Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai (Episode 4)

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Recap :- SanLak accident and Swara getting scared and praying for them

Scene 1
S:- bhagwan yahi meri iccha hai..please laksh ko teekh karo (realising) aur sanskaar ko bhi
M; swara kya hua
S: kuch nahi maa
M: ragini kahan gayi ?
S: maaa kahin gayi hogi
M: beta kya hua
S:- kuch nahi maa

Scene 2
Hospital .Ragini outside

R; bhaisaab yeh lo paise
To Receptionist
R: madam abhi abhi 2 logon ka accident hua tha.unhe idhar leke aaye the .konse ward mein hai
receptionist :- Apko kisse milna hai Mr Sanskaar Singhania Ya Mr Laksh Maheshwari
R: donon se millungi
REceptionist :- Teekhe yeh lijiye room 311 aur dusra ICU mein hain so aap udhar nahin jaa sakte
R: teekhe
(She goes to the room )
S: ragini tum yahaan (trying to wake up )
R:- sanskaar
she catches sanskaar as he is about to fall .Eyelock (hospital mein masti)
S: thank u
R: kaise hua sab
S: actually ham dono kisi ke baat kar rahe the toh dekha nahi
R: gaadi kon chala raha tha
S: mein aur kon
R: tum hi yeh kar sakte ho
S: tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise tum toh mujhe bahut acchi tareekhe se janti ho
R: sorry baba frown emoticon
S: baba
R(angry) sorry
S: arrey mazak kar raha tha
R: tum aur tumhare mazaak
Nurse enters the room with the doctor
D:- oh hello.kya aap inki patni ya girlfriend
Ragini and Sanskaar get shocked
S:(in mind) patni hat teri ki.kaisa doctor hai
R: no doctor.yeh sirf mera dost hai
D:- okh whats your name
R: Ragini.Ragini Gaodia
D: teekhe .sirf itna inform karna tha ki laksh ki halat bighadti jaa rahi hai
S: (suddenly starts crying)
D: kya hua
R: kuch nahi sir. yeh emotional dramebaaz hai . aap laksh ke baarein mein kya keh rahe the
D: usse ab sirf dua hi rokh sakti hai
R: ok doctor
Doctor and nurse leave the room
R: sanskaar you are fine
S: ragini how do u expect me to be fine
R: she had first time seen him like this (what does this mean )
S: sab meri galti hai
R: no sanskaar it was just a accident
S: nahin , agar mein dekhke chalata toh aaj mera dost aise condition mein nahin hota
R: sanskaar itna tutna mat warna Laksh ko kon sambhalega
S:(he gets a flashback of someone saying the very same thing )
R: Sanskaar
S: kuch bhi kaho galti meri hi thi na (crys like a baby )
R: sanskaar
S:( clutches to her and crys )
R:( doesnt know what to do ) hugs him
S: sab kuch meri galti thi
R: (cups his face) tumhari galti nahi thi .ab bed pe aake baitho mein doctor se baat karke aati hun
S(nods in a yes)

Ragini goes out and starts crying

R: sanskaar shayad mein tujhe bata pati tere gale lagti par yeh nahi ho sakta (crying)

Ragini gets a call .she wipes her tears
S: di kya hua . woh dono tekh hai. kya hua di ab roh toh nahi rahi thi
R: nahin swara par laksh ki condition bigadthi jaa rahi hai tu idhar aajaa
S: bas panch minuite
After 5-10 min
S: di (breaksdown)
S:(crying) teekhe di par thoda zyada time
R:- teekhe
Swara goes to the ICU and crys seeing all the tubes and all attached with Laksh
R: swara i know u started liking him par yeh akhri baar hai ki tu usse dekhegi
S: ok di
(ragini goes out)
S: laksh u cannot leave me . tum jante ho that i have started liking u and u cannot leave me like this
(she hugs Laksh)
He tears fall on Laksh.He starts responding
S: doctor
Doctor nurse and ragini enter
D: o wow he is responding . nurse Injection
R: swara yeh kaise hua
S( doesnt respond )
R: teekhe tu baith idhar
After probaly 35 min Laksh opens his eyes
L; swaaa
D: mr laksh
L: main kahan hun
(he opens his eyes completely )
D: you are in a hospital . we lost hop on you but t hen she came (pointing to swara) and she is a miracle
L: smiling (trys to get up to thank swara
S: no its fine sit
L:thank u
R: doctor i have to talk smething
D: ya sure
They all 3 go out while going out ragini hits swara shoulder and winks
S: dii
After all go out
L: swara tumne kiya kya
S: mene kuch nahi kiya bas sach bol diya
L: konsa sach
S: that is started liking u
L; (sits) kya
S: realising what she said kuch nahi
L: swara i want to tell you something
S: bolo na
L; swara i like u
S: Laksh (blushes)
L: (comes ahead to her)
S:Laksh (what are u doing) gets ready to go
L: swara maine suna tha yeh hamari akhri mulaqat hogi na
S:(Crying turns) tumhe kaise pata
L: swara (crying )

Precap : something very special for SwaLakians And RagSanians

Ps: sorry for the short part. have my exams so till the 10 th of march the ffs will be small.hope u dont mind

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