG..And why do you think so? M a normal girl like you

    2. Riti1107

      Because your ff is the BEST ff (& Ayushi’s ff too) on this page
      The way u write is amazing
      So apne se acche kisi se tareef sun kar accha lagta hai

    3. Richa144

      Ohh.. That’s a great complement for me.. Love you loads

  3. Lizaa

    Emotional epi…?
    Waiting for ishwari ki taali avtar???

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Lizaa nd I’ll post soon

  4. Nikkita0194

    Di very emotional
    I just love you have the fond writing from beginning I mean from your child hood bcuz your word have power I doono why but if I am stuck any where or I am in no mood to read but your ff make my mind to go deep through each and every situation you focus in your words
    Just keep writing n try in future to publish any of your book I would be the first reader just luv it muuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhh????
    Luved it a lot post asap
    With luv

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Nikkita ❤
      Yes m fond of writing
      My class 5th English teacher discovered this talent in me

      I’ll try some day(before I die) to write a book remember me & this ff till then & do read that book then

      Deal ?

      1. Nikkita0194

        yes deal

  5. ShrutiP

    Awesome yaar Riti could feel each word of it…
    A emotional but beautifully written episode dear…
    Please post soon..
    Love you???

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks dear
      I’ll post soon

  6. Riti1107

    Sorry for the typos in between

  7. Manya

    Awww?Itna emotional Rulaogi Kya??
    But Precap Padh Kar toh????
    Ishwari drunk???Bechare Khatri and Bijoy??
    And Sona toh jal ke raakh Ho jaayegi
    Dev babu Samhal Kar rehna mausam bahut Kharab hai!!!taapman garam hai and zordar Tufaan aane ki aashanka hai???
    Post soon
    Love u??

    1. Riti1107

      Rulane ka hi intention tha?

      I’ll use these lines in the next part Tapmaan wali from ur comment
      Mind mat karna ?

      I’ll try to post soon

      1. Manya

        I won’t mind??

  8. very nice overall a beautiful episode keep posting i love ur ff like hell

    1. Riti1107

      Thank you so much
      Nd if you read egularly …plz comment regularly … Accha lagta ???

  9. it was very good ma’m ..
    eagerly waiting for the next update

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Dev
      But plz don’t call me ma’am
      I’m 18 call me accordingly
      Ma’am zyaada hi hogya
      Itni izzat mujhse digest nii hoti??

  10. Amazing episode

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Princess?

  11. Sooo emotional….but still loved it to the core…..i really appreciate your writing…you are equally good at both funny and emtional scenes…?
    Precap toh dhamaal hai bhai…????
    Will be waiting for the next one….?

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Vaishali❤❤❤❤❤
      You won’t have to wait much
      Talli Ishwari dhamaal machate machate TU par aa hi jaayegi

      1. Agar ishwari tu pe physically aa gyi na toh uska bharta bana denge apan sab milke…nai..???????

    2. Riti1107

      Bharta ??
      Are Halwa banayenge
      Wo halwa fir X-GKB ko khilayenge taki wo constipation se mar jaaye
      Fir gun point pe Devakshi ko rakh ke bolenge ki agar tumne reunion nahi kia to ye halwa tumhe khana pdega
      Kitne nek khayal hai mere

      1. Naaa behen….sabhi ke khayal aise hi aur itne hi nek hain..????

  12. V.V.harshita


    1. Riti1107

      Thanks dear?

  13. Aamu

    Awwwwiieee…it was sooo heart touching..
    Sachchi on d verge of crying….
    Any way it was awesome like always..
    N yaaa ishwari drunk…yay…???
    Ab maza aayega tallli ishwari?..
    N jealousy track..
    Seems interesting post sooon

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Aamu ??
      So many ppl are telling me that they were on the verge of crying

      Pehli baar logo ko rula kar satisfaction mil rahi hai

      1. Aamu…????
        Rula kar sukun..????
        Waise sachchi heart touching to tha hi.!?

  14. Juhi16

    Genuinely it made me TEARY TODAY??
    Cz tomorrow I’ll go away for studying…away fromm Ma Baba and bhai…????

    But ek cheez hai why i feel so connected with this ff its bcz Mai bhi abhi 11th me naye school me jaongi…and till 10th i studied in Kolkata…Mai bhi Bengali hoon…and mujhe bhi apne Ma Baba ki bahoooooo…t yaad aaegi…??from now onwards….and mai thodi si moti bhi hoon…?…so i consider me in sona’s place….and meko hopefully cgpa 10 bhi milega is baar…. (HOPEFULLY)
    But Mujhe Dev and gang jaise dost milne ki ummeed to nhi h…??
    Cz they are One of a Kind??
    Anyways episode bahot touching tha….
    And PRECAP ne mar daala yaar….??
    Piswari ab Dabba Ma? se Botal Ma ban jayegi…? gr8..
    Eagerly w8ing 4 the nxt episode ?

    1. Riti1107

      All the best for ur new start
      Friends ban jaayenge uske liye tension na lo
      Nd brilliant to tum ho hi CGPA 10 to aayegi hi (wo alag baat hai meri 9.8 pe ruk gayi thi)

      Bottle Maa??????
      OMG !! We should maintain a book of Ishwari’s names qki poore fandom ne iske itne naam rakh diye jiska koi hisab nhi h …

      All the best again ???

      1. Juhi16

        Haa record to rakhna hi padega..
        Parde Wali Rakshasni (PWR)..
        Dabba Ma..
        Iss Worry…
        Etc etc etc…….????

  15. Yvonne Codner

    Smashing Riti1107…a little sad with Sona, but she got comforted by her new found friend! So cute..Enjoyed it very much. Thank you!!

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks to you
      For always writing such brilliant comments which motivate me to write further

  16. hey riti di aap post kab karoge?? aap busy hai toh bata dijiye. par aarohi di ki tarah gayeeb maat ho jao..

    1. Riti1107

      I’ve posted it just now Ritika
      Aa jaayega raat tak
      Aarohi di ki tarah gayab hone ka mera koi plan nahi hai … So chill & m missing her ff badly too
      Busy ho thoda sa isiliye late update kia hai

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