Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai (Episode 9)


Hello people . I have decided to continue my ff in English .So part 6 and part 7 and 8 ar posted in facebook

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Part 6 :- Read Here

Part 7 and 8: Read Here

JO Tu Mera Humdard Hai

Part 9

Recap : (check part 7 and 8) RagSan Scenes

Scene 1

Ragini and Sanskaar arrive college and go separately

Swara : I guess I should leave

R: where are u going leaving me (makes a sad face)

S: Arrey baba how much time you will take

R: I dint take so much time

S: ahaan .. how was your time with sanskaar

R : (blushes ) but how do you know

S: I know everything Ms Ragini Gaodia (laughs)

Laksh is going through that corridor and sees Swara laughing and is like

L: dude she is so cute

San: kon

L: sanskaar tu yahan

S: haan mein yahaan (laughs) kon thi

L: koi nahi teri gf ko dekh raha tha

San: (gets shocked) kyaa

L: arrey mazaak kar raha tha

San: laksh tujhe toh mein chodhunga nahi

L: teekhe baad mein dekhlenge

Swaragini And SanLak respectively go homes

Scene 2


Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh is sleeping n swara face continuoudly comes in his mind .That crying face,that hopeless face .He gets up

L: toh mein sahi tha

Flashback Starts

In Hospital

(when someone opened laksh room and closed it )

L: kon ho sakta hai (he slowly goes out as he could not walk much

That person goes in a room .Its Rajbeer Nandini’s fionce and the person who swara is scared of (rajbeer also got hurt in that accident)

Rajbeer starts talking to himself .Laksh can hear everything

Rajbeer : accha kiya maine uss ladki ki zindagi barbaad kiya.she just deserved it .Damd I loved her and she refused me .I proposed her and she said no to me in front of everyone .I was about to kiss her and she slapped me .I was about to rape her but she ran away but I tore her dress atleast (laughs) Idiot she dint knew the result of refusing me of refusing Rajbeer Khandewal.I dint destroy her life completely I have to kill her.i have to destroy her .I just have to keep her body alive.She should be dead inside (smirks) Get ready Ms Swara. Just wait and Watch. You escaped earlier not now

Laksh gets shocked hearing it and is like she suffered so much and then she behaves as if she is so strong .LAksh goes in his room and thinks to know whether he is talking about her or someone else.

Flashback ends

Laksh thinks of something .

{Precap : not decided

Sorry people for such a small one but I don’t have any option cause my exams are there . and for you people this will be big as 6 7 8 9 parts .Its a really big mahasangam for you all (hehe) .Will continue my ff (Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata ) I already gave its intro and after exams I will write one more

Love Smiley

Credit to: Smiley

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